Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have looked at this from many different angles.  But the same common theme is loss of libido.  I'm talking about of course our lack of having fun in the hotwife lifestyle these days.  I have extreme high levels of libido at this point in my life, but she does not seem to have any 'extra'.  We seem to be just fine with our sex lives, I am happy, she says she is, so its just the extra that is missing.  She does not seem to have any interest in looking for the next fun hotwife night.

I dont know what normal libido levels are, I would hate to look up some study done to apply any of their conclusions.  There are just so many factors that nobody can say for sure unless there is a complete lack of it or an out of control level of if.

But for me, its very frustrating.  My fault entirely.  To put it in words that make sense, its like a kid that thinks about going to Disney Land all the time, every hour of every day.  Thinking about it so much because he was told that he was going to go soon.  But after so many months have gone by, it has become too frustrating to think about it any more.  So the kid would mope around and be depressed, maybe even lash out in some fashion in some other area of his life.  Sure, he could blame who told him he was going.  But this could have all been controlled by him not digging his own tunnel through frustration mountain.  If he would have not gone so 'nuts' for it, then he would have been more balanced to take the let down and just moved on to other things that excite him.

That would pretty much nail it for me right now.  I am completely able to balance things in my life and have taken responsibility for my own thoughts.  I see myself still thinking about her being fucked by another man in various hot situation, I am sure that is not going to stop.  I am going to still blog about previous hookups as I love to think of such things and if the hookups we have had in the past are 'it', then I have even more to say about them.

But, I have called off the hotwife life for now.  Her and I have talked some about this, not any deeper then I felt her libido wished to discuss it.  This blog post lets her know even more about what I am thinking, another lane of communication for us.

I just felt I wanted to close the door for it completely.  It is easier for me to balance things if I know the door is closed.  You see, it was actually already shut all the way for many months now, I just didn't know how much, except for a small crack.  That was her saying if any of the super stud hunks that she has talked to in the past on the internet ever called her up and finally came to town, she wanted to be able to still fuck them.  I am not comfortable with that.  That is an open relationship that is one sided, not the hotwife lifestyle.  That just tells me that she is not interested unless these guys are 10's.  Like anything less is not interesting for her.  That tells me alot about her interest in all of this.  I then feel that if I was to pursue this and bring any thing up about it, that I am pushing it.  I will not do that.  That is it right there, for me to even have to 'push' means this is wrong wrong wrong.

So, as it stands now, we are not currently 'playing'.  We have not in many many months,  we actually stopped a long time ago.  But now I am closing the door to it.  No guy out of the blue is going to be changing my weekend plans because he is coming to town.  I am not interested nor impressed, lol.

If she wishes to have hotwife fun again, I feel as though I would not believe her and its only because some hot guy is coming to town and its going to be a one time thing where we go a year till the next guy.  I feel this way, she would not actually do this, she is too sweet, its just me thinking and feeling this way.  But regardless, I am not interested. I would rather turn my attention to something else, even if its complete fantasy, even if its her being fucked by a guy, it is just going to be in my head to enjoy, not ever becoming reality.

If things do head that direction again,  I would do things differently.  I would change things, make things hotter with role playing and really have fun with painting a scenario and getting into it.  I need to organize my thoughts more on it, she can then read what it would take to get my interest at the same time so at least she knows.  But she is only going to pursue this if she is truly 'up' again with her libido to even want to talk about things.  I don't think this is going to happen anytime soon.....  and I am not interested at all in going back to the way it is now..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update on 'The Friend'

Thought I would update some -  The friend from did create some sparks in the recent weeks, hot ones.  After a few weeks of not talking about anything related to this, just about day to day stuff, I brought up if he wanted any new pics.  He said 'Of Course!' very quickly, so I texted him a couple hot recent ones of her.  He texted back with the usual 'OMG SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!' type responses and a few more of how she really needed a hard smack on her ass so it left a bright red hand print about the size of his hand.  When I saw him a couple days later, I finally just approached the topic with 'Hey, I know you haven't said anything about my woman of the late so I figured you were still on the fence about things.  I haven't brought it up because I didn't want to bring up any tempting thoughts if they were being cruel.  He fired back before I even finished -'Oh I can be tempted!'  lol.  I said ok, lol, I wasn't sure I said, but his response told me a lot.  It sounded like some internal struggle was definitely going on, but looking at the menu and thinking about eating was definitely okay and encouraged. 

So I laughed a bit at him but then seriously said, so, when are you going to be free then? When can I bring her over for you to inspect to see if she interests you?  He said, well, I will be alone in a week, for a whole week, the whole place to myself.  I said 'Reallly.....'.  We talked some more, got into some specifics.  We mentioned the pool.  He thought it would be nice for us just to come over and hop in and he could get to know her under the water and go over her carefully while I watched out for nosey neighbors peeking through the fence cracks.  As soon as she said that, I had visions of her and him not even kissing at that point, in case a neighbor was peeking, but instead, both of them running their hands over each others bodies just under the water.  Just playful at first, I'm sure.  But as each of them breaks away and then wanders close again, I do think that he will be using his fingers and hands to rub her pussy from through her bikini bottoms and she will be stroking his cock through his shorts.  If the coast is still clear, she WILL slip his very hard cock out the top of this swim shorts and look him in the eye as she strokes him off slowly underwater.  I know how she is, I know exactly how this would start.  I also know him.  He will then turn her around and pull her bikini covered hot ass against his released bare cock.  Adjusting it just so to get it nestled between her ass cheeks, pressing up against her so she can feel how hard he is.  I see his hands running over her bikini covered top, with a slight roughness he will be squeezing her breasts and sliding his hands down to her covered pussy to make sure he is fully able to feel everything about her.  He will be whispering softly in her ear, the words I wont be able to hear, probably something to the tune of whether she feels that cock between her ass cheeks, hunting for where it best feels pleasure, hunting for its rightful home. This will not happen extremely fast, nor too long, because at some point, he will pull her bikini bottom to the side and start to rub his bare cock on her bare and bald pussy.  From what angle this will happen, I cant picture it exactly because I know both of them will start to get aggressive, her trying to excite him into taking her right now, right there, and him just naturally doing what his instincts are telling him he must do.  If he has his way, she will still have her ass pressed up against his cock and will either pull her bikini down slightly or to the side and will continue to just keep sliding on her bare pussy.  I know he would like to take her right now, he might even accidentally let her feel his girth slightly enter her, but I know he wont cave and will just keep teasing her.  This will go on and on until finally she is just outright trying to plunge it in.  Even with him actively resisting to do so, she will have broke and will be doing anything she can to have him inside of her.  Its too high of a place and too close of a higher place for her to understand anything else then needing to have him in her right then.  Literally like a crack addict staring at a fresh crack rock in front of them, lol, she wont be able control herself.  He wont either, but, he knows he can control himself and if he does, greater highs are available in the near future and he will lead her there. 

I know this because he does not want just a fuck here and there and for the excitement to be over after a few visits.  He wants incredible orgasms and very frequent visits, with him fucking her just the way he wants.  He said he will let me know when to come over, but sadly, he never called.  I thought he changed his mind, but instead, he did not have the house to himself like he thought he would.  As it stands now, I have sent him a couple more pics that I took of her right before we went out one night, where she pulled her jeans down and sat on my cock for several glorious minutes until I exploded under her spell as she slowly sent her hips in a slow circle.  Here are the pics I took that night and sent to him. 

But that's it, that's all we have discussed for a few weeks now.  I don't know his intentions, maybe I need to tempt him without mercy.  Bring her over in her hot tight jeans with a thong underneath that is just barely visible like in the pics above and just pull her jeans down. Just show him her ass and ask is he sure he doesn't want to come over and inspect what she has going on over here? Maybe even ask if he wants to slap his bare cock on her ass cheeks for a bit..spend some time admiring the ripples of her ass and get close to her to feel her desire.  Maybe even go ahead and pull the thong to the side and just rub his cock on her bare slit for a bit. Maybe I can pull her thong down to her jeans and drop a bit of astroglide between her ass cheeks and he can slide his cock between them for a bit. It wont hurt anything.  Some good quality time like this never hurt a thing as far as I know.......can I watch?  please?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two new firemen

So what is the deal with firemen? Wowsers, I did not know how much ass firemen are able to get.  Insane.  I mean, I am not oblivious to it, even my hotwife appreciates a guy in uniform, especially a fireman.  But I don't think it is just at that level, a little appreciation that is.  It is way more crazy than just some appreciation here and there, lol. I think I can safely say, if a guy is a fireman, slightly above average looks, build, smarts, and endowment, that these guys could  bet laid every single week with a different woman. My woman would love to be a part of any of that action, that's for sure.

Two happen to be on our radar right now.  Both firemen are completely different from each other.  While both sound experienced in playing with a married woman, they are both headed in opposite directions.  One is younger and by the few pictures I have, seems to be in slightly better shape.  In talking to him, he seems to be more of the 'Want to explore every inch of her body for many hours' type of guy.  Noting wrong with this type of guy, noting at all.  I foresee many hours of bliss for her.  They are guaranteed a great time.  He seems slightly dominant, I cant wait to watch.

The second guy, now he is very interesting to me.  Same category of going to be 'going-over-every-inch-of-her-body, but he is much naughtier.  He will bring the mental foreplay into things.  Him and I have briefly communicated via email, but we covered some territory very quickly.  While I always cover the basic issues that must be covered when meeting a new potential for her, its very rarely do I get to cover anything that I would really like to see happen.  That might come just before we hook up or more often then not, it seems to happen just as its happening.  I get to play director for a bit and let me tell you, its a blast.  I think part of the 'blast' at that very moment is because him and her have just had their own blast, going at it in every direction in every position and now are kind of in a 'la-la-land' moment waiting for the next wave of energy to come forth.  That's when I sometime throw something hot out there to try and sometimes I see both of their eyes light up with an 'Oh hell yes' kind of look to them.  And off to more la la moments they go.

But this guy had more to think about.  He took a very dominant role while being very respectful with me.  He laid out some things that he was interested in trying and wanted to know if I was on the same page or not.  "Oh hell yes" I am.  I have read stories that other people have had amazing experiences with a dominant man guiding a couple, read many stories in fact.  The ones that don't go off the deep end with some real crazy stuff are very much a great turn on for me.  I get extremely turned on when I read the good stories, but never would have thought there might be the right guy or guys right here around where we live.

To explain it in more detail, once we were done talking about the basic issues of what she likes, dislikes, whether the filming would be a problem, going over the rules of the condom usage, and some examples of good times we had in the past that we would love to do again, then that's when he started to ask ME some questions.  The questions he wanted to talk about were of how the three of us would have the best time it could be.  He asked about my involvement in the past -exactly- and if I thought it was good, if I wanted more, or if I wanted less.  He asked more and more, I  talked more and more as we went along.  Many very hot things for the both of us came to the surface.  As a primary example, he said that of course he would like some alone time with my hotwife to establish how well we click and if she digs him and such.  But, if she has the hots for him, he said he wanted me to make sure I was in the room watching the two of them.  Since I had told him that the camera rolling doesn't bother her at all and that she will let go 100% while I filmed, he then wanted to make sure I was always involved.  He said its important to establish rank very soon in the bedroom between the three of us.  That there would always be respect between the two of us, that it was good if I witnessed things for a while and then helped out as told.  He said specifically that he wanted to deeply engage her in kissing and would tell me at some point to come over and lick her pussy in order to get it ready for him.  He said he would continue to kiss her while I did this.  I can only imagine the effect this would have on her.  Being deeply brought into his world with deep passionate/slightly rough kisses as the same time as being licked by her husband who was ordered to do so.  I only wondered how much power and rank this would establish right there and then with her. He also said he would be claiming her ass so he would be telling me to prepare her ass for him also with lots of licking to make sure to relax her and make sure it went in smoothly.  He mentioned keeping me close as he fucked her, making sure I was very involved by seeing everything he does to her very close and in detail.  Said there would be much more in the future of these kinds of things.

Wow.  Two completely different evenings this would make between the two of these firemen.  But I am very interested in talking to the second one and learning more about myself while at the same time having him lead her to higher places.  Since we have been talking, I have even asked each potential since how dominant they are or are not.  I just want to know up front how they see things working the best for them.  I love to be off to side and in the shadows in an effort to capture her being unleashed naturally, but I also don't want to miss an opportunity to be more involved.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Use my referral for a Dropbox account and I will send you some exlusive pics.

I'm a pretty nice guy and this is a win win for anyone needing a Dropbox account. If you have never heard of Dropbox, here is the skinny - you get 2 gigabytes of free space of online storage that you can use  to keep files synced between all your online devices, from Android and iPhones, to netbooks, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs.  Its like a usb thumbdrive that you never have to have with you as your files are already being transferred to the 'cloud'.  If you were to lose your phone or laptop, get a new one, log onto your Dropbox account and all your stuff will start downloading to your new computer, so its also a safe place to keep things.  They have paid plans that offer a lot more space, but I am only using the free account, I love it.

So here is my deal -  you sign up and activate your free account with my referral link here.  Not only will you thank me later for such a sweet program, seriously, but you and I will get 250 megabytes more free space just for using my referral.  We both can get our fee account up to 8 GB total with this method, so you can just send out referrals to your friends later.  You both will get and additional 250 megabytes.

Also, I am offering some free pics of my hotwife to sweeten the deal.  Just hit me up at and ill verify you activated your Dropbox account. I will send you the pics.  They will be hot ones, exclusive, not on this site anywhere.  Or they can be larger ones of any that you like that are found on this site.  I'm thinking a good 10 pics, you can even call out what you would like to see, I will try my best to accommodate. 

So, its a win win. Its not going to be available for long.  Thanks.  Oh, and here is a sample pic, who wants to see her pull them all the way down?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My hotwife knows my buttons and pushes them

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I know what I like.  Here is a picture heavy post of exactly that.  I did some digging to find these clips and pics from the 90's.  This particular porn star caught my eye  way back then for her tan lines, belly chain, very pretty nails and her eagerness to show it all off. Stuff like this is why my woman has me so captivated by her. She did all this before I even met her.
Porn starlets work hard on being very desirable to the industries appetite for more of her.  These hotties need a great showing to get their next gig, to make money, especially in the long run. This is no game for them, this is everything for them.  So they appeal to what is needed to make it big fast.  All they have to do is make it so anyone who sees them on video must have more.  Stand out, get noticed, make guys so hot for her that they need more and more.  So I'm not saying anything new here, pretty obvious stuff.  This particular scene  turns my crank because she is really dressed up.  I love a hot scene where they are wearing hot clothes.  It easily took me away to being in the presence of such a pretty a woman. She is a very well put together package, I learned right then that tan-lines looked to me like they were fuckable lingerie.  Like a swimsuit that doesn't even have to be pulled aside to gain access.  Always perfectly in place. This is pretty intense for me. A thong tan line is no joke for me. Back to this scene, I love how she is dressed to kill and underneath I know she is rocking a hot bod. The camera man also knows how hot her ass is and how it will make men crave her, need to fuck her.  She was one of the reasons I know what I like. Honestly, when my woman dresses like this, she brings me to my knees.

hotwife eye candy

below is quick edited video of these those picture captures:


This is why a hotwife is different-no need for the money.  They want to stand out, get noticed, and make guys so hot for them they need more and more, yes, that's the same.  They just do it from their own desires, their own fantasies coming true, their own need to feel a new cock and the excitement it all brings.  They don't do it for the money, they do it for the hot fucking.  For the chance to get a big cocked stud in bed, to turn him on and drive him wild.  For the new scenario and what it might bring.  All the while feeling pleasure she only dreamed of.  But its way hotter knowing it comes naturally, changes everything.  But  hotwife can learn a lot by looking around at what the porn starlets are doing these days to get the insight on things.  Their goal is still the same. And truthfully, they are professionals at what they do.  They have taken advice and learned from everyone.  Pick up hints here and there, try things that fit her personality and uniqueness.  With a little research, she can be extremely powerful.  For the hot reasons.

Here are some more pics from a different scene, more amazing tan line, much of this is art to me.

These pics are hot, but the difference of not attracting men for just money is not a small thing.  This is an epic difference actually.  Its actually the very thing that porn directors wish came naturally, wish that it didn't cost money, cause what they get on film is tainted by the fact its just that, its has a tainted foundation of them just needing the money..  Even if it was an all natural performance, its still not the same.

A another scene, I love how he has a hold of her exactly where needs her.

For straight porn, a well filmed hotwife is the hottest thing there is.  Sure, everyone has their specific kinks, besides those, this is the thing porn directors dream of capturing on film. You know this because of all attempts to make a porn flick that emulates real amateur video.  The amateur video has it right, its the hottest, it is capturing the very essence of hotness, its just that they shoot crappy videos.  They don't use expensive equipment especially the lighting.  But cheap stuff is getting better and better.  Cameras like the FLIP are coming out cheaper and better. Things will be changing on that front as those roll out.

I love pool scenes as I had a childhood of spending a lot of time at the pool with girls in skimpy bikini's. Had a lot of erections to hide.

The last point is, my hotwife IS the hottest scenario I can imagine.  She strives to turn men on and works hard on being fuckable.  She works on her body, works out 4 times a week, watching what she eats, the epic tanline, nails, what she wears, and always looking for the next thing to turn a guy on.  Lately she even said she is going to start watching some submissive women in porn to get some hints of what a guy likes, like my friend from the other posts.  Said she wants to make sure he likes what he gets from her and comes back for more.  His desires are for a woman to be held exactly as he wants her, in place and begging for his cock, among many other things.  Intense.

On  a different side of things, I came across a hotwifes bio on the net, check this out
Body Type: I work very hard to keep myself fuckable. I am VERY athletic. I work out daily and eat a very healthy diet to keep my body in top sex form. I am tan, tight, toned and strong. I am petite so I can move around easily to pleasure you and you can move me easily too.  I can even sit on your lap and fuck you while you drive (oh ya, that’s illegal).

 turn ons:  The looks I get from men and women when I wear something naughty or see-thru in public; when my pussy is wet and dripping in the middle of the day for no reason at all; men’s bodies but most specifically their well built arms and thighs; and of course a nice hard cock to play with!  fantasies:  Seeing an attractive guy (or girl) and fucking them in the nearest convenient place-spontaneously!

I am everything you want: petite, sexy, and ready. Sex is the center of me, I love to have sex in any position, but put me on top and watch me go! I enjoy NOT wearing a bra or panties. It keeps my mind constantly on sex and keeps my pussy very wet. A dress or skirt is my favorite thing to wear. I like to be ready and easily accessible because you just never know.
When I got married, my husband and I were both virgins. Of course we spent a lot of time learning how to pleasure each other. I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but after we were together the first time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, but because sex was sooo so good that I wanted to try it out with others and a lot. Fast forward a few years and my wish would come true. My wonderful hubby comes to me and asks if he can talk to me about our sex life. We proceed to have a discussion about how he wants me to fuck other men!!! (I already knew he had an extremely voyeuristic side and he loved to watch me have pleasure.) Of course I “acted” taken aback, but with a wicked grin on my face, told him I would think about it.
That little sex talk has led us to where we are today. We started with me fucking other men and progressed to hot sex fun with couples, me finding my bi-side with women, having hot orgies, finding out I can squirt, and really there is no limit to the wicked fun that I could have and want. With all this sex fun, I discovered that I really like the feeling when a man’s cocks throbs and fills my pussy full with their hot juicy cum (YES “Creampies”). I also found that I love COCK with all its variations (including black cock!) and crave to suck them until they either can’t hold back and spurt their yummy seed down my throat (yes I swallow) or spurt it all over my breasts, tummy, wherever. Of course hubby’s voyeuristic side means that we do all the pictures and video ourselves from our home, outside, hotel, or wherever it spontaneously happens!

My Hubby and I started watching porn together before we ever ventured into playing with others. The videos and pictures of hot women getting fucked, creampied, semen spurting in their mouths and on breasts, and two women enjoying each other’s hot supple bodies was such an injection of spiciness to our sex life that we couldn’t get enough. Our favorite porn movies and pictures have always been those that are realistic, that portray what really happens during sex. We love actual cum shooting inside pussy, mouth, ass, etc. Now my adventures have led us to create this website. This is a REALITY site, what you see inside is me craving and getting wild hot sex everywhere I go. I have so much hot fun exploring sex that I wanted to share and broaden my horizons as to meeting more men and women that I can fuck and suck to ultimate pleasure.

That is some amazing stuff there.  Love the creampie talk, hot, love the need to to be fuckable.   I actually read it a couple of times.  Anyways, I will post more pics and clips of a few more hot scenes and porn stars that helped me create my addiction for my woman.  And how she mentions cum being shot inside her pussy, mouth, and ass.  Very hot. She mentions also that they guys she hooks up with are required to get tested, that does give some freedom for all that kind of talk above, but still, hot to think about.

I hope to have some new scenarios myself to post soon.  Cause nothing turns me on more....

Monday, June 27, 2011

The friend, its getting serious now.

To get caught up, read these links starting with the first one:

Now I will admit a little white lie, he doesn't have a girlfriend, he has a wife. I initially said girlfriend because I originally thought giving out too much exact details was just not a good thing to do.  Thought that maybe nothing would really become of this anyways, no sense to be exact, better to be safe.  Well, it seems it is taking a turn for the lava.  Hard right, square into a big pool of it.  So, since it seems it might turn out to be more, I might as well make it be as hot as it is, he is married.

Which to him this means he is just getting vanilla sex at home and wants something more.  And I mean a lot more.  Let me repeat as its worth repeating.  He doesnt want anything the resembles normal sex.  He said that if he is going to risk this, he wants the sex that really turns him on, the sex he doesn't get at home, the sex that is off the charts.  He is in his 40's, good looking, fat cock, been with a lot of woman before he got married.  He remembers what it was like to have sex that was not inside a relationship.  Sex that let him chase what turns him on.  Sex that is probably for one night or just a few where both explored things a little outside the norm as it was thrilling being so new and wild.  I think he got to the point where he immediately dominated the woman, immediately brought the submissive out in her and ran with it from there.  And That Is What Turns Him On.

I say it like that, because that is what he wants. This is not going to go down any other way.  If he is going to risk this, then he wants EXACTLY what he wants and no less.  He has described some of this, some in detail actually. And it is very powerful stuff.  Very hardcore.  Very dominant. Very rough.  This is what turns him on and is the only way he is willing to do this.  When I told her what he has been texting to me, she wimpered.  She said yes, yes, yes, I will do what ever he wants me to do, including swallowing his cum (this is something she will not do as it makes her gag from the texture).  And this was just me passing some information to her that he was telling me on how it was going to work.  Her and him have not had any communication about this.  He in fact has not made a decision to do anything yet, he was just feeling things out if she was actually going to be up for it, able to do exactly what he tells her to do.  He said if he senses any hesitation on her part, then he is not interested.  Said she has potential, but that she has a long way to go.  Said that if he loses interest, then that is the end of that. Mentioned sex is for babies and sex is for pleasure.  Said he is talking about non of that, talking about things much greater, about her developing kinks,  for her to listen to him, do as he says, and he will teach her to cum when he first enters her ass which will then turn him on enough to cum just after a few slow strokes.  He said he doesn't have a lot of time, his visits will be short, she will be prepped by his instruction and the real events of him calling her to instruct her to get ready, him pulling his truck out front, him walking across the lawn, him knocking on the door and him finally entering the house and getting close to her are all real actual events that she will now desire and use to turn herself on and be ready to cum when he enters her.  Those are her new kinks that she is to focus on.

Now, he went into a lot more detail with me, most of which I could barely believe what I was hearing.  But I am not going to go into it more until I see it start to happen,  he said he might send her an email and depending on how she responded, would decide if she interested him and would be worth his time.

Um, wow.  Im stunned.  He painted about 100 other scenarios that were all blistering hot.  Had so much control over her, yet she would only desire more, to be released to him, to finally be able to feel his cock in her, the one thing that would release her to an ultimate orgasm.  Each and every visit.  15 min at the most, sometime he said he would spend time with her longer, but frequently it would not be possible as he was a busy man and had places to be.

I will post more as it happens. Its still all talk right now, hot talk, but until he sends her an email, she responds, and then he starts the first event by calling her, I will hold back, don't want to jinx it!! lol 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Porn, hot scenarios, and at least I know what I like.

In general, in the spoken public's mentality, porn only does harm to the community and to the family makeup.  In certain circumstances, I agree, especially for those that are more prone to addictions.  Experts say if it interferes with your day to day living, then you probably have a problem.  This is obviously different for each person and for each situation as your partner or family may be more open minded or non tolerant of such things.  Ever heard porn doing good for someone?  Me.

For the hurtful example, my last relationship ended, thankfully, and one of the things she would say was a problem was my surfing of porn on the internet.  I find this quite funny, since I barely surfed for any at all, never kept any adult magazines in the house and generally just left it alone.  Not entirely, and certainly not when she was not putting out and being a bitch for months at a time.  Fuck that, I am going to stroke one out and if I needed material to do so then so be it.  But in this relationship, I have def surfed for more, have quite a large collection of pics and vids saved on my hard drives, yet it really doesn't take much of my time up each day or every other couple days.  My wonderful woman is very open minded and doesn't scold me for doing so like I know happens in a lot of other relationships/families.  Our relationship is not hurt by it, in fact, we have looked at a lot of porn together and it gets her worked up big time.  Totally opposite of my previous relationship.

As a result, I live a much more stress free life.  I am not always looking over my shoulder to hide something I 'shouldn't be looking at' bullshit.  What has now occurred is that I am much more free to be myself and not worry of my woman being intimated by porn stars, my sex drive stays higher all the time and I actually focus on her more and hunt her down as the true source of all my pleasure. Most women would feel that they are being replaced or have to live up to something that they can never bee.  I am sure that this causes depression in women that stay quiet about it or don't have great communication skill with their mate so even if they wanted to talk about it, it comes out wrong and ends in a fight.  I can totally understand this. I know this is very hurtful, but for a lot of reasons that have to do with being raised and just not learning good skills on connecting with your mate.

My situation is probably a little unique to most.  Its hard to put in words but I am going to try and I think I understand it pretty well now.  Here it is in a nutshell.  My woman is very lucky.  Instead of her man not understanding what turns him on, her man does.  I know after many years of looking at porn what really turns me on, physically, about a woman's body.  And she is it.  She found the one guy that absolutely worships her body.  Not 90%, not 99%, you get the idea.  Once I met her and got to know her and realized that emotionally she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I then saw her naked body and that was it.  I found the ultimate combination of attraction in a woman.   I have read that a man needs to be loved physically before he can love emotionally.  A woman needs to be loved emotionally before she can love physically.  I think we nailed it.

She can actually thank porn for that.  No kidding.  After all that I have seen in porn and really fucking hot chicks, stand them all in a line and let me choose one that turns me on the most and my woman is it.  Only because I have 'checked out' so many woman is this even possible for her to be in this place in my mind.

Like many couples, what about the man not knowing 100% what sets him off?  What triggers things in him that makes him go absolutely fucking berserk that he must fuck her, must claim her.  To be honest, we all know what happens when the guy quits chasing the woman.  That's it, nada, all done, the fat lady is singing.  Its not even her fault, the relationship is ending at this point, time is all that is keeping the final separation from happening.

He just doesn't know what it is that needs to be triggered in him and he will search, even though he is with his supposed soul mate.  Worse, he then half chases her instead of letting her go.  Worse thing ever, he is faking it, maybe they have a child together, maybe one of many reasons men quit pursuing their woman, what ever it is, that is the biggest shame as he is actually wasting both their lives.  Her true soul mate is out there, looking for her, and this dip shit has her all tied up and doing his bidding each day as she slips into depression and half smiles.  Maybe he is even cheating on her.  Fucking asshole, really, think how far this really fucks up things.  Years wasted.  What could be worse then years wasted? Anybody? Life pulled from a person in which we only have so much to begin with.  What is more valuable and therefore what is more damaging in the long run? Everything can be fixed, made better, improved, with time, and this poor woman now has less because of this mans inability to know what he wants.

Am I so different?  Is this something new? No, its not new, belly dancers come to mind.  Seriously.  Yes, belly dancers.  I say it was the first kind of porn that can be traced back over 6000 years.  Google it.  Take a young and impressionable man and let him watch some good belly dancers way back when.  It would not take long before he discovered some things about himself, about what truly gets his heart racing, about the movements of the female body that make him dream of things.  You think I'm stretching a little? Hell, I even get a little mesmerized when I see a belly dancer doing her thing, gyrating her hips in a nice slow circle.  As if she was sitting on my lap and circling around on my cock.  I would not last long and I am sure there were some women back in the day that make modern belly dancers look like girl scouts on Easter Sunday. 

I am sure there are many other ways men discovered things they liked back then, belly dancers are just low fruit for me to see right off the bat, hopefully it worked for them and they go to chasing the right woman for them.  Lucky girl she would be if he found her.  If he is true to himself, he will never stop chasing her.

I did it.  And now, I am mesmerized and literally stunned by euphoric pleasure by seeing my woman in hot scenarios, ones that all the creative porn directors have had fun with doing their thing with their porn stars in the past and soon to happen in the future.  Thanks to them, they opened up a whole new world of creativity.  Where I might have run out of ideas, there is not a shortage of scenarios to run through my mind that they have thrown out there that really get me going.  The 'photo shoot' scenario that I have briefly talked about on a previous post is one, WAY TO FUCKING HOT, this one is mind blowing for me.  I can only hope to do more in the future.  More hot scenarios include seeing her pleasure a big cocked alpha, getting that big cock hard by her hot body.  Seeing her excite him and get him moving, his own instincts being brought alive by her body and how she moves.  Seeing him awaken and become slightly dominate as he moves to claim her, his way.  As time passes, he is over taken by her presence and what she does to him that he is compelled instinctively to over power her gently as he pulls her into his bubble , exciting her, releasing her. In the midst of it all he takes what he needs from her. She only gets turned on by a man getting off on her, creating quite a view from my seat as they both build to taking and giving and feeding off of each others pleasure.  My video camera glows from capturing such scorching hot stuff on it, at least it would if it could as I have some of these moments captured already.  Just glimpses though, hopefully more to come..

I can go on and on, and you know what?  I will.  Along with some of my thoughts of her hookups in the past,  I am going to post what scenarios I think are really fucking hot, what really gets my crank turning.  Some we have already done and really need to be repeated as there will never be enough of those moments being the success they were.  Others we have not done, but who knows, maybe in the future we will be treated to things that blow my mind, might she treat me to such things.  Since I have seen so many hot scenes, I know the only true way to make them over the top.  No porn stars.  My woman.  Its not the porn star that makes me all hot, its my woman in a real scene with real orgasms, with real instincts coming alive.  I know what I like.  Hopefully I can put some together some time, maybe she wants to excite me, take me over the top to higher places I did not know could be reached.  Maybe she will learn what she likes of them too and we make some hot nights. What if we both liked the same things? Wow, things are going to get hot. Thanks for all the hot ideas Porn Directors!  Although I know they are a little jealous since our nights are real.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love my hotwife's thoughts

She just told me at lunch that when she gets back from her break, that she wants to get back into the 'swing' of things.  She doesn't realize how much that turns me on.  After so many weeks of waiting on my tip toes and peaking over the fence to see if she is getting horny, this is a highlight of my week to hear this.

She takes breaks for various reasons, but she seems to have two that she really leans on as they are connected.   The main one  is she wants to re-connect with me to bring it back to the way it was before we started hooking her up with guys.  The other is that each encounter seems to wear her out mentally just a little bit.  Actually, I don't think I am explaining that well.  I think its the drama of each encounter.  Even if the drama is very very small as large ones would obviously wear her out.  Its any thought she has outside of her and me.  This extra 'thought' is , well, extra.  Would not call it a burden, but it is heavy.  It's something she has with her that she does not have when it is just her and I.  It can be overwhelming for her that in the end, she wants a few days or weeks off from thinking about it all.  To clear the mind and to possibly get ready for another encounter in a few weeks.  This can take a week or a few.  It also seems to make her want to take a break a couple times a year for a month or two.

I think these breaks are also pretty natural but at the same time, we might not be doing things exactly right.  Could it be they are a sign?  I mean, break it down to something much simpler, I think anyone would love to click their fingers and fuck who ever they wanted in any way they wanted as long as they could click their fingers again and resume normal life just as fast as if nothing had happened other then a sweet 'ass orgasm or 5 or 10.  I bet they would do it a couple times a week even.  I know this because a lot of people are masturbating out there, on a pretty frequent basis and this is the best substitute that keeps the real thing a fantasy. I will think about this some more, but this is the ideal fantasy that if we could get reality pretty close then dammit, that would be something, wouldn't it?

I will of course will give her all the time and space she needs, always.  But nothing turns me on more to see her letting go sexually and any break she takes from these new encounters just makes me want to seem them more.  I guess through this blog I make her sound like she is ready for sex 24/7 and wants a new guy every day, when in reality this is far from the truth.  Very far.  Not even sure of the numbers, but she has been with around 7 guys her entire life.  I could be off by 1, but not more than 2.  Point being is I think a lot of woman go through that many in their first semester of college.  So while this is a hotwife blog, she is not only new to the hotwife lifestyle, she is really just opening her eyes to what other women have been experiencing just being single at a much younger age.

That being said, I don't take any of her encounters for granted.  I thoroughly enjoy each and every one.  I get to see her experiencing so much for the first time and see her grow and reach out for what she wants next.  That is a huge turn on, huge.

So, the more I would love more encounters to happen, the more I also do not want to influence an encounter to happen that is not pretty natural for her.  I wrote an article for , should post in a couple days, but it really talks about one of the things that is so hot in the hotwife life. Its exactly what I am talking about here, seeing things that would have taken place naturally, I am just lucky enough to be able to see it.  Read the article for more.

After saying all of this, I can only think of one thing.  How can more encounters happen that do not cause her to want to take a break as often and that are still something that she really wants, not me pushing things at all and thereby creating an unnatural encounter that she never would have had if I had not 'pushed'.  When I say pushed, that sounds harsh,  I just mean she ends up doing it for me and not for her.  Even 50/50 is fine, though I would love it to be 100% her, just not for me only.  Not interested in seeing that.  This does not mean I can't suggest something and even set it up all the way.  That sounds hot, but only if she wants it, once again, not just for me.

So how? Well, that's what is in my thoughts these days.  I don't have the best answer.  I have some ideas.  Some might even work.  I do know that I want to keep letting her know that her and I are good.  That when it comes to her and I, we are relaxed and drama free. Just as we have always been, easy going and a pleasure to hang out with.

How to make all the future encounters drama free to be easy on the mind? Possibly less talk and more fucking?  I mean really, make the common ground a completely NSA meet and less fluff, less anything other then fucking.  She has had a couple of those, and frankly, those are the ones she likes the best, but the others, its like she just ran too much stuff through her mind for it to be truly free and easy to work with.  It seems like if the chit chat outside of sex was short but sweet and the fucking was awesome, then she only wanted more.  Too much chit chat and letting go of too much personnel stuff made her think too much everything entirely.   It may have even made the sex more interesting, maybe not, to share that much personal stuff, but in the end, it still burdened her down in the mind, wore her out a little.  She has pulled away in the past and will pull away in the future on these is what I think.*(Not talking about talk during sex, different animal there, that's bubble territory and a requirement for a stud that knows what he is doing, read my blog for more on that.) 

I don't know, I am still learning about this all, all I can do is look at what the ideal situation is and compare it to what it is now and see where to bridge the two.  If she was OH MY GOD happy all the time and having hot sexy encounters once a week to what ever frequency she wanted because it only made her feel good, then bingo, I would love to make that happen. But I need to talk to her about it, see how she feels about things and listen to what she says.  We might be able to try something in a new way and see how she feels after that and go from there.  I am pretty sure she would love to have more frequent encounters also, but not at the expense of being worn out.  Quality over quantity, but wants wrong with making the quantities into quality ones and enjoying them all? hmmmm....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirty thoughts

While we are taking a break till July, my dirty thoughts never stop.  We are going on vacation and outside business has been keeping us busy, but we are very much still thinking about the Hotwife life.  Its a lot of fun, we have learned much and have much more to experience.  We are also about to transition to another host, so look for that to happen also.

Very sad to see a blog I was following dissappear.  It was my favorite blog, Intimate Thoughts of a Married Man but its gone, poof, just like that.  I had corresponded a couple times with the husband, was just a very awesome situation that was moving so slow I swear it was the hottest thing I had read in a long long time.  The little things were incredible.  But they hit a speed bump and I think it de-railed them for a bit.  I hope to see them back, but I wonder what happened.  I can only hope things are well with them.

I have many more thoughts and I am starting to get in the mood again to write as she is relentless in her ability to make me horny, lol.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You want some good stuff?

Don't wait, head directly to HotwifeLife right now.  A sizzling video awaits you.    Along with more pictures and an interview. This is an Exclusive Video not even found on my blog, only at


Why are you still reading this? GO! Thank me later! 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

He owns her sexuality. Listen to the audio.

Just a short clip.  
We have not been slow at all, I have been overwhelmed actually. I have over 8 visits from her black lover on film.  He is visiting at least once a week now, if not more.  Had him over for dinner, watched movies, let him take her to the movies, let them fuck when I was not home but the camera was set up, and basically just letting them really sink it deep with their intimacy. I like that they are so close. He has the tightest and most overwhelming bubble she has ever had with a guy. Sexually, he has her even higher then I have taken her as he overwhelms her.  With a rock hard body, big cock, and his expert skills at giving her an experience she will never forget, she is lost in him.   Here is a nice audio clip that sums it all up.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bra and thong themed movie night this friday

Or that's what I am pushing for at least, lol.  After last nights festivities, she has invited him to come over after his work on Friday night to watch a movie.  I said they both should spoon on the couch and cuddle under a blanket for the entire movie.  She blushed and was shy about it.  Not too sure how excited she is about it, but I just thought I would throw it out there to her and see what she thinks.  I am loving the thought of her under a blanket with him.  Lots and Lots of hands all over for a whole movie.  Lots and Lots of pressing against each others body.  I am okay with it, its just to stay warm, I don't want her to be cold or anything....  I just think after a long day on the job for him that for him to snuggle up with a freshly showered and light perfumed hottie hotwife under the covers with just a bra and thong that surely they both will find some common ground of enjoyment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The forgotten art of outercourse

Nobody even knows what I am talking about.  Outercourse.  I mean, they may have done it, for a very brief second, but that was it.  Like teenagers that think parents are going to come any second, outercourse was forgotten right then.  I mean its not like you tell your buddies you banged her if all you did was rub your cock on her pussy.  In fact, that is exactly what you would be called, a pussy.  So into her you go, only to last 2 hot and steamy minutes and this poor girl gets taught for the first of many times what it is like to be disappointed, again and again. But your buddies got the fist bump.  What a stud.  I guess we never wonder now why when a big cocked bull takes our hotwife for 2 hours and she comes back to you looking like she just stuck her finger in a light socket.  Hair all messed up and a crazed and dazed look on her face.  Its not like she has been fucked this way all her life.  Quite the opposite. 

Outercourse means any form of non penetrative sex.  I most easily relate to it when I think of the adult magazines from long ago.  I mean today's magazines show everything, nothing left to imagine, but there was a day when you could not show penetrative sex in a magazine.  So, I just loved, and fell in love with, the techniques the magazine editors, photographers, and porn actors went to push the limits on this.  I mean loved the effort.  Like when it showed the starlets mouth very close to the cock but not touching, yet there was  long string of spit/saliva stringing from her tongue to the tip or underside of this cock.  Fuck.  I could look at those pics for a long time and just imagine her having to hold this pose.  Even having to work at it for a while to get it just right for the camera.  We know her lips were wrapped around that cock at some point, but all we get to see is the long string of spit that she worked up and held for the camera.  Fuck.  Could you imagine being there?  Could you imagine watching the two of them hold their composure after take after take?  I mean after a certain point, that guy must have just wanted to grab the back of her head and throttle his cock to the back of her throat.  But he couldn't as he still wanted a paycheck.  So he sits here with a raging hard on having this fucking 10 of a young starlet barely notice he is even there as she prefects a longer and thicker string of spit from this cock. 

Lets take it a step farther.  Anyone that knows anything of stimulating a woman knows you don't dive straight in with your cock.  Ya ya, I know that's exactly what some women want sometimes, by all means GIVE IT TO THEM!!.  I am talking about a new girl, one you want to impress, maybe the first time you even get with her.  You tease her with it.  When its time, you rub the tip of your cock right on the opening of her pussy and the underside of your cock up and down her slit.  You even lean forward and kiss her while sliding, letting her find with her hips right where she wants to press her clit on the bottom of your cock.  Then you press the head at the opening and tease like your going to bury it, but don't, instead continue with more teasing.  Its up to every guy to work his own design of tease, but I am very afraid that all but the true Alpha's have completely forgotten how to truly do it.  They just don't understand the value of it, very sad.

So now, switch gears back the hot porn stars.  A scene where the studs cock is right up against the starlets pussy.  He has to rub it on her every once in a while, whether its the camera man directing or he just needs some contact to keep him hard, but he has to make contact.  Just cant get go inside or the pics can't be used.  How long does it take for a camera man to be happy he has enough material to work with?  I am pretty sure its past the point where the two actors are wanting to finally bury the studs cock in her pussy, I am pretty sure.  So for an hour, maybe two? The actors are almost paralyzed in various positions as the stud feverishly presses his cock on her pussy here and there to stay rock hard.  I have actually seen a couple of these videos, behind the scenes type vids, and they are my absolute favorite.  I keep them in a atmosphere controlled plexi glass vault that only I have the key to but can still see through the glass.  Just kidding, but not far off of how sweet I really think vids like that are.  I can only wish I was at many of those photo shoots to see much more of that with many different actors and actresses.

It's a lost art amongst most and also something they used in the past on adult photo shoots, but is it dead?  I vote for it not to be.  Whether its used up front or after one or two sex sessions to get built up again, I vote to bring it back.  I have witnessed this done right.  And it is currently the hottest thing I have seen so far.  See the pics:

No condom is needed with a trusted partner as pregnancy is not a possibility unless no one is paying attention to copious amounts of pre-cum coming out.  Even STD's would have a difficult time transmitting unless there were visible open sores being pressed against each other, all of which would have meant the day would have been over before it even got started, let alone make to this point.

So its also the only way that a condom-required-fuck-buddy would ever be allowed to press his cock against her pussy.  Let me tell you how hot it is to see skin on skin finally and she has told me it feels better then it looks.  So there you go.  I am on a new high thinking about an alpha pressing his cock on her slit and pressing the tip of his cock right at the opening of her pussy. Flicking her clit over and over with his bare cock.  Fuck.  I am thinking for more hotness and an added layer of safety if he has pre-cum, is for her to lick his cock clean and then go back to pressing the tip up against the opening and more sliding.  Then back to her for more cleaning and to finally taste the two of them.  That would be probably more then I can handle.  I might explode. All three of us are looking down at this sight, a big hard cock at the entrance of a nicely shaved pussy as it teases over and over on every stroke, fuck its a work up for all involved.  I feel like I am in my own interactive porn scene at this point, just like my fantasy of being in those photo shoots I mentioned before.  I cant say Fuck enough on this one.  Fuck.

I personally find sliding my cock between her ass cheeks with tons of astro-glide to be absolutely divine, see my other post for what I think of that - , so it doesn't have to be limited to just her pussy.  We have been practicing ass outercourse for a while now.  And its great when she is on her period .  She loves it also and has even has an orgasm this way, let alone the times we both just cant take it and my cock slips into her ass.  Fucking fireworks after all that teasing for the both of us.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friend who backed out hints even more

Tells me yesterday that the house is all his starting Friday for more than a week.  I sent him a few hot pics of her via text and asked him if he wanted me to send more, he said PLEASE!!!  I did, and then finally asked him if he was going to let me film her giving him a blow job and grinding a thong in this lap.  He said he is thinking over the filming, not to sure about it, would not want his girlfriend to ever find out.  I tried to ease his worries, but it's up to him, he needs to be comfortable with it. If he does, then I am sure we might visit him at least one night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black men, take 2

Right now, my hotwife is out in our living room talking to a black man.  This is very significant.  She has been with one black man so far.  It did not go well at all.  I will detail it out later as it deserves its own post.  Long story short, she did get off, lots, as he was a stud, built with a large cock and could fuck for an hour (or more if she would have let him).  But between me coaching him in the wrong direction for the moment and him taking a road that was all his own, she said that was it, no more black men for her.  I could not blame her, she almost cried after the hookup.  I cannot say how crappy that made me feel and agreed with her 100%.  But at the same time I knew that she did not give black men a fair shake and would now be eliminating half the population of men to choose from as she looks for studs to hook up with.  He was not a good ‘sample’ for her to judge all future black men by.  She spent all her life in a small town and had never been exposed to any other race actually other than whites.  So that was all she had to go by, not her fault at all.  Good in one sense as she was never exposed to the racism that goes on in larger cities, but bad in the other sense that her first real contact was such a downer.

The good news is, I have a friend that is very cool, very good looking, very muscular and who she thinks is absolutely gorgeous that happens to be black.  While I knew him quite well, she first met him when us three went and paid pool one night.  She said as soon as she saw him she thought he was hot, just read some of the other posts to see how that all started.  He then came over and worked out with me one night and stayed after and talked to her and I for quite a while.  We invited him bowling one night and those two flirted with each other constantly.  And finally, a couple nights ago, he came over and the two of them talked for over 2 hours.  This was just after she spilled the beans about being a hotwife.  They since have had over 1300 texts between the two of them and a few emails of pics with no ending in sight.

Tonight, he just got off work and has to be somewhere in a couple hours so they decided they wanted to hang out for a bit.  I really do not know if anything sexual is going to go on as I am still hearing voices in the living room as I type this on and off while I watch tv in the computer room.  I am very worked up, but I really could care less if they do tonight or not.  Because it’s a win-win.  If they do, obviously, WIN.  But if they don’t, think about it, he is sinking it very deep with her in her mind.  See, we never allowed texting to her phone from a fuck buddy and def no 2 hour talks alone together on the phone let alone in our own living room.  Nothing other than messages through email or through the message system in Adult Friend Finder.  But we are treating this one different since he was a friend first.

And since this is my blog and I want to be as honest as possible with myself, then that is exactly what I am going to be.  The reason I am allowing and desiring her to get to know him better is for a few rather complicated reasons.  But number one is, I just do not think that she is going to leave me for a black man.  I know that sounds terrible like I got a race card I have not shown yet, but let me explain.  The reason we don’t want her talking to men too much is to steer clear of a possible real relationship starting.  It’s not worth the risk to get close to a guy and then someone falls in love.  It’s the day in and day out talks with someone that will one day possibly cause one or both people to fall in love with each other.  Falling in love does not happen accidentally; I don’t care what anyone says.  A major component is spending time with each other. Spending time thinking about each other.  So, we just decided to minimize that from every really starting.  She keeps it exceptionally on target of talking primarily about sex, sex, and more sex.  What they want to do to each other and what they just did to each other and want to do again.  The other component is, she should not do anything that she is not comfortable with me doing with a woman when it comes to communication.  At what point does she feel uncomfortable with me spending a lot of time talking to a woman I met somewhere?  It’s really just a good self check.  But what if she felt there was less risk with falling in love with a guy, or less risk for me to fall in love with a woman with all that talking? Would it be allowed and feel okay?  Well, I feel safer with her getting closer to a black man.  As in allow her to talk to him much more.  Have much more of a real relationship.    This is our situation; I fully understand that this happens all the time with other people.  That is not our situation.

Our facts are this – she and I both think staying in your own race is more natural for a life long relationship.  Stronger family ties all the way around, especially if there are kids involved.  We do not have kids nor do not plan any, just pointing to that’s the way we feel.  There is just a strong barrier in our minds that would have to be broken first.  Could it happen? Absolutely, I am not a dumb ass.  Sure it could.  But chances are lower.  But, and it’s a big one, these same cultural issues that are still prevalent in today’s society that frown upon interracial relationships are the same issues that make this so hot for her and I.  The phrase is – ‘You want what you can’t have”.  For everyone, this is a phrase that hits home.  We have seen our share of it.   So, here she is, being told by society that she is not allowed to get with a black man.  It should not happen; friends and family would disown her.  Then the situation is being created where she wants this more than anything and it’s quite a rush.  “It’s taboo and forbidden”.  HA, now society just made her desire it that much more and will be that much more satisfying when it does happen. 

Because of our situation, this does afford us to do is see how this goes with being more free and open.  I am a firm believer in better and deeper sex will be achieved by a deeper bond emotionally.  It’s a part that gets left behind in the swinging lifestyle as it is best to do so.  But we are married; he is of a race that minimizes her chances of bringing out true intimate relationship where it heads to something way more serious.  Instead, can it head towards a deep relationship that’s focus is based on a sexual intimacy that reaches very deep and is very strong?  Can it? Or is it too risky?  She and I have talked about doing a self check and not only for just her but pay attention to him.  Let see how deep we can make it, how much pleasure can be achieved, but do not hurt his feeling either.  Divert everything to a more intimate and deeper sexual connection.  If it appears he is falling love, then we are doing it wrong and need to back up. 

Since I started writing this, I have been out in the hallway at least 10 times to listen for a bit to see if they are still talking or if the talking has stopped.  Meaning more pressing matters have ‘surfaced’.  So far, no dice.  But I am very happy that they are getting closer and closer to each other.  I am no rush for something to spark, a couple of fun nights, and then poof, gone.  I can see that he is willing to put a lot of energy into her, then what is the rush?

But, I just went out and dropped off a camera on the bar and pointed it at them and said ‘Don’t mind me..” and left.  I had a thought that maybe they were both a little shy to get things started because I am usually in the room.  But maybe they need a little help knowing that I can now watch later.  Well, it worked; I just leaned out into the hallway and witnessed some of the closest and intimate kissing I have ever witnessed.  They were some extremely light kisses, very long and deep.  Like there is no rush, lets enjoy this, this right here.  Wow.  He is doing it right.  He now stands above them all, he is nothing like any other guy she has been with except me.  There is some serious potential here.  I don’t dare go out now for a while as I think they can hear me typing and maybe they want more privacy.  I would love for both of them to sink it deep with each other.  This is all unbelievably interesting and so new to me.  I feel nervous and extremely turned on at the same time.  I fully understand what a cuckold feels.  It’s a huge rush to see a man get so close to his wife.

Well, that's all they had time for, some closeness and then he had to jet.  But its all good, he is coming back tomorrow night and again on Tuesday. They are walking a path that is all new to her...

I write all of this in trying to be honest with myself and I also completely realize that I am being worrisome about things that will probably never happen.  But at the same time, I don’t like to be completely blindsided so I like to think ahead a little.  It’s all good.