Monday, July 25, 2011

Use my referral for a Dropbox account and I will send you some exlusive pics.

I'm a pretty nice guy and this is a win win for anyone needing a Dropbox account. If you have never heard of Dropbox, here is the skinny - you get 2 gigabytes of free space of online storage that you can use  to keep files synced between all your online devices, from Android and iPhones, to netbooks, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs.  Its like a usb thumbdrive that you never have to have with you as your files are already being transferred to the 'cloud'.  If you were to lose your phone or laptop, get a new one, log onto your Dropbox account and all your stuff will start downloading to your new computer, so its also a safe place to keep things.  They have paid plans that offer a lot more space, but I am only using the free account, I love it.

So here is my deal -  you sign up and activate your free account with my referral link here.  Not only will you thank me later for such a sweet program, seriously, but you and I will get 250 megabytes more free space just for using my referral.  We both can get our fee account up to 8 GB total with this method, so you can just send out referrals to your friends later.  You both will get and additional 250 megabytes.

Also, I am offering some free pics of my hotwife to sweeten the deal.  Just hit me up at and ill verify you activated your Dropbox account. I will send you the pics.  They will be hot ones, exclusive, not on this site anywhere.  Or they can be larger ones of any that you like that are found on this site.  I'm thinking a good 10 pics, you can even call out what you would like to see, I will try my best to accommodate. 

So, its a win win. Its not going to be available for long.  Thanks.  Oh, and here is a sample pic, who wants to see her pull them all the way down?


  1. What an incentive to use Dropbox! I wish I had waited to sign up. If only I had known about this offer...

    Oh well, I hope others take advantage of this. I'm sure the Hotwife will get more and more excited as each person signs up.


  2. Ok, I did this. Thanks so much. The app is something others in my company have been using. So much more superior to the alternatives: ftp, zip files, etc.

    The pics. Smoking hot. Building up a serious head of lava from seeing them.