Monday, November 1, 2010

Met two potentials, one could not make it, but still a good weekend

The guy we met Friday night didn't quite do it for her enough to get together after dinner, but she has had a couple days to think about it and she said she might want to get with him on Tuesday night.  They were chatting on Yahoo IM last night, they were teasing each other back and forth. He looked to be very in shape, would be great to watch.

Then we met a guy for lunch on Sat and it went very well. He was a little older and has a big cock.  He is also experienced.  That's a powerful combo that got her worked up.  She said we are making plans with him for sure, right after we get back from vacation, possibly around Thanksgiving. I had fantasies of him and her for the rest of the weekend.  An experienced gentlemen with a big cock that knows what he is doing will take her to many orgasms and will be a blast to watch and film.  I hope he shows me how it is done.

Her second black guy just didn't work out.  She had second thoughts.  I will describe the first encounter here shortly.  It was very hot at some points, but at others she was feeling that it would not be over soon enough.  So for her to even consider another black man, I knew it was a big deal.  He is a perfect candidate, I knew him from the past and he and I have talked very extensively.  But she had too much time to think about it, she said so her self.  The thoughts of the first encounter were still too strong and she had to call it off.  He was very gracious and said no problem.  He said he might just travel through town sometime and go out for drink and hang out with us and let her become more comfortable.  Smart guy.

So I am still extremely worked up. It has been 4 months since she has hooked up.  She said it has been too long and wants to change that.  This weekend opened up the opportunity for 2 gentlemen.  We also had another big change around here.  I have been the one in charge of our accounts on swinger sites and adult hook up sites.  I have always been working on setting something up and also keeping the riff raff away from her.  But it failed in one area very much.  That is, it did nothing to keep her on simmer.  I was the one going over the profiles, no her.  So when I had shown her someone of interest, she was only so so about him.  But now, even as she just looks though profiles and the men that are interested in her, she gets the great benefit of staying on simmer all day long.  When she finally does find someone that interests her, she will be ready to go in a big way.  I thought she may get harassed too much, but I am thinking she is a big girl, she can take care of herself.  I read that another couple is doing it this way, even though they are not a cuckold couple, still a hotwife lifestyle, and I think it is a good fit for us.  I still get final veto if I don't like the guy which keeps it from going the true cuckold route.  I think it will be great.

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