Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirty thoughts

While we are taking a break till July, my dirty thoughts never stop.  We are going on vacation and outside business has been keeping us busy, but we are very much still thinking about the Hotwife life.  Its a lot of fun, we have learned much and have much more to experience.  We are also about to transition to another host, so look for that to happen also.

Very sad to see a blog I was following dissappear.  It was my favorite blog, Intimate Thoughts of a Married Man but its gone, poof, just like that.  I had corresponded a couple times with the husband, was just a very awesome situation that was moving so slow I swear it was the hottest thing I had read in a long long time.  The little things were incredible.  But they hit a speed bump and I think it de-railed them for a bit.  I hope to see them back, but I wonder what happened.  I can only hope things are well with them.

I have many more thoughts and I am starting to get in the mood again to write as she is relentless in her ability to make me horny, lol.