Monday, February 28, 2011

Critical Mass

Just a quick update.  I am writing about her hookup last Thursday night, its hot as something very unique happened, anal sex with a guy other than me.  Never happened before.  But this update is not about that, it will be posted tonight or tomorrow with a couple of HOT pics.

This update is about my fitness friend, the security guard, her second chance with a black man.  It has reached critical mass.  We have hung out several times and even had him over for a movie, Final Destination, hahaha, nice movie title, metaphor intended.  She has felt his bicep and shoulders, placed her hand on his thigh and touched hands with him several times.  She even flashed him her thong tan line by pulling her jeans down.  I am getting hot thinking about it....

So things have moved very swiftly as long as he is interested.  I mean I know he thinks she is hot, but is he up for the whole scene.  Like me watching them two and filming it.  Well, I think she aims to find out this week as she said she was going to start hinting and asking.  There is no where else to go at this point, the more they chat, the more they flirt, the more its got to go somewhere.....

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