Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tips for Bulls (Real and wannabe)

Over at Hotwifelife, Frizzo started a great thread and I chimed in a little.  I love this topic and will actually be writing more about this as I do have some thoughts from the husbands point of view.  This might be important for a bull to know, because unlike a cuckold situation, the hotwife lifestyle has the husbands input.  So, if you play your cards right, you have the husband on your side helping for the bull and wife to get together.  Much more powerful since he is with her every second of every day.  Its like cheating on a test, your gonna ace it....

Here is the thread

I said:
Frizzo is spot on, I would love to add a few, but those he mentioned first are definitely the priority. If they just started and stopped with those, all would be fine. But, to throw in a few more as building the perfect bull would be a huge fucking turn on to actually see work his alpha magic. But there are steps to getting there and these responses address the new couple issues as I am pretty sure that once things are rolling that all couples have different needs and desires, you just need to help them get there:

-if this is the couple's first time, making this a wonderful and pleasant experience is essential. This event could be a fork in the road for the couple. The bull could be the catalyst that pushes the couple either way, from continuing or stopping. They will think that this experience is what is to be expected of all future hookups, so if it's not pleasant, you just took the wind out of their sails. So def no bad attitudes and keep your extremely rough desires in check. Like Frizzo said, it's all about the Hotwife, if she is pleased, then you will get another chance at a fun night or even many more. If not, the couple quits, and you may even get a bad rap from what ever the couple tells anyone, not good for both.

-also, if the couple is new, especially if its their first time, make sure to sink it in deep with the husband that it's strictly for fun sex. The husband will be feeling many things at these times and to think his wife is going to run off with the first guy he agreed to let her be with may seem crazy but is what is exactly going on in his head. He can't help it, it's the first time for all of this. Do not think this is not happening if its their first time and ignore it. Address it and you just earned brownie points with him. Then, when she wants to see you again and again, you have a team-mate on your side pushing for it to happen again and again, instead of working against you. C'mon, working together is much smarter to achieve every one's goals, don't you think?

-if you have plans for jumping off the top rope into a 360 spin with a backslam on the wife to show her what she has been missing, please think again. If they have never played around before, you must realize that she is used to the predictable, smooth, and sensual movements between her and him. That's also the reason they are trying something new, they want something less predictable. But, they don't go from one to the other in 6 seconds flat. Give her what she is used too first, as she gets warmed up, slowly and with great communication work her into some Grade "A" pounding and positions other than the norm. Anything other than missionary, doggy or cowgirl needs to communicated but really desired by everyone. They will both love it, just communicate.. But nothing abrupt. That 'strange' stuff will have them talking and most likely coming back for more as it was so extremely exciting for them, just don't scare the hell out of her or even injure her the first time out or you will get called out for doing it WRONG.

-if kissing is not against the rules, then please, please, please take full advantage of it. As long as you are getting the signs she wants to. This might just be the signal to her body that gets the cart moving.. If you are a heavy smoker and she is not, then use some smarts here. But breath freshener, shaved face, clean teeth and last cigarette over an hour ago is doing it RIGHT. Remember, she is used to her husband and you need to start there, start where they play and take off from there. It will help her relax which is needed to take her places.....

-while you will be using a condom, do not put the condom on right away. Please. Only one thing can happen after that, and it's not foreplay from there on out. Use it to your advantage. She is used to just jumping into fucking with hubby at anytime, but with you , she can't because you don't have a condom on. Use that to build it up. More pussy licking, more fingering, more kissing, rinse and repeat. Do you know how powerful you are right now? Do you understand when she says she needs to fuck you right now and you go back to fingering her and whispering in her ear if this is where she wants your cock right now, like this and this as you trust your fingers into her over and over. The more you drag out the condom, the more you have a good chance for hitting many multiple orgasms once your cock finally goes inside. You will feel like a sex gladiator. Just do it. Remember, this is not normal for them, not predictable, and will blow her mind. Do you want to be her favorite? This is doing it RIGHT.

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