Monday, December 20, 2010

Nuts and Bolts

Do these two sentences below sum it up for me?  Best I can do so far.  I wrote them for a description of what turns me on in my profile on the best Hotwife forum out there-  I have since re-checked these to see if they need changing or if I could rewrite them to get it more accurate.

"Being shown by an Alpha male how my hotwife responds to cock instinctively and have him show off how he can make her respond while giving the camera a good view of the full length of his cock going all the way in and then all the way out.  Watching her do things out of lust and desire that she doesn't do with me or does but only to make me happy."

Nope, I think the real excitement for me is still in those two sentences.   I have changed them around a little but always end up back where I started.  Now that I have settled on them, it is time to write more details.  So here are some thoughts that go into those two lines.

About the Alpha male and his strengths -right off the bat, I got a strange one for you - I have a real problem with her being pleasured by a guy with the same sized cock as me, or worse yet, smaller.  I get a little jealous and I would not be upset at all if she didn't want to get back with a guy like that for round 2.  In fact, the opposite is true, I would be even more pushed out of shape if she really liked him and wanted to get back with him.  UGGGG!!  But I have no trouble at all with a guy with an 8-9" cock that takes her places I never could.  Where she screams so loud I don't even recognize her.

Does that make sense?  Can anyone relate?  Think of it this way:  You see, I am very much a realist and this realism is what turns me on the most when it comes to her needs of pleasure.  Just like I know I can walk into a gym with a guy and he shows me that he can lift more weight than me.  I will respectfully give him a nod.  No problem at all.  There will always be a guy that can lift more weight than me or for that matter, can lift more than any guy.  It’s just being real.  So in the same way, simply, there will always be a guy that will fuck her better than I can, make her feel better, give her a harder and more intense orgasm, take control of her sexually in a way that I can't, and on and on and on.  This totally fits with my logical brain. I can totally get off on her needing to fuck a total stud.  Like she needs it.  Like she can’t live without it.  I like to witness that. Emotionally, sure, it sits sideways in my head.

But, and it’s a big one, that’s why it turns me on.  Of course as any normal man would see it, emotionally, he wants his woman to only want him.  To get everything she needs from him. To never need to look outside of their relationship because he is all she will ever want.  Now, that is not reality.  Most men would love it to be the truth, but it’s a fairy tale.  Sure, she likes you, hell; you may even be the best she has ever had.  But that's only because she has not experienced better.  Sorry to knock all you guys out there that think you are totally the shit when it comes to making love to your women.  You are better in different ways for her.  But don't think for a moment that if the right guy got a hold of her in the right environment, that she is not going to forget who the fuck you are somewhere in between orgasm 17 and 22.  Oh, you didn't know she was multi-orgasmic capable?  HAHAHAHAHAH! ooops, sorry, got a little carried away, that was rude.  (hahahahahaha!)

So while it may seem like I am not the normal one, I would present it a little different.  I would say most guys are not being honest with the reality of the situation.  And if you ever witnessed the reality of the situation, you would see some very interesting things.  Your wife would still come back to you, still think you are the ‘bomb’, still want to live with you forever.  But her night ‘out’ with a total stud would definitely be a night she won’t forget anytime soon. What was your name again? HA!  She will remember it once she blushes a little when she realizes she forgot who you are and that you were even in the room.  But that doesn’t mean she loves you less.Yes, he is hitting places inside her that you cant physically hit, but its also the high of fucking this stallion AND him hitting places in her that she has never felt full before.

Now, if a guy with an average or small cock were to please her greatly, that is not something that turns me on. Generally. I say generally as I have witnessed her with a guy that was average size, but due to how he ‘handled’ her, I was extremely turned on.  But generally, no.  You see, I can easily process a guy with a big cock taking her places that I cannot.  I attribute it to his physical prowess, attributes, and his years of experience doing what he does best.  But if an average guy drives her wild, then what the fuck? What makes him so special over me?  I have much trouble trying to process that in my head.  Ya, I am messed up, but everyone is entitled to their quirks, right?  I know what turns me on and what doesn’t. My kinks are mine thank you very much.

Does anyone else want to see their sexual firecracker of a wife come up to them and give them a nice kiss on the lips and say ‘I love you so much, but right now I really need this..’?  Then walk over to a good looking, off duty marine, slightly muscle bound, dominant, and with a 3 inch wide cock that is 8-9” long and then take his cock in her hand like it was a fucking gold bar and gently stroke it while he pulls her hair back firmly and plants a kiss on her that makes her legs quiver noticeably.  She becomes so overwhelmed by the kiss and the slight pain of her hair being pulled as she willingly submits, that she stops stroking for a second until she catches her breath again and starts stroking his cock with more vigor like she has never seen such a tool...... She just forgot your name......

You should sit back and watch now.  Before long you will see things that will make your cock rock hard.  That is your wife right there.  See her move in ways you have never seen before.  See her react to his touch, his kiss, his desires.  See her wish to please him.  Ever see your wife ache for an alpha male to claim her?  She knows she is so close to actually getting what she wants that she forgets you are even there.  She attempts to speed things up in effort to get that cock in her, but he slows her down.  She aches..  So close...  She cant help it.  She is seconds away from losing control and letting go that you should just watch it happen.  Its going to be the hottest thing you have ever seen.


  1. This is a great post. I know that you guys have really progressed very quickly in this lifestyle. It seems like she really does crave the alpha males. And the fact that you adore her and make her feel great, I suppose, gives her the freedom to enjoy being taken by these physically superior men.

  2. ...Now, if a guy with an average or small cock were to please her greatly, that is not something that turns me on...

    Why? Because this would take lovemaking prowess from the realm of God-given assets and place it squarely in the realm of that what you might control...but opt not to?

  3. ...but opt not to? - thank you for the challenging thoughts and I hope to hear from you again and again. I love to look at things from a different view again and again.

    With her though, its quite the opposite of opting not to. In the realm of what I control, I have yet to see someone with the same sized cock as me come close to taking her anywhere near as high as I have taken her. That is one of the main reasons I let her play, as I know what I can do to her. As much as she loves playing, I know she knows that complete bliss can be found with me in many ways and orgasms come so easily with me. If we dont try for the easy, and I stretch the limits, her pulling all my hair out and ripping skin off my back along with a police visit from her making too much noise is something we have to be careful of.

    Love to see it, a man with a smaller cock then me please her more, dont think its going to happen. You see, I have spent years studying my woman and will continue to do so. Another man will have some catching up to do. I hope they read alot and experiment and read some more on how to please a woman, otherwise they ae going to be a dud. She is hoping for more then me with many of these men and while she enjoys the visits, its only the high of the newness that was great with most of them. Take that away and there are only 3 so far that she wants to get back with. All with bigger cocks. Those 3 were very interested in taking her places.

    The only way its going to happen is by producing such a connection that she is overtaken by him. But who is going to take such an effort? That is why I do get excited when I see a man work on the bubble right off the start. Now that is worth sticking around to see. That would turn me on. Now, if he did that and had a bigger cock then me, now are are cooking with oil.