Friday, February 25, 2011

Great night last night and hopfully a good night tonight.

He wasn't 6'2", he was 6'7".  She loved every minute of it.  Had dinner, a gentlemen all throughout.  Bought her a couple drinks and we were off to the hotel.  He even got a nice suite.  Lighting was nice so I was able to catch a lot of good stuff on film.  I will be posting more once get some pics off the video and had a chance to go over it more. But, I will tell you this, as its pretty exciting for me and her, she let him in her ass.  I have been the only one that has every done that with her and this guy was pretty big around on his cock.  Nothing a little astro-glide cant take care of.  Well, it wasn't planned, we hadn't even talked about it for the night. But I will say this is a very hot topic for me.  Very much so.  And since it gives her earth shattering orgasms, its a hot topic for her too.  I have much more to say about this but it deserves a post all by its self.

Now for tonight, we are hanging with my friend that has become her friend also.  He is the very fit security guard I have posted about before, here and here.  Well, he has been over to our house and we have done a P90 work out together, played pool and done lots of texting about fitness.  But I think my hotwife has taken quite a fancy to him.  I am pretty excited because if anything did happen, this would be her second chance with a black man....We are going to hang out tonight and grab a bite to eat and just relax.  But while she says not to tell him anything at all about our lifestyle, they have been kind of flirty with each other.  She wants to be friends first and foremost and see what happens. She told me to keep my mouth shut, lol.  But on the flip side, she has has many dreams about fucking him already. And that just doesn't happen with anyone. Yesterday she saw a couple black men playing basketball outside and told me when she saw them she had some impure thoughts.  LOL 

He is good looking, she has already fucked him several times in her head, they both are flirting with each other, we are hanging out again tonight, she keeps asking when we might hang out together over and over, I don't know, I guess if I was a betting man, I would say they are a pretty good fit for each other. I hope they go to fucking and he has some long and slow fuck sessions with her to let her learn first hand that not all black men are the same.  If he fucked her all day, he could really show her something, the complete opposite of the first experience she had with a black man where he was out for himself.  Good stuff.

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