Monday, April 29, 2013

For certain encounters, my presence affects things

This is a huge dilemma for me.  Concerning the first meet with a new guy for potential fucking.  This visit is more special than the rest.  It is so unscripted, so natural, so animalistic that it is at the very heart of what I want to capture on film.  Done well, I will go solo 4 times the first time I get to review it, just like I did last monday night when I was reviewing Sunday's activities, lol.  But there is a balance of how much of me being in the room  is affecting things.  Without myself being in the room, the great epic shots will not be captured as stationary cameras are more luck when it comes to being pointed at the right angle and always have to be set at a wider angle so they can catch as much as possible incase they move around.  So, with a small protest from her, I agreed to setting up 3 cameras and for me to stay out of the room for as much as possible. ( 3 cameras??? she said, lol)  Figured 3 cameras might get more lucky.  They did. Still not as good as if I was there, but I would say 80%. I can live with that.  I felt that if I didn't come in the room, then I just might capture more raw natural footage by letting the dice roll on 3 cameras.  Have to wait till the guy was super comfortable and actually telling me to be there so he could actually show off his talents in giving my woman the time of her life.

I learned a bit and I am also cheating some.  First, GoPro cameras suck for this kind of thing unless they are picked up by one of them and held from a point of view angle, going to have to wait for future visits for that I think. Crappy vid quality (in comparison) and way too wide of a picture, people are the size of ants even if the camera is on a nightstand.  But, if that is all you got, use it, as it did actually save my bacon on one angle.  See for when he is pulling her thong to the side on the last 2 pictures.  Thats a GoPro camera and thankfully it was there getting that angle, it was hot.  But now for the cheat - 

read up about it here:

So far, I have not been able to test it.  I bought a JVC GZ-EX210 to work with it but the cradle only works with 2013 JVC cameras and the EX210 is a 2012.  I sent it back and will be ordering 2 more 2013 cameras,  yes, 2 more. Those 2 along with the Panny I am using   gives me 3 camera angles to work with (bye bye GoPro).

Back to the cradle - if you read up on it you will see that you can control panning and zooming of the cameral by remote through an app for your smartphone or tablet.  I did get to use the 210 model on this last visit and did try out the zooming feature via remote from my car in the parking lot below the room.  Yup, I saw every single thing they did.  I could zoom in and out and press record or pause at any time.  This let me be able to decide if I needed to go ahead and enter the room and hand film myself or to stay out as the camera was getting good stuff.  It also let me be involved while they were having fun instead of just sitting around and wondering what they were doing.  And finally, it got rid of the only reason I had chose not to do this in the past, her protection.  I never left her alone in the past on a first meet, always took a few hookups for both of us to feel comfortable.  But now, hell, I could call 911 faster from my car then I can if I was in the  room and had to fight a guy.  This becomes a deterrent for a guy with bad intentions from doing anything evil from the start.  If I was in the room and a guy had bad plans, as much as I say I can take care of myself, I am kidding myself with every encounter that might happen.  I am not nearly as a deterrent as a camera recording everything and sending the video remotely to another location.  While the footage is kept on the camera, both screen stills and short clips can be sent to the remote location and saved, automatically if set to do so.  So even if he trashed the cameras/SD cards, evidence still exists and cops are on the way.  

Hate to talk like I did above, but it is the world we live in and a nice deterrent can let us relax more, just saying.  How did it work? good, not great, but good enough.  With a second camera and them both on cradles, this will be great.  Then I can get with the guy to see how comfortable he is and at a predetermined time, I could come in and pick up the panny and get some epic shots, but if not, I can just work the 2 cameras remotely and get plenty of good stuff.  Finally, after a few visits, or when ever it just feels right a some guys want me there the whole time to show off, even from a corner chair I can use the remote control on the cameras on the other side of the room and still get improved shots without getting up too close and have them feel like I was hovering.  Some don't like that. And it does affect things.

I will let you know how it goes the next time, I should have one camera on a cradle and one not, and also my panny, all looking from 3 different angles.

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  1. Hi - i really apreciate your discussion on the filming - i didnt think anyone else was as fanatical as me when it comes to capturing the golden moments. its a difficult choice between content quality and uninhibited wife. i know i am going to buy 2 if not 3 of the broadcast quality canon camcorders - each maybe $1000 used - and prob tripod them. Ive been filming my hot wife since she was 16 and shes 40 now. we have just started into the hotwife lifestyle and the most recent session i was in the next motel room watching them on my tv which had one camcorder wired to it. the 2nd camera was manned by a girl friend of ours. it was the best capture yet but they didnt like her in there and she wasnt the most focused cameraman so its back to tripods. i also use a combination of 5 Logitech stealth surviellance home wire system with webcams and camcorders. i get lots of angles but the stealth cams are not highest quality. but hey - when u have a hot woman - the footage is always hot right? if u wld like to see any of the footage - i love to share;)~~