Sunday, November 28, 2010

A story I told my Hotwife while we fucked one night, she came on the first stroke...

Bar none, my favorite was and is still today, is to tell stories when we are fucking. Its the hottest thing for me and I was directly talking to the slut in her and she loved and still loves it.  One of my favorite and what made her cum on the very first stroke (no kidding) was a story of how she was at a bar with her hot college or even high school friends on her way after to see me. She and I were just going together.  She wasn’t even old enough to drink, but her and her friends just needed to take a break from school and needed a night out. They had a great time, telling stories and getting a light buzz as they checked out guys in the bar. They were all wearing either tight jeans or slightly provocative clothing, and even her friends looked pretty hot to her as she drank a little more.

But the weather got bad outside as it started to snow. She called me and told me that the temperature outside had dropped to way below freezing. The pass was snowed in and that she needed to stay the night somewhere. I called a friend and he agreed to pick her up and let her stay the night at his house. He was a good friend back from high school that we both knew.  He was a track star actually, in college now, training every day. I told her she would be safe with him, to get warm and I’ll see her in the morning. 

She made it to his house and was very cold and wet, shivering badly. Our friend offered some dry clothes or she can just hop in bed in the spare room and get warm that way. She took off her clothes and jumped into bed with just her panties on. He said good night and went to bed in the other room. But she could not get warm as the house was so cold. Finally, after an hour, she was just freezing and she quickly ran to his room, knocked and said in a shivering voice, is there any way that she can lay in his bed with him so she can get warm again? He said of course.

At this point I got very close to my hotwife and made her part of the story. I described her in that bed carefully, how she only wanted to get warm and was still freezing, but how she noticed as he pressed against her that he was not wearing anything at all. She was slightly alarmed at first, but she was finally getting warm and she knew she had her panties on and that everything is safe as long as those stay on.

He cuddled close to help her get warm and ran his muscular arms over her to heat her up. After time they both found different ways to press against each other to really make the most of the transferring of the heat between the two of them. After time, she started to feel safer with him as he never tried a thing. He did get hard and his cock was huge, but it was okay and not alarming as her panties here still on and she knew that it was just natural for a guy like this to be hard all the time. He must have had so much testosterone in him, he probably was hard more often then he wasn’t.

After a while, she was still cold and found told him so and he suggested that she climb on top. She was hesitant at first but he said it just as a suggestion and her panties were still on and he never tried anything so she finally did after sliding around next to him. She thought of me and how this might look like cheating if I was to walk in. But she remembered I had said to get warm. She also remembered that I was the one that suggested to stay the night with our track star friend and that we both liked him and felt so comfortable with him.

So she climbed on top and at that same time in the story I had my hotwife slide on top of me and let my hard cock press between us, just like what was happening in the story.  I described the uneasy feeling that she felt at first.  How she really just wanted to get warm, but that feelings were conflicted in her with thoughts of being safe, not cheating, staying warm, and how I said it was okay to be there and even suggested it.  It was a struggle, but the struggle was occurring as they both continued to slide against each other and to run their hands on each other bodies, all in an attempt to get warm of course.  He was running his hands all over her back and several times didn’t even think twice about running down her ass cheeks with his hands and it just became natural to do so each time his hands ran down her body. 

They both changed positions of their legs, her legs wide around his, finally his wide around hers. They were both starting to get a little worked up but neither said a word to each other, both just happy to finally be getting warm.  Finally, with what seemed like ages, on the next movement of her putting her legs together, his cock found its way between hers and nestled in tight next to her pussy that was thinly covered by those panties.  Neither hesitated other than to stay in this position, both feeling it was the warmest position so far out of all of them. 

They must have stayed like this for over an hour. Neither moved much, but, both were always just slightly moving a little.  They both were on the edge of sleep or at least wanted the other to believe so.  All movements were continual as they were slight, but they never stopped moving.  At this point, due to all the pre-cum and wetness from her pussy, movements were becoming very slippery.  Everything just slid so naturally together. 

He finally spoke.  He said don’t worry, you are safe with me.  We won’t do anything other than get warm and of course anything that your boyfriend would be unhappy with.  Told her that she can relax, that her panties are still on and nothing can happen as long as those are on.  That she can truly just let go and might as well enjoy herself as it’s a cold night and there is no sense in being miserable.  He started to whisper into her ear and said to just relax and do what every feels natural and ok for her body to do.  To enjoy how it feels, so hard up against her like that.  How it seems so wet and tingly.  How they might as well just be honest with each other and really make this night enjoyable.  Frankly, they could do what they are doing right now all night long and everyone is okay with it.  Nothing is wrong with it.  Its completely safe.  This just goes on and on, just as it was going on with my hotwife as she slipped up and down with her soaking wet panties going up and down the shaft of my cock.

Finally, after whispering and talking to her on just enjoying this night, he said, you know, you could slip those panties off.  I am not saying to do anything other than that, we just keep doing the same thing we are doing right now, but the panties are starting to chaff and we don’t want to show up anywhere tomorrow without any unnecessary redness do we?  They kept just doing what they were as those words sunk into her as it made her uneasy but at the same time he still had not tried anything and he was telling the truth about the redness.  That would look bad tomorrow for sure.  They were both completely shaven as she had planned to be with me that night and wanted to impress so she thought why not, it would slip better if the those silly panties were not in the way.  We are adults here.  I mean we both know the panties are not the reason we have not done anything.  It’s our self control.  With the panties gone, the self control is still there.  After thinking it through in less than a minute, she slipped them off.  She eagerly returned his cock back to its rightful place between her legs and up against her pussy.  In order to test the new slip resistance of course, to see if things were better now.  They both rolled their eyes back just slightly as his cock made it back to its newly found and claimed home from before.  They both just settled in to sliding slowly like they were before to prove nothing had changed with the panties now missing. 

He spoke again, reassuring her that there is nothing to be worried about.  Technically, no one is cheating on anyone unless it was to go inside.  All the way.  I mean, even as it’s sliding on the front, if by chance the tip was to slip in, it’s nothing to worry about, and it doesn’t count.  So just relax. We can do this all night long, just like this.  Why not enjoy it all night.  We aren’t cheating, no one’s getting hurt.  Just staying warm and enjoying each other’s company.  So this continued for quite a while. So often he would say how they should just do this all night long.  Even after another hour, the sliding up and down just continued.  He kept mentioning how it wasn’t cheating and how they should take advantage of everything they can as long as they don’t put it in all the way.  He started to pull his legs up a little and withdrew his hips a little so his cock was pointed more straight out and she started to slide her pussy entrance over the hard tip of his cock as it passed back and forth.  Thoughts ran through her head of how it’s not cheating unless it went all the way in.  As she passed over the tip each time, she bucked down just a little each time so the tip could ‘almost’ slide in each time.

They both didn't know how long this lasted.  Both didn't know how many hundreds of passes her pussy made over the tip of his cock.  Or if the tip really did go in. Or if it went over a quarter of the way in.  Or if it even went half way in.  They both just know that time was starting to stretch.  That he actually had to pull his hip in quite a bit because it felt like to him that she was trying to let his cock in all the way.  Even after he pulled the tip away, it still seemed like she was chasing it with her pussy.  A couple times he made an excuse to have to change positions and needed to slide up or down in the bed, both those times he didn’t fight the need to pull out and it seemed to him that his cock went quite a ways inside.  But both times it was out just as quick.
Finally, after time could stretch no further from the immense pleasure, he started to say it really just matters if it goes all way in, not like his –as he want halfway, but like this- as he showed her by example by burying all of this thick cock fully inside of her.  He pulled out and went back to showing her the difference, between half ways and full.  Pausing each time to make sure she felt the difference, carefully pulling her down on him as she continued to explode in orgasm after orgasm.

Try it with your soon to be hotwife sometime and witness her caving into a friend of yours cock, first hand.   Have fun!!!


  1. that is A hot idea/story.. Thank you, will try this with my wife ;)

  2. Nice!!! Very Hot Story, thanks for sharing.