Thursday, May 2, 2013

She is an experience....

Last pic - even has some booty line showing right where her ass cheek starts, dayuuum...  I keep telling her she is breathtaking.  She shrugs it off and is shy about it.  Zero ego.  I think she just comes into her own at times like this.


  1. If you click thru the sequence fast you get a nice stop-action feel...her hair moving back, her hips moving forward. Now all we need is a small audio clip...just sayin'! LoL ;-)

  2. Sex & baseball tovegher at the same time??? Dayam! 8-P

    But seriously, love the blog. Keep up the outstanding work.

  3. She is stunning! These pictures, the comments from you, the frequency of the just gets intoxicating...much like her. She is stunning!

    You two seem to really be having fun.

    If you get a second check out our blog and feel free to send me some pointers....cant wait till I am in your much fun!