Monday, July 29, 2013


Fine Ass Shot.  Taken last week.  Scorecard from any hotwife lovers out there, scale of 1-10?

hotwife ass pic

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another update

She got a hold of the proverbial handyman.  Happened about 4-5 weeks ago or so.  Actually, he is this guy -

I did not have time to give more details so here are a little more.  He came over to fix an appliance at our house, I called him, he was recommended by a friend.  He came over when I was not home and took care of the problem quickly.  She called me after he left and said he was sooooo cute that she could barely contain herself.  Said she wanted to jump him but was too shy, lol.  So, I did what any Husband of a hotwife would do, I texted him.  I said, you made my woman so happy to have that finally fixed and sent him a picture of her all done up with a nice big smile on her face.  And then texted, 'call me when you are alone'.  I am sure that interested him, probably didn't know what that was all about, but I figured if he wasn't attracted to her that he would never call or maybe he would just be to professional for a follow up call, not sure at this point.  He did.  Somewhere in there I asked him if he thought she was hot.  He hesitated, but blurted out that I was a very lucky guy as she is super hot.  I said, well, it just may be your day then, lol, cause we have an open relationship and she really likes you.  I gave him her phone number and he texted her within 10 min.  I got a call from her saying what the hell did I just do?  I said, uh oh, why do you ask?  She proceeded to explain how she just got a call from 'J' and she said that you told him that we had an open relationship and that he would love to hook up, what the hell were you thinking?  hahaha, then she said Thank You! about a million times and floated off into dreamland as she went off texting him for the rest of the night.  Those posts I listed above shows a bit more of what happened.  But, to sum it up and bring it to date, he comes by every week for a very hot 30-45 minutes of pounding her all over the living room.  He even came in her mouth and it was not caught on video so she owes me big time on that one, lol.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Update

She stayed the night with a gentleman a couple weekends ago at very fine hotel located downtown.  Had the top floor with a wonderful view.  I stayed late and then left them together around midnight, filmed the entire time I was there with three cameras/angles.  She was very, well, to be honest, drunk, lol, when I left.  She said he woke her up every 2-3 hours or so and they fucked in different places around the room each time. Even had her put her high heels back on and stand spread eagle against the huge window that was the entire wall while he took her from behind.. None of that was on video so I only have my imagination to work with.  With her being half drunk by this time, I can only imagine he had his way with her while she was fucked like she has not been in a long long time.  She was all smiles the next day, but couldn't remember much, had to get details out of her a little at a time over the next few days, lol.

In August she is traveling to stay a Friday and Saturday night with him.  She is really starting to enjoy things as you could imagine....  She is taking all three video cameras and promises me some very good video. They plan on fucking the entire time, so I do believe her on the good video part. Oh, and he was just tested for std and so was she, so, they are not using condoms.  He is just pulling out and coming on her so she doesn't get pregnant.  Um ya, hot.  He says he wants to come inside her so he is looking into getting snipped soon.