Monday, June 27, 2011

The friend, its getting serious now.

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Now I will admit a little white lie, he doesn't have a girlfriend, he has a wife. I initially said girlfriend because I originally thought giving out too much exact details was just not a good thing to do.  Thought that maybe nothing would really become of this anyways, no sense to be exact, better to be safe.  Well, it seems it is taking a turn for the lava.  Hard right, square into a big pool of it.  So, since it seems it might turn out to be more, I might as well make it be as hot as it is, he is married.

Which to him this means he is just getting vanilla sex at home and wants something more.  And I mean a lot more.  Let me repeat as its worth repeating.  He doesnt want anything the resembles normal sex.  He said that if he is going to risk this, he wants the sex that really turns him on, the sex he doesn't get at home, the sex that is off the charts.  He is in his 40's, good looking, fat cock, been with a lot of woman before he got married.  He remembers what it was like to have sex that was not inside a relationship.  Sex that let him chase what turns him on.  Sex that is probably for one night or just a few where both explored things a little outside the norm as it was thrilling being so new and wild.  I think he got to the point where he immediately dominated the woman, immediately brought the submissive out in her and ran with it from there.  And That Is What Turns Him On.

I say it like that, because that is what he wants. This is not going to go down any other way.  If he is going to risk this, then he wants EXACTLY what he wants and no less.  He has described some of this, some in detail actually. And it is very powerful stuff.  Very hardcore.  Very dominant. Very rough.  This is what turns him on and is the only way he is willing to do this.  When I told her what he has been texting to me, she wimpered.  She said yes, yes, yes, I will do what ever he wants me to do, including swallowing his cum (this is something she will not do as it makes her gag from the texture).  And this was just me passing some information to her that he was telling me on how it was going to work.  Her and him have not had any communication about this.  He in fact has not made a decision to do anything yet, he was just feeling things out if she was actually going to be up for it, able to do exactly what he tells her to do.  He said if he senses any hesitation on her part, then he is not interested.  Said she has potential, but that she has a long way to go.  Said that if he loses interest, then that is the end of that. Mentioned sex is for babies and sex is for pleasure.  Said he is talking about non of that, talking about things much greater, about her developing kinks,  for her to listen to him, do as he says, and he will teach her to cum when he first enters her ass which will then turn him on enough to cum just after a few slow strokes.  He said he doesn't have a lot of time, his visits will be short, she will be prepped by his instruction and the real events of him calling her to instruct her to get ready, him pulling his truck out front, him walking across the lawn, him knocking on the door and him finally entering the house and getting close to her are all real actual events that she will now desire and use to turn herself on and be ready to cum when he enters her.  Those are her new kinks that she is to focus on.

Now, he went into a lot more detail with me, most of which I could barely believe what I was hearing.  But I am not going to go into it more until I see it start to happen,  he said he might send her an email and depending on how she responded, would decide if she interested him and would be worth his time.

Um, wow.  Im stunned.  He painted about 100 other scenarios that were all blistering hot.  Had so much control over her, yet she would only desire more, to be released to him, to finally be able to feel his cock in her, the one thing that would release her to an ultimate orgasm.  Each and every visit.  15 min at the most, sometime he said he would spend time with her longer, but frequently it would not be possible as he was a busy man and had places to be.

I will post more as it happens. Its still all talk right now, hot talk, but until he sends her an email, she responds, and then he starts the first event by calling her, I will hold back, don't want to jinx it!! lol 


  1. That sounds sooooooooo hot - Damn, I wish we could meet a guy like that!

  2. I think he's going to have a coronary before anything happens. I would be doing anything to get in your wife's panties :) It's as though he doesn't believe it's happening to him. I can't wait to hear more. Great story.