Thursday, March 31, 2011

He owns her sexuality. Listen to the audio.

Just a short clip.  
We have not been slow at all, I have been overwhelmed actually. I have over 8 visits from her black lover on film.  He is visiting at least once a week now, if not more.  Had him over for dinner, watched movies, let him take her to the movies, let them fuck when I was not home but the camera was set up, and basically just letting them really sink it deep with their intimacy. I like that they are so close. He has the tightest and most overwhelming bubble she has ever had with a guy. Sexually, he has her even higher then I have taken her as he overwhelms her.  With a rock hard body, big cock, and his expert skills at giving her an experience she will never forget, she is lost in him.   Here is a nice audio clip that sums it all up.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bra and thong themed movie night this friday

Or that's what I am pushing for at least, lol.  After last nights festivities, she has invited him to come over after his work on Friday night to watch a movie.  I said they both should spoon on the couch and cuddle under a blanket for the entire movie.  She blushed and was shy about it.  Not too sure how excited she is about it, but I just thought I would throw it out there to her and see what she thinks.  I am loving the thought of her under a blanket with him.  Lots and Lots of hands all over for a whole movie.  Lots and Lots of pressing against each others body.  I am okay with it, its just to stay warm, I don't want her to be cold or anything....  I just think after a long day on the job for him that for him to snuggle up with a freshly showered and light perfumed hottie hotwife under the covers with just a bra and thong that surely they both will find some common ground of enjoyment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The forgotten art of outercourse

Nobody even knows what I am talking about.  Outercourse.  I mean, they may have done it, for a very brief second, but that was it.  Like teenagers that think parents are going to come any second, outercourse was forgotten right then.  I mean its not like you tell your buddies you banged her if all you did was rub your cock on her pussy.  In fact, that is exactly what you would be called, a pussy.  So into her you go, only to last 2 hot and steamy minutes and this poor girl gets taught for the first of many times what it is like to be disappointed, again and again. But your buddies got the fist bump.  What a stud.  I guess we never wonder now why when a big cocked bull takes our hotwife for 2 hours and she comes back to you looking like she just stuck her finger in a light socket.  Hair all messed up and a crazed and dazed look on her face.  Its not like she has been fucked this way all her life.  Quite the opposite. 

Outercourse means any form of non penetrative sex.  I most easily relate to it when I think of the adult magazines from long ago.  I mean today's magazines show everything, nothing left to imagine, but there was a day when you could not show penetrative sex in a magazine.  So, I just loved, and fell in love with, the techniques the magazine editors, photographers, and porn actors went to push the limits on this.  I mean loved the effort.  Like when it showed the starlets mouth very close to the cock but not touching, yet there was  long string of spit/saliva stringing from her tongue to the tip or underside of this cock.  Fuck.  I could look at those pics for a long time and just imagine her having to hold this pose.  Even having to work at it for a while to get it just right for the camera.  We know her lips were wrapped around that cock at some point, but all we get to see is the long string of spit that she worked up and held for the camera.  Fuck.  Could you imagine being there?  Could you imagine watching the two of them hold their composure after take after take?  I mean after a certain point, that guy must have just wanted to grab the back of her head and throttle his cock to the back of her throat.  But he couldn't as he still wanted a paycheck.  So he sits here with a raging hard on having this fucking 10 of a young starlet barely notice he is even there as she prefects a longer and thicker string of spit from this cock. 

Lets take it a step farther.  Anyone that knows anything of stimulating a woman knows you don't dive straight in with your cock.  Ya ya, I know that's exactly what some women want sometimes, by all means GIVE IT TO THEM!!.  I am talking about a new girl, one you want to impress, maybe the first time you even get with her.  You tease her with it.  When its time, you rub the tip of your cock right on the opening of her pussy and the underside of your cock up and down her slit.  You even lean forward and kiss her while sliding, letting her find with her hips right where she wants to press her clit on the bottom of your cock.  Then you press the head at the opening and tease like your going to bury it, but don't, instead continue with more teasing.  Its up to every guy to work his own design of tease, but I am very afraid that all but the true Alpha's have completely forgotten how to truly do it.  They just don't understand the value of it, very sad.

So now, switch gears back the hot porn stars.  A scene where the studs cock is right up against the starlets pussy.  He has to rub it on her every once in a while, whether its the camera man directing or he just needs some contact to keep him hard, but he has to make contact.  Just cant get go inside or the pics can't be used.  How long does it take for a camera man to be happy he has enough material to work with?  I am pretty sure its past the point where the two actors are wanting to finally bury the studs cock in her pussy, I am pretty sure.  So for an hour, maybe two? The actors are almost paralyzed in various positions as the stud feverishly presses his cock on her pussy here and there to stay rock hard.  I have actually seen a couple of these videos, behind the scenes type vids, and they are my absolute favorite.  I keep them in a atmosphere controlled plexi glass vault that only I have the key to but can still see through the glass.  Just kidding, but not far off of how sweet I really think vids like that are.  I can only wish I was at many of those photo shoots to see much more of that with many different actors and actresses.

It's a lost art amongst most and also something they used in the past on adult photo shoots, but is it dead?  I vote for it not to be.  Whether its used up front or after one or two sex sessions to get built up again, I vote to bring it back.  I have witnessed this done right.  And it is currently the hottest thing I have seen so far.  See the pics:

No condom is needed with a trusted partner as pregnancy is not a possibility unless no one is paying attention to copious amounts of pre-cum coming out.  Even STD's would have a difficult time transmitting unless there were visible open sores being pressed against each other, all of which would have meant the day would have been over before it even got started, let alone make to this point.

So its also the only way that a condom-required-fuck-buddy would ever be allowed to press his cock against her pussy.  Let me tell you how hot it is to see skin on skin finally and she has told me it feels better then it looks.  So there you go.  I am on a new high thinking about an alpha pressing his cock on her slit and pressing the tip of his cock right at the opening of her pussy. Flicking her clit over and over with his bare cock.  Fuck.  I am thinking for more hotness and an added layer of safety if he has pre-cum, is for her to lick his cock clean and then go back to pressing the tip up against the opening and more sliding.  Then back to her for more cleaning and to finally taste the two of them.  That would be probably more then I can handle.  I might explode. All three of us are looking down at this sight, a big hard cock at the entrance of a nicely shaved pussy as it teases over and over on every stroke, fuck its a work up for all involved.  I feel like I am in my own interactive porn scene at this point, just like my fantasy of being in those photo shoots I mentioned before.  I cant say Fuck enough on this one.  Fuck.

I personally find sliding my cock between her ass cheeks with tons of astro-glide to be absolutely divine, see my other post for what I think of that - , so it doesn't have to be limited to just her pussy.  We have been practicing ass outercourse for a while now.  And its great when she is on her period .  She loves it also and has even has an orgasm this way, let alone the times we both just cant take it and my cock slips into her ass.  Fucking fireworks after all that teasing for the both of us.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friend who backed out hints even more

Tells me yesterday that the house is all his starting Friday for more than a week.  I sent him a few hot pics of her via text and asked him if he wanted me to send more, he said PLEASE!!!  I did, and then finally asked him if he was going to let me film her giving him a blow job and grinding a thong in this lap.  He said he is thinking over the filming, not to sure about it, would not want his girlfriend to ever find out.  I tried to ease his worries, but it's up to him, he needs to be comfortable with it. If he does, then I am sure we might visit him at least one night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black men, take 2

Right now, my hotwife is out in our living room talking to a black man.  This is very significant.  She has been with one black man so far.  It did not go well at all.  I will detail it out later as it deserves its own post.  Long story short, she did get off, lots, as he was a stud, built with a large cock and could fuck for an hour (or more if she would have let him).  But between me coaching him in the wrong direction for the moment and him taking a road that was all his own, she said that was it, no more black men for her.  I could not blame her, she almost cried after the hookup.  I cannot say how crappy that made me feel and agreed with her 100%.  But at the same time I knew that she did not give black men a fair shake and would now be eliminating half the population of men to choose from as she looks for studs to hook up with.  He was not a good ‘sample’ for her to judge all future black men by.  She spent all her life in a small town and had never been exposed to any other race actually other than whites.  So that was all she had to go by, not her fault at all.  Good in one sense as she was never exposed to the racism that goes on in larger cities, but bad in the other sense that her first real contact was such a downer.

The good news is, I have a friend that is very cool, very good looking, very muscular and who she thinks is absolutely gorgeous that happens to be black.  While I knew him quite well, she first met him when us three went and paid pool one night.  She said as soon as she saw him she thought he was hot, just read some of the other posts to see how that all started.  He then came over and worked out with me one night and stayed after and talked to her and I for quite a while.  We invited him bowling one night and those two flirted with each other constantly.  And finally, a couple nights ago, he came over and the two of them talked for over 2 hours.  This was just after she spilled the beans about being a hotwife.  They since have had over 1300 texts between the two of them and a few emails of pics with no ending in sight.

Tonight, he just got off work and has to be somewhere in a couple hours so they decided they wanted to hang out for a bit.  I really do not know if anything sexual is going to go on as I am still hearing voices in the living room as I type this on and off while I watch tv in the computer room.  I am very worked up, but I really could care less if they do tonight or not.  Because it’s a win-win.  If they do, obviously, WIN.  But if they don’t, think about it, he is sinking it very deep with her in her mind.  See, we never allowed texting to her phone from a fuck buddy and def no 2 hour talks alone together on the phone let alone in our own living room.  Nothing other than messages through email or through the message system in Adult Friend Finder.  But we are treating this one different since he was a friend first.

And since this is my blog and I want to be as honest as possible with myself, then that is exactly what I am going to be.  The reason I am allowing and desiring her to get to know him better is for a few rather complicated reasons.  But number one is, I just do not think that she is going to leave me for a black man.  I know that sounds terrible like I got a race card I have not shown yet, but let me explain.  The reason we don’t want her talking to men too much is to steer clear of a possible real relationship starting.  It’s not worth the risk to get close to a guy and then someone falls in love.  It’s the day in and day out talks with someone that will one day possibly cause one or both people to fall in love with each other.  Falling in love does not happen accidentally; I don’t care what anyone says.  A major component is spending time with each other. Spending time thinking about each other.  So, we just decided to minimize that from every really starting.  She keeps it exceptionally on target of talking primarily about sex, sex, and more sex.  What they want to do to each other and what they just did to each other and want to do again.  The other component is, she should not do anything that she is not comfortable with me doing with a woman when it comes to communication.  At what point does she feel uncomfortable with me spending a lot of time talking to a woman I met somewhere?  It’s really just a good self check.  But what if she felt there was less risk with falling in love with a guy, or less risk for me to fall in love with a woman with all that talking? Would it be allowed and feel okay?  Well, I feel safer with her getting closer to a black man.  As in allow her to talk to him much more.  Have much more of a real relationship.    This is our situation; I fully understand that this happens all the time with other people.  That is not our situation.

Our facts are this – she and I both think staying in your own race is more natural for a life long relationship.  Stronger family ties all the way around, especially if there are kids involved.  We do not have kids nor do not plan any, just pointing to that’s the way we feel.  There is just a strong barrier in our minds that would have to be broken first.  Could it happen? Absolutely, I am not a dumb ass.  Sure it could.  But chances are lower.  But, and it’s a big one, these same cultural issues that are still prevalent in today’s society that frown upon interracial relationships are the same issues that make this so hot for her and I.  The phrase is – ‘You want what you can’t have”.  For everyone, this is a phrase that hits home.  We have seen our share of it.   So, here she is, being told by society that she is not allowed to get with a black man.  It should not happen; friends and family would disown her.  Then the situation is being created where she wants this more than anything and it’s quite a rush.  “It’s taboo and forbidden”.  HA, now society just made her desire it that much more and will be that much more satisfying when it does happen. 

Because of our situation, this does afford us to do is see how this goes with being more free and open.  I am a firm believer in better and deeper sex will be achieved by a deeper bond emotionally.  It’s a part that gets left behind in the swinging lifestyle as it is best to do so.  But we are married; he is of a race that minimizes her chances of bringing out true intimate relationship where it heads to something way more serious.  Instead, can it head towards a deep relationship that’s focus is based on a sexual intimacy that reaches very deep and is very strong?  Can it? Or is it too risky?  She and I have talked about doing a self check and not only for just her but pay attention to him.  Let see how deep we can make it, how much pleasure can be achieved, but do not hurt his feeling either.  Divert everything to a more intimate and deeper sexual connection.  If it appears he is falling love, then we are doing it wrong and need to back up. 

Since I started writing this, I have been out in the hallway at least 10 times to listen for a bit to see if they are still talking or if the talking has stopped.  Meaning more pressing matters have ‘surfaced’.  So far, no dice.  But I am very happy that they are getting closer and closer to each other.  I am no rush for something to spark, a couple of fun nights, and then poof, gone.  I can see that he is willing to put a lot of energy into her, then what is the rush?

But, I just went out and dropped off a camera on the bar and pointed it at them and said ‘Don’t mind me..” and left.  I had a thought that maybe they were both a little shy to get things started because I am usually in the room.  But maybe they need a little help knowing that I can now watch later.  Well, it worked; I just leaned out into the hallway and witnessed some of the closest and intimate kissing I have ever witnessed.  They were some extremely light kisses, very long and deep.  Like there is no rush, lets enjoy this, this right here.  Wow.  He is doing it right.  He now stands above them all, he is nothing like any other guy she has been with except me.  There is some serious potential here.  I don’t dare go out now for a while as I think they can hear me typing and maybe they want more privacy.  I would love for both of them to sink it deep with each other.  This is all unbelievably interesting and so new to me.  I feel nervous and extremely turned on at the same time.  I fully understand what a cuckold feels.  It’s a huge rush to see a man get so close to his wife.

Well, that's all they had time for, some closeness and then he had to jet.  But its all good, he is coming back tomorrow night and again on Tuesday. They are walking a path that is all new to her...

I write all of this in trying to be honest with myself and I also completely realize that I am being worrisome about things that will probably never happen.  But at the same time, I don’t like to be completely blindsided so I like to think ahead a little.  It’s all good.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tips for Bulls (Real and wannabe)

Over at Hotwifelife, Frizzo started a great thread and I chimed in a little.  I love this topic and will actually be writing more about this as I do have some thoughts from the husbands point of view.  This might be important for a bull to know, because unlike a cuckold situation, the hotwife lifestyle has the husbands input.  So, if you play your cards right, you have the husband on your side helping for the bull and wife to get together.  Much more powerful since he is with her every second of every day.  Its like cheating on a test, your gonna ace it....

Here is the thread

I said:
Frizzo is spot on, I would love to add a few, but those he mentioned first are definitely the priority. If they just started and stopped with those, all would be fine. But, to throw in a few more as building the perfect bull would be a huge fucking turn on to actually see work his alpha magic. But there are steps to getting there and these responses address the new couple issues as I am pretty sure that once things are rolling that all couples have different needs and desires, you just need to help them get there:

-if this is the couple's first time, making this a wonderful and pleasant experience is essential. This event could be a fork in the road for the couple. The bull could be the catalyst that pushes the couple either way, from continuing or stopping. They will think that this experience is what is to be expected of all future hookups, so if it's not pleasant, you just took the wind out of their sails. So def no bad attitudes and keep your extremely rough desires in check. Like Frizzo said, it's all about the Hotwife, if she is pleased, then you will get another chance at a fun night or even many more. If not, the couple quits, and you may even get a bad rap from what ever the couple tells anyone, not good for both.

-also, if the couple is new, especially if its their first time, make sure to sink it in deep with the husband that it's strictly for fun sex. The husband will be feeling many things at these times and to think his wife is going to run off with the first guy he agreed to let her be with may seem crazy but is what is exactly going on in his head. He can't help it, it's the first time for all of this. Do not think this is not happening if its their first time and ignore it. Address it and you just earned brownie points with him. Then, when she wants to see you again and again, you have a team-mate on your side pushing for it to happen again and again, instead of working against you. C'mon, working together is much smarter to achieve every one's goals, don't you think?

-if you have plans for jumping off the top rope into a 360 spin with a backslam on the wife to show her what she has been missing, please think again. If they have never played around before, you must realize that she is used to the predictable, smooth, and sensual movements between her and him. That's also the reason they are trying something new, they want something less predictable. But, they don't go from one to the other in 6 seconds flat. Give her what she is used too first, as she gets warmed up, slowly and with great communication work her into some Grade "A" pounding and positions other than the norm. Anything other than missionary, doggy or cowgirl needs to communicated but really desired by everyone. They will both love it, just communicate.. But nothing abrupt. That 'strange' stuff will have them talking and most likely coming back for more as it was so extremely exciting for them, just don't scare the hell out of her or even injure her the first time out or you will get called out for doing it WRONG.

-if kissing is not against the rules, then please, please, please take full advantage of it. As long as you are getting the signs she wants to. This might just be the signal to her body that gets the cart moving.. If you are a heavy smoker and she is not, then use some smarts here. But breath freshener, shaved face, clean teeth and last cigarette over an hour ago is doing it RIGHT. Remember, she is used to her husband and you need to start there, start where they play and take off from there. It will help her relax which is needed to take her places.....

-while you will be using a condom, do not put the condom on right away. Please. Only one thing can happen after that, and it's not foreplay from there on out. Use it to your advantage. She is used to just jumping into fucking with hubby at anytime, but with you , she can't because you don't have a condom on. Use that to build it up. More pussy licking, more fingering, more kissing, rinse and repeat. Do you know how powerful you are right now? Do you understand when she says she needs to fuck you right now and you go back to fingering her and whispering in her ear if this is where she wants your cock right now, like this and this as you trust your fingers into her over and over. The more you drag out the condom, the more you have a good chance for hitting many multiple orgasms once your cock finally goes inside. You will feel like a sex gladiator. Just do it. Remember, this is not normal for them, not predictable, and will blow her mind. Do you want to be her favorite? This is doing it RIGHT.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The friend who backed out is dropping hints...

This guy .  He dropped the hint that he is going to be all alone in his house in a couple of weeks.  Said we should come over.  You have no idea how hot she is going to get worked up when I tell her or when she reads this, which ever comes first.  Nothing might happen, everything might happen.  This guy has his hooks in her bad.