Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Through the hands

Ever watch cops? Actually, you ever see the cops series that starred Steven Segal? On the first or second episode, he said it best.  Watch the hands.  From the hands will come the intent, will come the danger.  This is what you will hear on all cops tv shows. With guns drawn and pointed at a suspect, ‘LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!’  They can’t know what the perp is thinking.  They must act on rules and policies and most of their actions rely on what the situation brings them.  All they can do is react to what the hands do.  They are a little behind the 8 ball here, as the bad guy does have the upper hand if he has a gun in his hand and intends to surprise by coming up firing.  But the bright lights are there for a reason.  The officers are trained well, they can hit what they are shooting at and they have some cover.  His advantage is slim and short.  But still, it all starts with the hands.

Ill make this a super deluxe picture post to get my point across easier.  I am not a fan of just pics as it causes the imagination to spoil, but I'll make one exception here and there. Took me many attempts to cut these captures out of the video as I got distracted several times and had to , ahem, take care of things. First up is the gratuitous tight jean ass shot that is always welcome. lol

So I guess I am playing silent cop, lol.  I like to watch his hands.  It gives away what he is thinking or planning.  Since we can’t read minds, this is the next best thing for me.  It’s like watching a drama-thriller where you don’t quite know what is going on but you will find out in a minute.  Same here.  The Bubble man makes this worthwhile.  He is into her and into her pleasure. So his hands have purpose.  They are driven.  A method to the madness.

Other men, not all of course, are hard to follow.  Not that its wrong, but it’s like they are running completely ‘on the fly’ or ‘winging it’.  That can be extremely hot.  It’s very instinctual and makes for some hot moments.  But I guess the difference is, that’s the way they run all the time.  So while it’s hot for a few times, it lacks purpose, lacks drive, lacks any kind of goal.  What ultimately happens is after a few meets, simplicity and boredom sets in.  Why would it not?  This car ride had no direction.  Sure, it was hot and fast and there were some crazy curves to be handled with finesse.  But that could have happened and there still could have been a destination.  Then it would have been part of something bigger.  Most guys don’t get that.

So we meet again with him.  Have dinner and a few drinks and talked about everything but.  We followed him to his hotel and the first thing I notice in the room is above the headboard is one big ol’mirror covering the entire wall.  I am thinking I can use this, nice, lol.  By the time I get the camera out, they have already started.

That is when I am immediately drawn to his hands.  I want to know what he is thinking.  What he is planning.  What he intends to do with her.  How he intends to take her higher.  Hell, I may even learn something that turns her on that I can use, I won’t lie, it’s all good, lol.

All this suspense makes me want to pop some popcorn to see what happens next.  But that lasted about 5 seconds.  Because then it hit me.  All over again.  A very familiar feeling.  Oh fuck.  As my cock got rock solid in 1 second flat, I was reminded all over again how fucking hot this all is.  I literally had my breath taken away.  My jaw was open from behind the camera and I remember noticing it.  I don’t remember closing it.  For the entire night I was on cloud 9 with a rock hard cock watching my wife in pure ecstasy.  I was fully reminded why this lifestyle turns me on so much. 

As I continued the attempt to bust the front of my jeans apart with my cock, I was brought back to the two of them by the sounds she made.  Oh, yes, she is enjoying herself very much. If I called a play by play, it would consist of him leading her through a variety of positions until she came 4 times and him once.  I would give more detail to each item, but that’s it in a nutshell.  All of which I could care less about, play by play that is.  It’s in the details, that’s what I am interested in.  If I could slow it down, I would.

The very first thing his hands go for are the sides of her face.  For a long kiss, he caresses her, brings her back to him.  After a month or so, there is a separation that just needs to be bridged and he is doing it right.  I watch as he claims her again, as he goes from hands on the sides of her face and over her shoulders and sides of her arms to both hands on both ass cheeks.  He pulls her forward while doing his, still kissing the entire time, reminding her of the thrusting they once shared and will soon share again.  I see him working towards making sure she is brought back fully, through kissing, caressing, and flat out teasing.  He is very much turned on by her and she loves it when a man loses himself over her.  It raises her quickly to a very high level.  And he knows it.  

They both are re-experiencing what they had before.  While they are feeling things all over again, all I can do is watch the hands and see what I can learn of what is really going on between them.  Its like she is prepared for a wonderful event and he is going through the motions to provide it, no rock left unturned.  

Now what gets me is to see my wife 'handled'.  I don't mean in a rough way, although a little roughness can be in good taste and sometimes wonderful.  I am talking about another mans hands on my wife.  To see this is an incredible turn on.  I mean, that's my ass he has his hands on.  Those lips are for me to kiss.  That hand on her stomach has other intentions, doesn't it? And yet that's my stomach he is caressing, with plans of going higher and lower.  What are his intentions towards my wife?  I wonder these things as his hand goes higher and my questions are answered.  He intended to make sure her breasts were aroused and not at all forgotten.  So as he slides he hand under her shirt, once again I get my answer and a new question comes up. What is he planning next? Are his intentions?  I know they are not simple and that he has a plan.  And I know she will love every bit of it.

 More questions answered as I watch his hands head towards his intended target, my wife's bald pussy.  Its well protected in her tight jeans and with her belt still on.  Shirley he will fail? Right?  Not my wife's pussy? It's mine, right?  Oh fuck, way too fucking hot.  He is very interested in her pussy, very interested in making sure is getting ready for his cock, soon.  He did not just spend a few seconds with her hot spot either.  They continued to make out as he kept her focus on everything, yet not one thing.  She had several low moans, meant to express to him that he was doing it right and also because she was slowly slipping out of control.  She had been thinking of him touching her all week and now he has finally gotten to the point.  The exact point.

It was a pleasure to watch him. I could tell she was already climbing her first orgasm.  He mentioned several times that he knows his role in this lifestyle.  I take that to mean he is no rookie and she will enjoy this.  His previous endeavors of building a strong bubble between them has paid off and continues to grow with every touch and every whisper.  As he touches her and she reacts very passionately.  He must have been in a few MFM or hotwife's only to say he knows his role and for the level of experience he shows. 

He continues to work his magic and it gave me a great view of another man trying to get into my wife's jeans.  Well, not trying, succeeding.  Once again, way fucking hot to see his bare hand on her bare skin, but also as he undid her belt buckle and zipper.  I am shocked at myself for how much it turns me on to see a man peeling my wife's jeans off.  As in I need to make a note of it in my diary.  Note to self- make sure to have the camera always running when the clothes are coming off because its so fucking hot.

He ran his hands over her breasts and told he to look in the mirror as he did so.  I felt some snap shots of him taking her jeans off were very hot and wanted to share.  He fully intends to fuck my wife.  Fully intends to get those jeans off and plunge his cock into her.  The hands don't lie at this point. You can see for your self.  You tell me, what does he intend to do? 

 After her jeans were off, he needed to take her all in, so he had her lay on her back on the bed and enjoyed licking her pussy with her panties pulled to the side. You can see in the pics how he also enjoyed gently pulling on her nipples.  Nothing nearing pain what so ever, she is not into pain at all, just a gentle pull.

I am going to end it at this.  She had 4 orgasms and he filled a condom with his cum after pounding her in missionary on a 10 min run at his orgasm.  He was up on his toes, making sure he got what he needed and she came again. I think I made my point.  My point of view is a little behind the 8 ball of what is really happening, but the hands tell everything.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.


  1. Ok.I read through and looked at all the pics. What a great idea to focus in on the detail of the hands. Very effective. I love her hands, too. Reaching up on him accepting him handling her, and frankly, possessing her. She has stopped being yours in any way during these photos. She is his. I erupted hot cum all over my hands looking at your wife being taken by another guy. I'd love to see pics of her hands and his cock. Or his hands on her naked ass. Was she lost in his bubble? Cheers and thanks for a great post.

  2. I have a future post coming where I am want to really let out what I feel about skin on skin, every body part, but eventually get to some pics of where on this last meeting he took his bare cock and rubbed it up and down her bare pussy, splitting her lips on each stroke and finally beat her pussy with it for several smacks. She had her hand there as she was uneasy thinking he was goin going to put it in, but he gripped her hand and pulled it to the side as he did it. Its a total turn on for me because once he goes in, condom is required, so i never get to see anything like this, ever. fuck its hot. But I will cover everything skin on skin.

  3. Amazing story and pictures. The kissing and passion are very nicely captured here. These moments are, to me, the hottest part of the encounter. Thank you for sharing, and, great job on the photography and the writing.

  4. I know you guys are no longer blogging but I need to say that your wife looks hot in miss me jeans