Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spelling errors

I get this, people expect there to be no errors in spelling or grammar for something that is worth their time in reading.  I really do get this.  I do have a spell checker, I use it, but as we all know, they only work so well.  I always read a new post at least once before I hit publish.  Then out of paranoia I go to the official blog page and read it all over again, cuz its for real this time, lol.  I find errors all over and fix them using these methods.  Yet some slip through.  I am sorry for causing such a problem for some of you.  I am pretty smart with some things, those things engage me, I am sorry, spelling does not.  If I could put my hand on your forehead and zap the stuff I am trying to get across to you, I would.  Spock would approve.  I am very engaged, very interested in what I am thinking about when I write, that I type way way too fast.  I only type 35 words per minute with no errors on this small laptop, but when I do type these posts, I am so excited, sometimes I try and type at 60 wps.  As you can imagine, the errors pile up.  If I am not excited about what I write, then no post will happen, I have nothing inspiring to write about.  Vicious circle.

But I feel that the people that might be reading this stuff, these types of topics, are ok with the occasional error as they also are more interested in the content rather than playing grammar police. So, I will continue to post and assume only the 1% are bothered by it.  If I am wrong on this percent, please email me at and clue me in, please.  Also, I would be grateful if you did see an error and had the time, shoot me an email on what it is, please do not comment the post though, people who are publically told they are screwing up have a tendency to shoot back, myself included, as this poor guy found out:


  1. Hmmm...interesting. If I had been scanning that particular Craiglist ad, the first thing that would have struck me is that the author had no idea that the correct spelling should have been "piqued"; and I'd have stopped reading there. "Peaked" has an entirely different meaning, and the incorrect use means that it would be unlikely our passions would have peaked together. So I'd have moved onto the next, more literate ad.
  2. Maybe that is why I never found anyone that fits the bill with this ad, they were so hung up on the spelling of the words in the ad that it turned them off. Good, not the type of guy I was looking for, way too much into himself then feeling the need to take a woman places of pleasure she has never been. I am sure the next excellent craigslist ad worked well for you, 'looking for cock, must be today only, me so horny' lol Cause there are soooo many well written craigslist ads to work with every week.

    If you look closer, the entire blog I am sure is full with spelling errors. Very sorry, I don't have a lot of free time and must punch these out quickly sometimes. I feel the content is important and that a word here or there misspelled does not void the content, if so, would you rather I take the blog down? Does it really blow it that bad for you?

I really just ignored this comment other than just made sure I never missed a re-read of a post before I published it.  But I had another one. Then another one.  I deleted those comments, fixed the mistakes.    I would have gone off on them even more than this guy, but then I realized to act as though they never existed would be much better suited, comment deleted, ta-da! gone.  I figured if I don't have time to post an encounter, then I sure as hell don't have time to respond to people I could only hope to never meet in life. As we obviously would be wasting each others time, neither of us would have an ounce of respect for each other.  Harsh, maybe, probably true though.

Sorry if this post even seems like a waste and some are saying ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF, okay, you got it.  Coming right up.

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