Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goddess Superhero, her secret mission discovered

Something about that ass.  Sliding my cock between her ass cheeks last night made me realize how much my hotwife really does have me.  Once I pulled down her panties to the bottom of her cheeks, I could then see how the black light made her tan line glow like out of some erotic science fiction movie.  I even feel like this has to be make believe, surely it can't be real.  I had so much pre-cum that I could only think of getting my cock between her ass cheeks and up against her most private place.  After looking down on many occasions to see my cock slipping back and forth, I realized that there is no other place I would want to be.  Whispering into her ear caused her to slightly arch her butt into the air ever so slightly.  She was then perfect. 

Her ass cups my cock perfectly.  As it slid up and down, I thought of not only how much this drives me absolutely crazy, but how it must drive some of her lovers.  I cant even imagine what they must be going through to keep from pushing their cock into her ass.  Actually, I bet it makes them go a little insane, no doubt.

You ever fuck artwork before? lol  I bet when you normally think of art, you don't think of how nice it would be to fuck, do you?  Of course, there might be a few of you that do!!! Well, I think it.  ALL THE TIME now.  I feel this strong pull to get back here again, in this same position more and more, over and over.  Like it is a drug addiction but of a euphoric design. 

I ran the same thoughts through my head as I slid back and forth.  They always started with 'Oh my God...' and were very slow and drawn out, probably lasting 2 strokes each.   You can see how obsessed I am with her.  Some might even think I go to far.  But how can I go to far? There are no repercussions other then becoming more obsessed.  I don't think I am even half way there yet.  She makes it so easy to dream of her. I whispered into her ear on how I had been working on obsessing even more over her for the past 4 days.  I had been working on editing some video clips of her and decided to just keep thinking about her and what she does to me more and more. I just love being under her spell.

She continues to work out 4-5 days a week and its showing.  Her calves and thighs are turning into those of a super hero.  Maybe that's her mission in life.  To travel each city and bring alpha males to her chambers.  To let them taste her kisses, smell her perfume, feel her softness and become completely overwhelmed by her.  To let them finally become the men they were supposed to become, only through experiencing her.  By finally bringing this Goddess Superhero to many orgasms and them finally exploding their cock inside her ass are they released.

She designs it to make them believe that they are deciding the path, that they are in charge. But that's because they are intoxicated by her.  They are not thinking straight. After hours of being under her control and in her plan doing exactly as she wishes, she takes them to higher places and gives them exactly what they need to finish the mission.  You know, that would make the most sense.  Its hitting me now, smacking me in the face.  If you step back and looked at the whole picture, it's the best fit.  Especially after the looks on both of their faces that I have seen.  Her just smiling as she knows she both conquered and released this man.  And him knowing that was the most turned on and strongest orgasm he had ever experienced.

After I just exploded in her ass, I am now 100% convinced that I was under her spell and only now does it all makes sense....

I am now on my own mission to capture this Goddess Superhero on video.  I must document her powers for all to learn from and study in the future.  I can only hope that after years of thousands of hours of video that someday science will be able to use this knowledge to save planets from destruction.  It brings a tear to my eye to finally say, I love my job.

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