Thursday, March 31, 2011

He owns her sexuality. Listen to the audio.

Just a short clip.  
We have not been slow at all, I have been overwhelmed actually. I have over 8 visits from her black lover on film.  He is visiting at least once a week now, if not more.  Had him over for dinner, watched movies, let him take her to the movies, let them fuck when I was not home but the camera was set up, and basically just letting them really sink it deep with their intimacy. I like that they are so close. He has the tightest and most overwhelming bubble she has ever had with a guy. Sexually, he has her even higher then I have taken her as he overwhelms her.  With a rock hard body, big cock, and his expert skills at giving her an experience she will never forget, she is lost in him.   Here is a nice audio clip that sums it all up.



  1. Miss hearing more stories. Hope you guys are well. Would love to hear more about your wife in the bubble.

  2. We just found this blog and it has to be one of the hottest chronicles of the hotwife lifestyle ever. Your perspective on everything and the way you write about it it is just breathtaking. We love this blog!!!

    This audio is very very hot. Let us know more soon.....