Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update on 'The Friend'

Thought I would update some -  The friend from did create some sparks in the recent weeks, hot ones.  After a few weeks of not talking about anything related to this, just about day to day stuff, I brought up if he wanted any new pics.  He said 'Of Course!' very quickly, so I texted him a couple hot recent ones of her.  He texted back with the usual 'OMG SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!' type responses and a few more of how she really needed a hard smack on her ass so it left a bright red hand print about the size of his hand.  When I saw him a couple days later, I finally just approached the topic with 'Hey, I know you haven't said anything about my woman of the late so I figured you were still on the fence about things.  I haven't brought it up because I didn't want to bring up any tempting thoughts if they were being cruel.  He fired back before I even finished -'Oh I can be tempted!'  lol.  I said ok, lol, I wasn't sure I said, but his response told me a lot.  It sounded like some internal struggle was definitely going on, but looking at the menu and thinking about eating was definitely okay and encouraged. 

So I laughed a bit at him but then seriously said, so, when are you going to be free then? When can I bring her over for you to inspect to see if she interests you?  He said, well, I will be alone in a week, for a whole week, the whole place to myself.  I said 'Reallly.....'.  We talked some more, got into some specifics.  We mentioned the pool.  He thought it would be nice for us just to come over and hop in and he could get to know her under the water and go over her carefully while I watched out for nosey neighbors peeking through the fence cracks.  As soon as she said that, I had visions of her and him not even kissing at that point, in case a neighbor was peeking, but instead, both of them running their hands over each others bodies just under the water.  Just playful at first, I'm sure.  But as each of them breaks away and then wanders close again, I do think that he will be using his fingers and hands to rub her pussy from through her bikini bottoms and she will be stroking his cock through his shorts.  If the coast is still clear, she WILL slip his very hard cock out the top of this swim shorts and look him in the eye as she strokes him off slowly underwater.  I know how she is, I know exactly how this would start.  I also know him.  He will then turn her around and pull her bikini covered hot ass against his released bare cock.  Adjusting it just so to get it nestled between her ass cheeks, pressing up against her so she can feel how hard he is.  I see his hands running over her bikini covered top, with a slight roughness he will be squeezing her breasts and sliding his hands down to her covered pussy to make sure he is fully able to feel everything about her.  He will be whispering softly in her ear, the words I wont be able to hear, probably something to the tune of whether she feels that cock between her ass cheeks, hunting for where it best feels pleasure, hunting for its rightful home. This will not happen extremely fast, nor too long, because at some point, he will pull her bikini bottom to the side and start to rub his bare cock on her bare and bald pussy.  From what angle this will happen, I cant picture it exactly because I know both of them will start to get aggressive, her trying to excite him into taking her right now, right there, and him just naturally doing what his instincts are telling him he must do.  If he has his way, she will still have her ass pressed up against his cock and will either pull her bikini down slightly or to the side and will continue to just keep sliding on her bare pussy.  I know he would like to take her right now, he might even accidentally let her feel his girth slightly enter her, but I know he wont cave and will just keep teasing her.  This will go on and on until finally she is just outright trying to plunge it in.  Even with him actively resisting to do so, she will have broke and will be doing anything she can to have him inside of her.  Its too high of a place and too close of a higher place for her to understand anything else then needing to have him in her right then.  Literally like a crack addict staring at a fresh crack rock in front of them, lol, she wont be able control herself.  He wont either, but, he knows he can control himself and if he does, greater highs are available in the near future and he will lead her there. 

I know this because he does not want just a fuck here and there and for the excitement to be over after a few visits.  He wants incredible orgasms and very frequent visits, with him fucking her just the way he wants.  He said he will let me know when to come over, but sadly, he never called.  I thought he changed his mind, but instead, he did not have the house to himself like he thought he would.  As it stands now, I have sent him a couple more pics that I took of her right before we went out one night, where she pulled her jeans down and sat on my cock for several glorious minutes until I exploded under her spell as she slowly sent her hips in a slow circle.  Here are the pics I took that night and sent to him. 

But that's it, that's all we have discussed for a few weeks now.  I don't know his intentions, maybe I need to tempt him without mercy.  Bring her over in her hot tight jeans with a thong underneath that is just barely visible like in the pics above and just pull her jeans down. Just show him her ass and ask is he sure he doesn't want to come over and inspect what she has going on over here? Maybe even ask if he wants to slap his bare cock on her ass cheeks for a bit..spend some time admiring the ripples of her ass and get close to her to feel her desire.  Maybe even go ahead and pull the thong to the side and just rub his cock on her bare slit for a bit. Maybe I can pull her thong down to her jeans and drop a bit of astroglide between her ass cheeks and he can slide his cock between them for a bit. It wont hurt anything.  Some good quality time like this never hurt a thing as far as I know.......can I watch?  please?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two new firemen

So what is the deal with firemen? Wowsers, I did not know how much ass firemen are able to get.  Insane.  I mean, I am not oblivious to it, even my hotwife appreciates a guy in uniform, especially a fireman.  But I don't think it is just at that level, a little appreciation that is.  It is way more crazy than just some appreciation here and there, lol. I think I can safely say, if a guy is a fireman, slightly above average looks, build, smarts, and endowment, that these guys could  bet laid every single week with a different woman. My woman would love to be a part of any of that action, that's for sure.

Two happen to be on our radar right now.  Both firemen are completely different from each other.  While both sound experienced in playing with a married woman, they are both headed in opposite directions.  One is younger and by the few pictures I have, seems to be in slightly better shape.  In talking to him, he seems to be more of the 'Want to explore every inch of her body for many hours' type of guy.  Noting wrong with this type of guy, noting at all.  I foresee many hours of bliss for her.  They are guaranteed a great time.  He seems slightly dominant, I cant wait to watch.

The second guy, now he is very interesting to me.  Same category of going to be 'going-over-every-inch-of-her-body, but he is much naughtier.  He will bring the mental foreplay into things.  Him and I have briefly communicated via email, but we covered some territory very quickly.  While I always cover the basic issues that must be covered when meeting a new potential for her, its very rarely do I get to cover anything that I would really like to see happen.  That might come just before we hook up or more often then not, it seems to happen just as its happening.  I get to play director for a bit and let me tell you, its a blast.  I think part of the 'blast' at that very moment is because him and her have just had their own blast, going at it in every direction in every position and now are kind of in a 'la-la-land' moment waiting for the next wave of energy to come forth.  That's when I sometime throw something hot out there to try and sometimes I see both of their eyes light up with an 'Oh hell yes' kind of look to them.  And off to more la la moments they go.

But this guy had more to think about.  He took a very dominant role while being very respectful with me.  He laid out some things that he was interested in trying and wanted to know if I was on the same page or not.  "Oh hell yes" I am.  I have read stories that other people have had amazing experiences with a dominant man guiding a couple, read many stories in fact.  The ones that don't go off the deep end with some real crazy stuff are very much a great turn on for me.  I get extremely turned on when I read the good stories, but never would have thought there might be the right guy or guys right here around where we live.

To explain it in more detail, once we were done talking about the basic issues of what she likes, dislikes, whether the filming would be a problem, going over the rules of the condom usage, and some examples of good times we had in the past that we would love to do again, then that's when he started to ask ME some questions.  The questions he wanted to talk about were of how the three of us would have the best time it could be.  He asked about my involvement in the past -exactly- and if I thought it was good, if I wanted more, or if I wanted less.  He asked more and more, I  talked more and more as we went along.  Many very hot things for the both of us came to the surface.  As a primary example, he said that of course he would like some alone time with my hotwife to establish how well we click and if she digs him and such.  But, if she has the hots for him, he said he wanted me to make sure I was in the room watching the two of them.  Since I had told him that the camera rolling doesn't bother her at all and that she will let go 100% while I filmed, he then wanted to make sure I was always involved.  He said its important to establish rank very soon in the bedroom between the three of us.  That there would always be respect between the two of us, that it was good if I witnessed things for a while and then helped out as told.  He said specifically that he wanted to deeply engage her in kissing and would tell me at some point to come over and lick her pussy in order to get it ready for him.  He said he would continue to kiss her while I did this.  I can only imagine the effect this would have on her.  Being deeply brought into his world with deep passionate/slightly rough kisses as the same time as being licked by her husband who was ordered to do so.  I only wondered how much power and rank this would establish right there and then with her. He also said he would be claiming her ass so he would be telling me to prepare her ass for him also with lots of licking to make sure to relax her and make sure it went in smoothly.  He mentioned keeping me close as he fucked her, making sure I was very involved by seeing everything he does to her very close and in detail.  Said there would be much more in the future of these kinds of things.

Wow.  Two completely different evenings this would make between the two of these firemen.  But I am very interested in talking to the second one and learning more about myself while at the same time having him lead her to higher places.  Since we have been talking, I have even asked each potential since how dominant they are or are not.  I just want to know up front how they see things working the best for them.  I love to be off to side and in the shadows in an effort to capture her being unleashed naturally, but I also don't want to miss an opportunity to be more involved.