Monday, July 29, 2013


Fine Ass Shot.  Taken last week.  Scorecard from any hotwife lovers out there, scale of 1-10?

hotwife ass pic


  1. Perfect! She has that perfect little crease. 10 for sure.

    Says Jay from Utah

  2. I have to give her a 10, or 11 is even better

  3. Mr. HotHW,

    I am locked in a chastity device, but I would give her a ten.

    She has a very well kept body. Very pretty.



  4. Are you having sex with her too ? btw ...11.

  5. Wow sexy woman

  6. Read all your posts. Thanks for the info as we dabble in this. How did it all work out for your 2?

    1. We are still together and we are very bonded. This lifestyle helped make that happen. But the world has its own idea of what success is and tries to make us chase it on a daily basis. Once this is looked at deeply, the superficial distractions pulled away, what is important to each of us is something that we all realize we have not been going after like we told ourselves we would. That's a lot of words to say our desires are still there and strong, but the drivers of our desires were too much of the worlds and not enough of our own. We are doing that now, looking at this intensely, and I have high hopes that we will return to having more fun with a better foundation so everything we do has more meaning. I can see it, it is possible. It could happen tomorrow, or it could take another year, I am not rushing, everything has been a good experience for us.

  7. Thanks for your response. I get it. Any pushing or pulling by either parties is counter productive. Going slowly here. While we have been with another couple the dynamic did not fit "us". Hotwifing, if the right situation and guy comes around, is more our style. But its a journey, not a destination. Glad things are good your way.