Monday, January 30, 2012


We are still alive and having fun in our real life.  Just have not done any activities in the hotwife life.  I have done some major thinking about lots of topics surrounding the hotwife life and have been able to put some things in perspective.  I will write about it in a bit when I get time.  I will say that she said if we ever get back into the lifestyle that she had a certain guy picked out to jump start things again.  So I am happy she is still interested, but wonder what will be different this time.  I pretty much pulled the plug last time due to us not really being in the lifestyle yet the door left open for her to hook up with previous hotties when ever she wanted.  It didn't feel like the lifestyle, it felt like old boyfriends could stop by anytime and my weekend will be changed because of it.  I don't have a problem of that at all, I just wish it would happen more often.  So I would basically be teased to death wanting it to happen asap and it never happening or I would give up thinking about it and make plans for the weekend just to have them blow up when one of her guys came to town.  It really just slowed way down and we really were not in the lifestyle at all.    I already wrote about this in one of my last posts, but just wanted to blog again to get back in the habit.  I plan on posting more soon.