Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newest lunch date

Well finally.  Finally met a fine gentlemen today for lunch. She called him a Hotty Totty.  He said she was hot and a very attractive lady.  I think we finally found a match.  It feels like forever since we did, really not that long though.  She is still under the weather and will probably be so for at least another week.  But she was glowing as they chatted and seemed to really like him.  He gave her several looks from across the table that definitely showed his interest in her.  He is a police officer so this is going to be right up her alley with the uniform and such.  He seemed very confident to me, but not arrogant at all, which she hates.  Hopefully soon.

On another note, one of her past hookups messaged her to say he would like to get together soon.  She really liked him, a fireman, go figure, lol.  So I see that possibly happening in the next few weeks also.

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