How to Make Her a Hotwife

Here is a very powerful concept to think about...

But remember this -It must be adjusted to each situation as no situation is the same and you are the adjuster.

disclaimer: One thing though, you cannot make someone do something that they do not want to do without negative consequences and if you attempt to do so through selfish methods then this concept will only bring you great hardship. You are getting into manipulation and in the end, you will not be able to live with yourself. Do not cross the line. Period. If you’re not sure what I am talking about now, then you will when you come to a fork in the road and see a possibility that looks like manipulation clearly. You have been warned. If you do not care about your woman or your relationship, then I am very sorry for you. Sorry to sound harsh, you may be a great guy, it's really a warning to anyone that reads this and wants to use it to do harm. Not cool.
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You must be able to communicate very well with your woman already. If you are hiding things from each other, forget it.
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That being said, be careful with this information is it is very powerful, no kidding. My source for the information is many books, a few speakers, many websites and plenty of experiences. Many of the books are based on dating multiple women at the same time or books on releasing the inner sexual animal from your woman. But I have found that the information learned was directly applicable towards the hotwife life and releasing your wife's desire to already want to get involved in this life style. None of this is a ‘trick’. It’s actually a concept of better communication between the two of you. You are just being more open with what you desire and offering it to her to see if she is interested or rejects it.

Note: she has to already have a desire, or you’re headed for trouble. It may be a very small desire and also larger desire to learn more about it. That’s fine, it maybe even be just curiosity. Perfect. You will know whether to back off or not. Pay attention to the warning or you will actually be setting your self back farther, possibly to the point that you have even lost the opportunity forever or for a time period at the least. You cannot go any faster then she allows and that is the truth.
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Think of it as all women having two women inside of them. One is the prude gate keeper and one is a wanton slut.

You want to speak to the slut but she is almost never available to talk to under normal circumstances. You always have to deal with the gate keeper directly. The slut is dying to talk to you and this is the woman that talks dirty, gargles as she deep throats your cock feverishly, jumps the very next alpha male you bring near her for your fantasized MMF or just her hotwifeing it. But depending on the woman, almost always the gatekeeper is in charge to a certain degree, once again, depending on the woman. This depends on upbringing, religion, goals, heroes and mentors, friends, family, life experiences and on and on and on. These factors all determine how fast you can move forward and only you know your woman best. Only the gatekeeper will allow the slut to receive a 'note' from you. The gatekeeper’s goal is to keep the woman looking great in the public’s eye, especially in front of friends and family. You would most likely label the gatekeeper as uptight, a prude, unflinching in her resolve to only allow this woman to be seen as a pure lady everywhere she goes.

Ok, got the picture in your head? Understand the situation?

Your goal of course is to reach the slut with notes. Notes can be of all kinds. Obviously verbal words will work. But things can move much smoother and faster if you use every type of 'notes' available. You will figure it out. Sort of like zinging a paper airplane over the shoulder of the gatekeeper right when she opened the door. Obviously the gatekeeper saw the paper airplane go by and she can completely stop it if she wanted to. Depending on how well you did it depends on how you followed the rules. The rules for getting notes by the gatekeeper are dependent on your situation. The rules will only allow notes of certain types. Nothing obscene for sure. Nothing directly talking about sex. Nothing directly talking about anything that you know will get canned by the gatekeeper. Once again, your situation will dictate how hard the rules are followed. Just remember the picture at the beginning and the gatekeeper’s goal. If you are not paying attention to the picture, then you are going to get a lot of things canned and this will actually set you back as this is obviously perceived by the gatekeeper as a blatant attempt to accuse her in public of not being a lady. She will have no choice but to not just can the next one but to do something about it like tell you to buzz off. Get it? She has to...your being too 'public' about it and she has to respond likewise. Setting you back.

Here are some tips on getting notes through at the beginning. You will learn enough at the beginning to figure out what you need to do halfway through and then later as it gets easier to both get notes through and you get smarter on how to deliver them.
-notes at the beginning must be 99% harmless. Only 1% is naughty. Note slips through, slut understands the 1% and her pussy tingles to the thought of what you said. Use the power of suggestion. Deliver a harmless note straight to the gatekeeper that has something in it that the slut can use. She will get it, trust me. Examples include: compliments on how she looks, compliments on guys checking her out, complements on how she drives you crazy, how she fucks you, how she does this or that during sex that is amazing and drives you crazy and you can’t stop thinking about it. All of these are true, just make sure she hears them, don’t hold them in, tell her how crazy she makes you and when a hot guy is checking her out. More examples include telling her of your sexual dreams. Make sure she understands it was just a dream and it was wild and crazy, you know how dreams get, and how everyone was fucking all the time, or people were walking around naked as it was normal. One writer suggest including far away exotic places in the dream. He also suggests using words that you think are obviously going to get caught but in reality, they are harmless to the gatekeeper. Hard, thrusting, pulsating, tingles, vibrating, kissing, touching, gently touching, aggressive, wet, glistening, dripping, slippery, down there, finally inside, and on and on. Probably another thousand words you can use.

For example: Tell her you had a dream that seemed to take place in a large city in Spain. Was it Madrid or Barcelona? Anyways, everyone was so free there and happy about. Most didn’t wear clothes and making love in public was normal. Couples everywhere were gently touching each other like they were always making love, even when they weren’t actually having sex. The men were hung and hard all the time and the woman were pulsating and dripping all the time. They all were so confident sexually and everything seemed to come so naturally. Sex just wasn’t a big deal like it is now; it just naturally flowed out of everyone without all the uptightness and limitations. They were so happy and there were no limits......

I don’t think this is a 'day one' dream to tell her, but you can modify it to work. Use dreams or just everyday language to reach the slut. You must be natural and must be yourself. Show her a website that turns you on, only as powerful as you know she won’t reject. Maybe it’s an erotic story or soft-core pics. Show her a picture in Victoria secret of a piece of clothing that you think she would be absolutely scrumptious in. Spend time with her looking at that picture and paint a picture for her of what you would do if she walked in the room with that on. Tell her a friend of yours thinks she is hot if you held that back from her in the past. Pick out movies that have some 'good' scenes in them, scenes that you have already read about or even seen yourself and think the slut would love to see them. Tell her that the thing that drives you the craziest the most is when she just lets go. This is my personal favorite as its sooooo true for me. Mix and match the dreams for what you want to get across mildly and also with what you think the slut is dying to hear.

If you ever get her to talk openly about her sexuality, make sure she is completely free to do so and there are no repercussions if she shares fantasies with you. Zero. This is when you are directly talking to the slut and the window is small, so take advantage of it.

Take it slow. Plan for 1-2 year or more for anything to become of this. Side effects include better sex for the both of you as you both open up to more and more of each other’s desires.