Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Gaze of Men

She has lost a few pounds.  I never knew how much this affected things with her confidence, as in just a few pounds.  I understand 50 pounds. But I'm a guy and we can fluctuate 10 pounds in a week, we don't think about it much.  She has always been in shape, sexy, and I would say thin.  But while a few pounds on me I would not even notice, she can be devastated by it.  She and other women keep it all to themselves of course, but I notice how it affects her.  I see how it affects her to have a guy check her out, or in the case of her not being confident, how it affects her to NOT be checked out.  'The Gaze of Men' is something reserved for the sexually attractive and is a fleeting thing, age finally overtakes things and women slowly slip into what more prudent woman would call 'Maturity'..  Lol, this is quite interesting in many cases as so many woman quietly miss the 'gaze' and even have long term regrets of losing it.  Even if they never would have taken an offer of something more from a man that obviously found her quite attractive, just knowing that she 'still has it' is enough to brighten her week or more.  This stuff is way more powerful than I can write about in a paragraph and yet is all 'under the table'.  As in, women will run these thoughts through their mind, but most of the time we will not hear much about it. 

I mention this in prelude because of how I feel this is a great equalizer for women if they ever wanted to have fun with it.  As strong and as powerful as men are, there will always be one thing they can't just take by sheer will, a woman allowing and desiring his advances.  This has always caused problems for men that could not handle that fact, as history has told many stories of men trying to take what is otherwise not given to them.   But for sane men, they are bound by a woman's desire for them or not for them as any case may be.  Their strength and powerful will is completely held in check by even the softest touch of a woman's hand or the slight unobstructed view of her naked body.  This is very real power and control.  In the text of my life, if she only knew how powerful she was.... 

That being said, 'The Friend' has shot her a recent text of him wanting a picture of her in a see through top.  She responded with I will send one shortly.  Then texted me and said that she has been thinking of him lately.  That is the first thing I have heard from her in a long long while that had anything to do with the hotwife life.

I still continue to talk to a couple guys on Ashley Madison, cool cool guys.  Lots of insight of things.  Last I wrote was how they explained why I am so into seeing her getting attention from another guy.  I am still planning on writing about it, just have not found the time.  But I do know its powerful and the only way I have found to fight it is to just go solo on a regular basis to knock down the extreme lustful thoughts to something more manage day to day.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

Libido and Ashley Madison

Her libido is directly attached to her self confidence of how she looks and how much she weighs.  I don't blame her, I am the exact same way, very hard to get in the mood when you don't feel sexually attractive.  I can tell her till I am blue in the face that she is so hot, but if she doesn't think so, then what I say has no effect.  So, as she fights the fight of getting on the scale each week, I will continue to dream naughty things.

I continue to talk to a few guys on Ashley Madison though.  These guys are of a different breed for sure.  Very much into turning her on starting with her mind.  They think things through and know what they want, specifically, and talk about bringing her to places she has never been before.  Very nice.  I talk to these guys on a regular basis, have told them she is taking a break, they are fine with it.  In the meantime I get to pick their brains some on what they are looking for and wish things to happen when meeting a woman in the hotwife life.  Very hot stuff indeed.  One in particular really helped me reason out why I like to watch her be taken by another man.  He seemed to be able to completely fill in the blanks for me, ones that I just couldn't seem to fill by my self, most likely because I am too caught up in the moment.  As I talked to him, pieces of the puzzle came rushing in to fill in as his pieces took shape, it all totally made sense, finally.  I will try and write it all out next post, I think its important for me to get it out on 'paper' and he thought that she really needs to read it to help her understand me.  That is exactly why I started this blog, for both of these reasons.

Monday, January 30, 2012


We are still alive and having fun in our real life.  Just have not done any activities in the hotwife life.  I have done some major thinking about lots of topics surrounding the hotwife life and have been able to put some things in perspective.  I will write about it in a bit when I get time.  I will say that she said if we ever get back into the lifestyle that she had a certain guy picked out to jump start things again.  So I am happy she is still interested, but wonder what will be different this time.  I pretty much pulled the plug last time due to us not really being in the lifestyle yet the door left open for her to hook up with previous hotties when ever she wanted.  It didn't feel like the lifestyle, it felt like old boyfriends could stop by anytime and my weekend will be changed because of it.  I don't have a problem of that at all, I just wish it would happen more often.  So I would basically be teased to death wanting it to happen asap and it never happening or I would give up thinking about it and make plans for the weekend just to have them blow up when one of her guys came to town.  It really just slowed way down and we really were not in the lifestyle at all.    I already wrote about this in one of my last posts, but just wanted to blog again to get back in the habit.  I plan on posting more soon.