Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She is shy with her sex thoughts

Remember this post:  Horoscopes and fitness
Well, at lunch today, I asked who she is fucking these days, in her mind, not counting me (gotta add that or to be sweet she will say 'Well you of course!').  You know, who is she fucking in her mind that is getting her off these days.  She said she fucked him twice last week.  She was holding out on me!  I asked her what it was like, was it a true love session, or was it animalistic, or what was it like exactly?  She just blushed and got shy and said you know, just your basic stuff.  I said, c'mon, out with the good stuff, don't hold back.  All I got it was 'it was just missionary, nothing special'.  I called total BS.  She wouldn't be thinking it if it was just 'basic stuff' like she called it, why bother if it was?  It was fantastic and mind blowing and she gets all shy about it.  I asked her to give me something, anything.  She said it was a little animal in parts and loving in other parts. UGGG.  I have a new goal this weekend, get more details out of this woman and find out why she is so shy talking about it.  Why wont she tell me? Is she afraid it's going to hurt my feelings? If so, I guess she has no idea of how much it turns me on to hear her thoughts about this stuff.  I think its time for a couple of drinks to loosen her up and get some info out of her, I need to know!

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