Monday, February 28, 2011


Well that didn't take long.  They exchanged texts all day today.  He has been fully informed of our lifestyle and is 100% happy about it.  He is all in.  She read me all the texts at lunch, but they were still texting when I had to get back to work.  He was asking many questions and she was doing her best to fill him in.  He said he had even done this once before, where his friend let him have a go at his woman.  Sounds like there is going to be some fun here shortly.  This one is going to be different.  No other fuck buddy was a friend first.  This has the potential for her to get closer, to get deeper, to go higher.  And it's for two reasons actually.  The one just mentioned and also because her gatekeeper has always taught her that sex with a black man is forbidden.  Its taboo.  Because of these too reasons, she will be taken higher, places only intimate and forbidden sex can take her.  More on this later.

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