Friday, April 20, 2012

Libido and Ashley Madison

Her libido is directly attached to her self confidence of how she looks and how much she weighs.  I don't blame her, I am the exact same way, very hard to get in the mood when you don't feel sexually attractive.  I can tell her till I am blue in the face that she is so hot, but if she doesn't think so, then what I say has no effect.  So, as she fights the fight of getting on the scale each week, I will continue to dream naughty things.

I continue to talk to a few guys on Ashley Madison though.  These guys are of a different breed for sure.  Very much into turning her on starting with her mind.  They think things through and know what they want, specifically, and talk about bringing her to places she has never been before.  Very nice.  I talk to these guys on a regular basis, have told them she is taking a break, they are fine with it.  In the meantime I get to pick their brains some on what they are looking for and wish things to happen when meeting a woman in the hotwife life.  Very hot stuff indeed.  One in particular really helped me reason out why I like to watch her be taken by another man.  He seemed to be able to completely fill in the blanks for me, ones that I just couldn't seem to fill by my self, most likely because I am too caught up in the moment.  As I talked to him, pieces of the puzzle came rushing in to fill in as his pieces took shape, it all totally made sense, finally.  I will try and write it all out next post, I think its important for me to get it out on 'paper' and he thought that she really needs to read it to help her understand me.  That is exactly why I started this blog, for both of these reasons.


  1. I fully understand what you are going through. I've been in and out of that boat more than once.
    I've lived the life of the hotwife's hubby for over a decade and very much enjoyed it, but it's been a year since she's had sex with anyone but me (though she had a date last week and could not stop talking about how good he kissed).

    I'd be glad to contribute.
    Stop by my blog or email.

  2. so are you flirting with theh idea of cominng back....

  3. I want to hear what the guy had to say. No one I've talked with about this understands and I've puzzled over it for years. Mrs. and I both love it and have a great time with it, but she doesn't understand it any better than I do. I try to tell myself it doesn't matter why, just let it wail and enjoy it all we can, but my intellectual curiousity just won't let it go. Looking forward to hearing his take on it.