Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whispers and the rare and powerful Bubble

First, the ‘Bubble’.  My self-created definition: An enclosed environment between an alpha male and his chosen mate.  It is created by the predator alpha male for the purpose of taking control of the woman during love making.  This control is to engage the ultimate sex organ of the woman, the mind, and to then allow the alpha male to bring the woman to ultimate states of pleasure that are not possible without engaging her mind.  This bubble is initially created by communication and usually in the form of whispers from the alpha being very close to the willing woman’s ear. Once the initial stage has been played out to some extent, many more methods of creating a stronger bubble are brought to use. Depending on the skill of the alpha male and his desires for her, the bubble becomes very strong and very powerful.  It then becomes source of where all great sex will begin for the couple.  It will end with the woman being taken to places that only the alpha male can take her by being inside this bubble.

The effects on the woman:
Once a strong bubble is developed, the woman will crave the return of the connection between the two lovers as it is new high for her.  She will desire to become very submissive in hopes of engaging the desires of the alpha male in her attempt to get into the bubble again.  Only from here she can easily let go and guide him to her own desires during love making.  At the same time, anticipation of wondering where he will take her this time around is driving her absolutely wild.  This will become the best sex she has ever known.  She will continue to give control to the alpha male as her desires become overwhelming to experience more and more and she feels safe in doing so.  This letting go and her comfort with him is intoxicating to her.  Eventually, this bubble is what she realizes she has been missing with all her previous love encounters that did not bother to take advantage of engaging her mind.

The effects on the man:
He will love the effect he has on her and crave to continue to engage the bubble to not only enjoy some fantastic sex, but by bringing her to euphoria for long periods of time will reinforce his alpha male nature.  He will crave this positive reinforcement as it also guides him on where to take her next.  He is very interested in taking her to higher places and experiencing his chosen woman as she is taken there.

The thoughts of a husband that has witnessed the bubble being taken advantage of….

Never saw it coming.  Yet it is becoming the hottest thing I have ever encountered.  Maybe its not rare for some.  But up till now, I have only seen glimpses of it and never full blown.  What I did witness had only lasted for a few seconds or maybe a few minutes if the guy was really good.  But it was never fully taken advantage of by either her or him.

 I thought I had prepared myself well enough for the first time my hotwife ever got with another man.  Honestly, I was not comfortable with many aspects of her actually being with another man before the first time.  But I thought out each item I was not comfortable with.  I really thought about them carefully.  In fact, the list was pretty long.  I went over each one in my head, carefully managing it and seeing how I reacted.  I found that they all ended up turning me on.  Some fantastically more than others. 

But I missed a few; at least three is all I know of so far up until now. There may be more and I am very much looking forward to learning of them in the future. 
The three issues are clear and separate, very independent of each other as stages, but powerfully tied to each other as so many signals are sent both verbally and non verbally during these stages.  The desires of both are shared and acted on through the growing of these, depending of course of the chemistry between the two.  My hotwife talking to another man in a sexual way was one issue.  Whispers between them that I cannot hear.  And finally, the creation of a very powerful bubble.

She talks to men all the time.  At the store, at the bank, at a restaurant, to a guy on the phone to resolve a billing issue.  You have no idea that this is an issue until the very first time you hear her ever so slightly change her voice when talking to a man for the purpose of helping her chances to fuck him.  That’s the ground floor reason.  It’s all harmless on the surface.  No one else other than me would even recognize the change in her.  Maybe her mom, her sister, or a very close friend would think it’s odd, but that is about as far as they would take it.  But I recognize it immediately and it’s hardcore.  Because this is how she talks to me.  I very well know its purpose.  So, when I hear her talk to another man this way, it drives me wild.  Instant jealously becomes instant turn on for her to continue so I can witness her letting go and chasing her instincts.  I love to see that happen, it’s my fav. Lol.

Once the whispers start, I hit a new plateau because now I realize many things.  That he is a candidate for her to reach high places because he wishes to engage her mind.  Let’s be honest, she is not going to hit those highs without being completely involved with this man on all levels.  But the big turn on for me when they start to communicate at this level, is that the bubble is starting.  I crave to witness this and to silently watch where it goes.  I need to see her let go and this environment will be the best chance I get to see this. 

The bubble is uniquely theirs.  I have a bubble between her and I.  It is very powerful, the most powerful she can obtain due to one thing.  She loves me and I love her.  We share things between us that are at a different level than any other of her lovers can get to.  Maybe not even higher, just different.  It is a room that they cannot enter, nor do they want to.  It’s our very private bubble and we share things between us that only we know of and share. This bubble is still growing between us and always will.  It also has no bearing on any other bubble now or one that is created in the future.

But between her lovers and her, just the same, the bubble they create and play in is 100% theirs.  This turns me on big time.  To know they will share things between them that stays between them.  I know at this point that she is letting go.  Once she is so comfortable with him and she gives herself over to him, I get to witness what turns me on the most.  I guess it turns me on because I see her in the ‘wild’.  I see her as if I had come across the two of them out in the jungle, lol, or at least had a hidden camera in the room with them. I love the thought that they share things between them that only the two of them know about.  That what they have is unique to them.  It’s not a show for me for what I want to see at that point at all. This bubble confirms this.  It’s what the desires become and grow into between the two of them.

I love these secrets they might create between them because I know they are born out of her natural desires and his needs to claim her as he just naturally needs to.  Oh my, do I crave to see this play out.  I just want to create this environment where they can develop this between them.  Where they feel comfortable enough.  Where they create a strong bubble, she releases to him, and he instinctively takes what he desires.  I need to see this.  I don’t want to influence this bubble between them at all, it’s theirs.  I want them to have all the freedom between them that they are capable between them, just as if they discovered each other in the wild.  If I could see this, it would drive me crazy.

There might even be something that I am not comfortable with.  I will have to go slow and rethink things as they happen, I always do.  But it always turns me on.  I am always coming up with the next ‘high’ and what she does to me.  I have a feeling that it will become an unbelievable turn on for me, just like all the others did.  But this will be at a new level.  I am so fucking hard thinking of the possibilities…..

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