Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holidays are over, now if we could keep from coughing...

We have been ready for a while now to get going with meeting new studs, but I have given her my cold.  Mine is wrapping up now that its almost been two weeks, but hers is just getting started.  Its okay, not much is going on anyways.  We had several possible lunch or dinner meets planned since before Christmas, but they all ended up getting postponed for various reasons.  We now have one planned for this Thursday for lunch.  He is a cop, so she is really getting into this one, has high hopes.  He had to postpone a couple times before due to work but this time he has the day off so its looking good.  I looked over her shoulder and saw her checking out his nude pics again last night, tells me she is getting worked up.  Good stuff.

My friend that we posted about before has shown back up on the radar again.  Remember him? He didn't feel comfortable with things because we were friends and he doesn't know that we play.  Well, he backed off then after a rather torrid groping and make out session with her and then came in his pants as they did some simulated rub-fuck-humping.  But out of the blue this last weekend he sends her an instant message and the two of them started some naughty chat back and forth.  At least it means he is still thinking about her, she is his go to girl for rubbing one out when he needs it.

She loves it.  She mentioned him many times while we fucked last night, it was very hot to hear her express her self and to here her really want to fuck him.  She doesn't do that with just any guy so I know this is really building to be something.  If he did want to play, I have not agreed to them fucking yet, just oral and above.  But I think I might at some point as this seems to be building to some rather epic levels of caged animals here.  I need to do some more thinking about how things will be the next day as I practically see him every day.  Blow-jobs and kissing are one thing, fucking her is another.  Working on it.  I know what the prize is.  Really working on it.  She said that in the chatting that he wrote that he is going to hold her head down and explode down her throat and she responded with a 'YES, PLEASE MASTER'.  Whoa.  I went from slight tingles to full wood before she finished the -STER.  She does not like to swallow cum, not really for the taste, but because she is nervous she might not be able to hold it and might throw up because of the texture and the taste.  Not a pretty picture to say the least if it happens, that is what she scared of.  So, for her to want him so bad that she would say that and want to do it anyways just for a chance to get at his cock, that is probably the hottest thing I have heard from her in a long long time.  I can only hope to see it some day.  She can only hope to be really calling him MASTER some day as her head is under his forceful hand, forcing her to learn to take his streams of hot cum deep into the back of her throat.  If she is really wanting to try that, I may just have to talk him into it, like right now! lol

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