Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craigslist ad that shows my kinks...

If you’re hung, muscular/athletic/very fit/, attractive and a true gentlemen, then I might have something you might want to see, my hot wife. I will pick out a nice bra and panty set and wrap her up in them like a nice little present. She is all wrapped up for me, like a fresh bow and ribbon, just beautiful. She is very comfortable hanging out in just them. Maybe we could hang out together. I feel safe because she is wearing them, just like a bikini at the pools the girls wear, no big deal. In fact, I'll let you get close to her. Real close. She can sit right next to you. You can check her out if you want. Go ahead, look all you want. I'll even let her sit in your lap, go ahead and touch her. That’s it, run your hands all over her. Kiss her if you like. She can sit right on your lap just wearing those panties if you like, while you kiss her and caress her. She is safe, panties are still on, we are all comfortable, no harm. That’s it, enjoy her. You’re just not allowed to pull her panties off or to the side. Everything else is okay. Go ahead. mmmmmm, she is really enjoying your company, told you she was hot. Look at her move on your lap, she is really getting into you. If you want, you can lick her pussy right through the panties. That’s it, rub her good and lick her better. Go ahead and pull her panties to the side and lick her sweet pussy. Get in there, nice, she loves that. Once she cums, she will put the panties back where they belong. How as that? Oh ya, I knew you would want to see it. For being a good sport, I'll let her suck your cock nice and slow. Panties are still on, so why not, let her relax you. After that, go ahead and rub your cock on her pussy on top of her panties if you want. That’s it, take your time, all the time you want. Just keep kissing her and doing whatever feels good. She will start to lose control, it’s okay. Now, I did tell her, that if for some reason, that she cannot control herself, that if she just must, she and only she, can pull those panties to the side and rub your cock on her bare pussy. But she won’t. I'm sure of it. But you're welcome to kiss her and rub your cock on her panties and make her pussy get as wet as you like. I know she won’t. Can you make her? I don't think you can. Can you make her pull them to the side and make her cum on the first stroke without cumming yourself so you can save it for a nice fuck session? No way. Can you make her pull her panties off because she wants to fuck without them in the way? I don't think so. You show me you can do that, and then I’ll believe.


  1. WOW
    That is awesome, have you had this happen yet? Has anyone managed to get her to pull them to the side, would love to see a pic set of this happening.
    Awesome stuff, wish i lived closer :-)

  2. It has not happened yet. Had many responses but none fit the bill. There was one, we even met him for drinks, but when it came time to talk business, as in making sure he practiced safe sex and used a condom, he waffled. He was extremly large, as in around 11", no kidding. I think he thought he was 'THE MAN' and didn't need to wear a condom cause he was so big. In a fantasy world, that would have been hot.

  3. There you go again with that captivating writing again! Very hot stuff. Can't wait to read about it really happening...

  4. Son of a bitch, damn that's hot! My wife is hot ass hell too, and that's exactly what I want her to do. I know she would do it too!

  5. Stellar build up.. just about shot in my pants under my desk!! the visual.. the imagining of her moans.. move by move.. sensational.. hope she explodes on the first stroke someday soon!