Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Horoscopes and fitness

My hotwife's horoscope today:

Try to mentally prepare yourself for a big surprise today, Libra, because something or someone that you had given up on is likely to unexpectedly show up somehow. It may be that a package arrives you thought was lost in the mail, or that someone you had thought you'd never see again gives you a call or shows up looking for you in one of your familiar haunts. You need to recognize opportunity when it knocks today; it's up to you to invite it in.
I know she finds these interesting in some ways, some ways dead on, some ways crazy of course, but they always seem to be able to be tied in somewhere somehow. For me, this one ties in simply as I text a friend that I had not seen in a while.  I was looking for his advice on getting in shape, but then I thought of some naughtier thoughts of him and my hotwife getting together sometime.

Let me back up a little.  With the new year, its time to get serious about getting in shape, both my hotwife and I. Why will this year be different? Because I am not starting a fitness program cold turkey like a lot of people do for a new years resolution.  I started early last year.  But I was not focused enough.  My hotwife is the same way.  We have made a pact, we are working together to hit our goal weights by May 16th, about 4 months away.  She has 20 to lose, I have 45 to lose.  Its doable for both of us.

Last week I finally saw a friend of mine at the bank.  He is the security officer there, met him about two years ago while standing in line.  Back then we had some chit chat about how dangerous things have become around here.  And a few months later when I saw him at my work bank (I guess banks are his thing) I struck up some talk with him about fitness as I noticed he always looked fit and had great posture. He told me his routine and the things he eats and stays away from. Gave me a bunch of very good tips. Pretty much the same stuff you hear all the time but really never take to heart and do, at least 100%.  But something did stand out.  He mentioned that staying focused is key.  Well, I had forgotten about that. 

So last week I went to the bank near my doctors office and what do you know, I see him again and I had to hit him up.  Had not seeing him for months and he tells me he was in a Florida for the last four months.  He is a pro wrestler, or at least he is part time and went to learn more, have some online matches and get his foot in the door, looking for more doors to open.  I mention that I am working on getting back on the wagon with working out again and I might ask him some questions here and there.  We talked about focus again and how that is my new goal was to do just that.  It looked like under his uniform he must be pure muscle, he is definitely the guy I need some tips from.  I don't go to this bank up here too often, but I got his number now and he is going to be my fitness hotline, lol.  I got to shake this weight off, its going to happen.

She is with me 100% on this, so expect some great photo shoots once she feel confident, she even said she would shoot some solo video clips, WHOHOOO!!!!

But back to the horoscope... She said that she had given up on black men.  I did not think that I would ever see him again.  Strange timing huh?  From my contact with him, he is an absolute gentlemen, great character, trustworthy, good looking and probably has enough testosterone in him for a whole football team.  I never thought of him in the past because she was so against trying another black man again any time soon.  I also thought he was married or otherwise taken, never thought about even trying to hook them up I guess.  But maybe I need to find out if he is taken.  Doubt it, as he has been gone for 4 months, most girlfriends aren't here when you get back.  Probably has 10 girlfriends, but not just one, I am pretty sure about that, lol. 

So I get a text from him today, encouraging me on getting started on my workouts and then I read her horoscope on facebook that she put on her wall. I put 2 and 2 together instantly.  Very interesting...

So as my mind works, I very much see my hotwife being swept off her feet by him, caught up in how well he treats her, how much his interested in her, wanting to get to know her, to learn more of what she is about.  She would be shy of course, at first, just instant messaging or emailing him a little, here and there.  But after a while, being the gentlemen he is, she would find him very intriguing, very mysterious in wondering how he really is in person.  She would demand that I set up a face to face with him, or at least we go bowling or something, lol. But she would learn much more of him that night, much more.  Even more intrigue would rise, she would want to see more.  And more. I would not be able to stop her.  He would have triggered her animal instincts,  set her off in the ways she loves.  They would kiss.....and kiss..... and kiss.... and within hours of pure bliss, she would find what she desires.  She would be licking her lips as she got a taste of what she needed.  It would be the start of a very beautiful thing to watch........


  1. Yum. I can't imagine your wife losing 20 more lbs. I think's she so luscious as is. But good luck.

  2. I think she looks like art myself, but she goes up and down in weight and she wants to get back to where she feels the best. Some of the pictures are of her already down 10 pounds or so. In that case, she is only looking to lose 10 or so. No worries, I wont let her look like a stick!