Monday, July 25, 2011

Use my referral for a Dropbox account and I will send you some exlusive pics.

I'm a pretty nice guy and this is a win win for anyone needing a Dropbox account. If you have never heard of Dropbox, here is the skinny - you get 2 gigabytes of free space of online storage that you can use  to keep files synced between all your online devices, from Android and iPhones, to netbooks, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs.  Its like a usb thumbdrive that you never have to have with you as your files are already being transferred to the 'cloud'.  If you were to lose your phone or laptop, get a new one, log onto your Dropbox account and all your stuff will start downloading to your new computer, so its also a safe place to keep things.  They have paid plans that offer a lot more space, but I am only using the free account, I love it.

So here is my deal -  you sign up and activate your free account with my referral link here.  Not only will you thank me later for such a sweet program, seriously, but you and I will get 250 megabytes more free space just for using my referral.  We both can get our fee account up to 8 GB total with this method, so you can just send out referrals to your friends later.  You both will get and additional 250 megabytes.

Also, I am offering some free pics of my hotwife to sweeten the deal.  Just hit me up at and ill verify you activated your Dropbox account. I will send you the pics.  They will be hot ones, exclusive, not on this site anywhere.  Or they can be larger ones of any that you like that are found on this site.  I'm thinking a good 10 pics, you can even call out what you would like to see, I will try my best to accommodate. 

So, its a win win. Its not going to be available for long.  Thanks.  Oh, and here is a sample pic, who wants to see her pull them all the way down?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My hotwife knows my buttons and pushes them

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I know what I like.  Here is a picture heavy post of exactly that.  I did some digging to find these clips and pics from the 90's.  This particular porn star caught my eye  way back then for her tan lines, belly chain, very pretty nails and her eagerness to show it all off. Stuff like this is why my woman has me so captivated by her. She did all this before I even met her.
Porn starlets work hard on being very desirable to the industries appetite for more of her.  These hotties need a great showing to get their next gig, to make money, especially in the long run. This is no game for them, this is everything for them.  So they appeal to what is needed to make it big fast.  All they have to do is make it so anyone who sees them on video must have more.  Stand out, get noticed, make guys so hot for her that they need more and more.  So I'm not saying anything new here, pretty obvious stuff.  This particular scene  turns my crank because she is really dressed up.  I love a hot scene where they are wearing hot clothes.  It easily took me away to being in the presence of such a pretty a woman. She is a very well put together package, I learned right then that tan-lines looked to me like they were fuckable lingerie.  Like a swimsuit that doesn't even have to be pulled aside to gain access.  Always perfectly in place. This is pretty intense for me. A thong tan line is no joke for me. Back to this scene, I love how she is dressed to kill and underneath I know she is rocking a hot bod. The camera man also knows how hot her ass is and how it will make men crave her, need to fuck her.  She was one of the reasons I know what I like. Honestly, when my woman dresses like this, she brings me to my knees.

hotwife eye candy

below is quick edited video of these those picture captures:


This is why a hotwife is different-no need for the money.  They want to stand out, get noticed, and make guys so hot for them they need more and more, yes, that's the same.  They just do it from their own desires, their own fantasies coming true, their own need to feel a new cock and the excitement it all brings.  They don't do it for the money, they do it for the hot fucking.  For the chance to get a big cocked stud in bed, to turn him on and drive him wild.  For the new scenario and what it might bring.  All the while feeling pleasure she only dreamed of.  But its way hotter knowing it comes naturally, changes everything.  But  hotwife can learn a lot by looking around at what the porn starlets are doing these days to get the insight on things.  Their goal is still the same. And truthfully, they are professionals at what they do.  They have taken advice and learned from everyone.  Pick up hints here and there, try things that fit her personality and uniqueness.  With a little research, she can be extremely powerful.  For the hot reasons.

Here are some more pics from a different scene, more amazing tan line, much of this is art to me.

These pics are hot, but the difference of not attracting men for just money is not a small thing.  This is an epic difference actually.  Its actually the very thing that porn directors wish came naturally, wish that it didn't cost money, cause what they get on film is tainted by the fact its just that, its has a tainted foundation of them just needing the money..  Even if it was an all natural performance, its still not the same.

A another scene, I love how he has a hold of her exactly where needs her.

For straight porn, a well filmed hotwife is the hottest thing there is.  Sure, everyone has their specific kinks, besides those, this is the thing porn directors dream of capturing on film. You know this because of all attempts to make a porn flick that emulates real amateur video.  The amateur video has it right, its the hottest, it is capturing the very essence of hotness, its just that they shoot crappy videos.  They don't use expensive equipment especially the lighting.  But cheap stuff is getting better and better.  Cameras like the FLIP are coming out cheaper and better. Things will be changing on that front as those roll out.

I love pool scenes as I had a childhood of spending a lot of time at the pool with girls in skimpy bikini's. Had a lot of erections to hide.

The last point is, my hotwife IS the hottest scenario I can imagine.  She strives to turn men on and works hard on being fuckable.  She works on her body, works out 4 times a week, watching what she eats, the epic tanline, nails, what she wears, and always looking for the next thing to turn a guy on.  Lately she even said she is going to start watching some submissive women in porn to get some hints of what a guy likes, like my friend from the other posts.  Said she wants to make sure he likes what he gets from her and comes back for more.  His desires are for a woman to be held exactly as he wants her, in place and begging for his cock, among many other things.  Intense.

On  a different side of things, I came across a hotwifes bio on the net, check this out
Body Type: I work very hard to keep myself fuckable. I am VERY athletic. I work out daily and eat a very healthy diet to keep my body in top sex form. I am tan, tight, toned and strong. I am petite so I can move around easily to pleasure you and you can move me easily too.  I can even sit on your lap and fuck you while you drive (oh ya, that’s illegal).

 turn ons:  The looks I get from men and women when I wear something naughty or see-thru in public; when my pussy is wet and dripping in the middle of the day for no reason at all; men’s bodies but most specifically their well built arms and thighs; and of course a nice hard cock to play with!  fantasies:  Seeing an attractive guy (or girl) and fucking them in the nearest convenient place-spontaneously!

I am everything you want: petite, sexy, and ready. Sex is the center of me, I love to have sex in any position, but put me on top and watch me go! I enjoy NOT wearing a bra or panties. It keeps my mind constantly on sex and keeps my pussy very wet. A dress or skirt is my favorite thing to wear. I like to be ready and easily accessible because you just never know.
When I got married, my husband and I were both virgins. Of course we spent a lot of time learning how to pleasure each other. I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but after we were together the first time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, but because sex was sooo so good that I wanted to try it out with others and a lot. Fast forward a few years and my wish would come true. My wonderful hubby comes to me and asks if he can talk to me about our sex life. We proceed to have a discussion about how he wants me to fuck other men!!! (I already knew he had an extremely voyeuristic side and he loved to watch me have pleasure.) Of course I “acted” taken aback, but with a wicked grin on my face, told him I would think about it.
That little sex talk has led us to where we are today. We started with me fucking other men and progressed to hot sex fun with couples, me finding my bi-side with women, having hot orgies, finding out I can squirt, and really there is no limit to the wicked fun that I could have and want. With all this sex fun, I discovered that I really like the feeling when a man’s cocks throbs and fills my pussy full with their hot juicy cum (YES “Creampies”). I also found that I love COCK with all its variations (including black cock!) and crave to suck them until they either can’t hold back and spurt their yummy seed down my throat (yes I swallow) or spurt it all over my breasts, tummy, wherever. Of course hubby’s voyeuristic side means that we do all the pictures and video ourselves from our home, outside, hotel, or wherever it spontaneously happens!

My Hubby and I started watching porn together before we ever ventured into playing with others. The videos and pictures of hot women getting fucked, creampied, semen spurting in their mouths and on breasts, and two women enjoying each other’s hot supple bodies was such an injection of spiciness to our sex life that we couldn’t get enough. Our favorite porn movies and pictures have always been those that are realistic, that portray what really happens during sex. We love actual cum shooting inside pussy, mouth, ass, etc. Now my adventures have led us to create this website. This is a REALITY site, what you see inside is me craving and getting wild hot sex everywhere I go. I have so much hot fun exploring sex that I wanted to share and broaden my horizons as to meeting more men and women that I can fuck and suck to ultimate pleasure.

That is some amazing stuff there.  Love the creampie talk, hot, love the need to to be fuckable.   I actually read it a couple of times.  Anyways, I will post more pics and clips of a few more hot scenes and porn stars that helped me create my addiction for my woman.  And how she mentions cum being shot inside her pussy, mouth, and ass.  Very hot. She mentions also that they guys she hooks up with are required to get tested, that does give some freedom for all that kind of talk above, but still, hot to think about.

I hope to have some new scenarios myself to post soon.  Cause nothing turns me on more....