Thursday, February 10, 2011

New home and maybe some clips for sale at the new home

I am working on securing some real web hosting that accepts adult content to move the blog too.  Main reason is for flexibility of doing anything I want. Blogger is wonderful, but options are limited.  Hope to have it up in the next couple of months, if not sooner.

Not that it affects anyone, the blog will continue as is, on the new site, but I am getting many requests to see her video clips.  So, we are considering it, but there is one problem.  Her identity.  We are not interested in anyway of it becoming publicly known who she is.  We both have families that would not approve, but mainly  we just don't want to deal with the drama from our friends.  We are way to relaxed to get into that.  So, the clips would be for sale only, thereby preventing just anyone from obtaining them and most importantly, both her identity and the gentleman's identity will be censored.  I totally understand if you do not want the censoring and it is a deal breaker for you, but you can not afford what the drama would be for us if she was discovered by family.  I am only considering this due to so many have requested it.  If you want porn, I can point you to a few tube sites that should cover you for about the next 300 years or more. If you want a real life story and to read some blogging about my wife and specifically what was going on in the vid and leading up to it, then at least you will have the ability to see the vids that you could not see before.

We are not looking to make a fortune off of this, on the contrary, hosting is cheap, like $15 a month for a site like this. We have no advertising on her site and at this time do not plan any.  I will have some hours invested in each clip for editing and also obtaining the best software for the job.  Basically, if you would really like to see them, you will have the ability, I'll even post a couple previews.  But the blog will remain as is so if you are not interested in the clips, all is well, nothing will change.  Clips will be short so you only pay for the parts you want, I am thinking around $5 per clip, clips between 2-8 minutes or possibly more each.  Basically, if they actually sold well, you would be contributing towards her wardrobe to take on dates and you would see the hot clothes being worn on future dates, maybe even splitting the hotel with the gentlemen so we can upgrade to a nice hotel with a bigger room for even better clips to be made as the environment would be nice to shoot it.  We are thinking we would love to see some classy garters and thigh highs, nice high heels and a gorgeous hotel room with a hot stud with a big cock and terrific lighting.  Maybe I can convince him to wear a nice suit and she can wear a nice dress with the garters underneath and film them just after they get to the room after a nice dinner.  Hmmmm... I really don't see the down side to filming some of that, whatcha think?

So, once again, its totally optional.  Thanks for visiting.  If you have any comments about this, please hit me up at, thanks!


  1. Sounds good to me.

  2. So did you ever make any headway on the videos? Not sure if you could justify the cost for a handful of interested folks but seeing your lovely lady let go would also be a huge turn-on for fans of the blog and keeping it semi-private also protects your anonymity. Could also have a few key being motivation to review, and organize/categorize your content, another being the positive feedback and reinforcement for both you and your goddess. I'm sure you would both get a charge out of this.

    Best of luck to you two as you continue on your amazing journey!