Monday, February 25, 2013

First time she had 'extra' fun

This one actually doesn't count as playing outside a relationship, as technically they broke off the relationship earlier in the day.  But of course mr boyfriend thought he still 'owned' her so he made sure to spread bad things about her when he found out.  Typical high school antics.  Yes, it was in high school, they just broke up and she wasn't going to stay at home and pout about it.  So she decided to go to the school dance as a single and show every one what he lost and of course flirt all night long.  It didn't take long for her to be sitting at a table next to a guy she had always thought was a hottie.  Even shorter time to be stroking his cock under the table through his dress pants.  She said it lasted about an hour, oh my how turned on he must have been and how much she wanted his cock inside of her.  I am sure he wanted to fuck her bad, her in such tight jeans that she said everyone used to stare at, she just loved the attention.

So there they are, 18 years old and both as horny as hell and she is just acting out with what she enjoys.  Playing in a taboo way, being naughty right out in public, but yet she needed it, to finally be free to be able to take what she wants, in hand, literally.  Up till then, she had never felt another cock other than her ex from just hours before, so the first thing she does is feel up another one, lol.  This is so fucking hot for me to think about.  Sure, lots of other things being played out here, but still, underneath it all, she needs cock, she needs it responding to her touch and if she can have her way, she needs it driving into her over and over, soon.  Even at this age, she is learning about herself and her needs.  So, while this was not technically cheating, its just a few hours outside that cheating window, isn't that hot?  Stays the good girl yet is grabbing new cock asap, easily justifiable in her mind that she waited long enough to get what she wants.

Years earlier, she says she learned to masturbate at about age 8 or so, by laying on her stomach on a hard carpeted surface and grinding her pelvic mound into the ground so that is activates her G spot just on the other side.  She still does it today, takes about 5 min.  Not only does she not deny herself what she needs, but it gave her ass a great work out each day, tada, now we know how she got that ass!!

Point I am trying to make, good for her, I wish I could have been there that night watching her at that table like an obsessed groupie, but Ill take what ever I can get at this point! But its not me pushing her, its me just wanting to watch her be herself.

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  1. That is a hot story. The fact that you find happiness in her happiness speaks volumes for your relationship and you as a man. Funny thing wife once told me she would do the same thing as a 10 year old by laying face down on the floor.

    Thanks for sharing