Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're Back!!

Bam!  I am very excited.  Ok, I might be jumping the gun here.  To summarize the last 3'ish weeks, we are talking more.  We opened up to each other more than we have ever before about our feelings on the topic of the hotwife lifestyle.

It started with a blow up between the two of us, basically me finally voicing things I have noticed on where we were headed, room mates.  Very good room mates, best of room mates.  Boy did I not know how those two words got her to talk to me.  She hates those words.  She said "Is that all you want out of this, to be room mates?".  I answered with a hell no, but then talked about the signs I see.  We talked about those and that brought out even more things.  To sum that up, I could say that we most likely jumped into the hotwife lifestyle and continued in it too soon and too fast with not enough communication during the whole thing.  Looking back, it's easy to see, you know the saying on that.

But since we stopped 'playing' we both have had lots of time to think about things and be reminded of the normal lifestyle.  This was a very good thing.  We covered a lot of different topics, including her lessening libido, possible causes and what we could to to improve it.  Come to find out, we needed to talk about lots of things, things she was not opening up to me about but needed to be discussed.  For now, that's all, I will try to blog more about more details soon.

So where do I get 'We're Back!!" from?  The real good news is, she is texting two gentlemen now and one of those she plans on meeting in a week or two.  She even sent one of them some naughty pics of herself and she has been simmering all week long with a very high libido as she rides the high of thinking about fucking these guys.  We have more talking to do and she even says she has not decided on anything yet, but her foot is well into the water I would say at this point........

Just for adding a couple pictures to the context of what I wrote, here are two of the pics she sent one of the guys:

hotwife blog

Needless to say, he was a little speechless and I think he will be fucking her later tonight, she just won't know it as he is 7 hours away and will be all by himself when he does, lol.  He will probably be fucking her several times this week actually, I am sure.  What I see is her awakening to what she really wants and going after it.


  1. Glad to hear that you are both 'back'. Btw, those pictures are amazing. A quick question, how did your wife come to start texting those men?


  2. her and I have been realllllly talking about things for the past 2 months now. Everything from our brief past experience in the hotwife life 2 years ago to our time off and towards our future, and then back to everything in between. Once she said she was thinking about getting back into things again, I checked out our profile on both Adult Friend Finder and Fling.com to see if they wre still even there. Not only were they there, but both places gave us free accounts. Gold with aff and silver with Fling, I guess they do that with single women and some couples if they get a lot of page views or at least that is how I understood it in the emails they sent. Didn't take long before star candidate rose to the top, I showed her a couple pics of him and it took about 2 weeks for her to work up the courage to hit him up. Met for drinks and she decided not tonight, but by the time she got home she changed her mind. He got a hotel and bam.