About Us

Only a few things here, as the real tid bits are found in every sentence of every post on the blog.  I am 39, she is 32, known each other for 14 years, been together for 5.  We both work out, but lately we have started to concentrate on working out harder and eating even healthier.

I would say we are living a Hotwife lifestyle, with both swinging and cuckold elements.  Classic Hotwife setup where I have veto power of who she can take as a lover.  She does the emails and beginning chit chat with a guy, I talk to them briefly on the phone and make sure we are all on the same page and at the same time decide if I just really don't think he is a good fit or not.  This is not a cuckold set up where she takes who ever she wants and I have no say.  I do not get turned on by that kind of humiliation, I have too much Alpha tendencies in me.

Where cuckold elements do come in, are when I do find a guy that is bigger, more endowed, and more physically fit then me.  Better yet if he is very successful and has an aurora of confidence about him.  Sexual confidence for sure, but also of experience of life.  I am extremely turned on by being able to watch her being taken by an Alpha male and extremely turned on by seeing her enjoying a very large cock.  To see her lose control on that large cock because it is hitting pleasure points in her that never get touched and to see him 'show off' to me how he is able to make her lose that control is very much a high for me.  For him to prove to me by showing me that he is far superior and how it is then his right to fuck her when ever he desires is hot.  For her to be weak for a large cock, to need it, to be sweet to me and at the same time push me a little away for sec so the large cock can slip into her at a better angle is amazing for me.  I become submissive and a servant to an Alpha in this case, making sure they are both comfortable, that she is taken to new places, and he gets anything he needs for accessing her in anyway he desires.