Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting, Interesting, Interesting....

I am in 'thought' mode if you cant tell by the title.  She was with a gentlemen last Friday, a new guy, a fireman actually. I loved it.  He has a way with her.  She really responded to him.  I know that she has a new outlook on things and that is causing a rippling effect through everything, including her with a new guy and really responding.  But I really liked how he was with her.  I mean really liked it. He is much older then her and even older then me.  He old-schooled her, lol, as in really took his time.  A man after my own heart when it comes to her!  She deserves it.

Now sometimes she doesn't want or need that, but every time is going to be different.  This time really stood out as different.  I came twice just watching them.  No kidding.

For now, I am still working things over in my head on that night.  I watched a small clip last night when she was out exercising.  I made it to where they were kissing and he finally ran his hands over her body and then finally her pussy.  Which was extremely wet by then.  When I saw her two hands grab the back of his head and pull him in for a more passionate kiss as his fingers slipped inside her, that was when I shot off.

Nice dude,  your the man. Would love it if would make her yours again, soon.

Oh, and did I mention that the condom accidentally slipped off sometime during some serious cowgirl action.  They noticed it after about 15 minutes of fast and furious hip rolling. He pulled her down and got on top and started to slide in and out when she noticed the condom was missing.  So, I started pouring pre-cum out as soon as I realized he had been fucking her bareback for who knows how long.  There was a pause in the action as we all gathered ourselves up.  They went back at it and he put a condom back on.  But before long, I had a request as I saw the condom was starting to interrupt the smooth flow of sex between them.

Never thought I would say these words, but I said them with my cock straining to rip my jeans and get back to as hard as it was when I first realized he had been in her previously without a condom.  "I have a request... why don't you just take the condom off and fuck her bareback?  I mean, you already were bareback in her, what difference does it make now?  You already had a vasectomy, so whats the big deal at this point?"....

Since that moment, I have been different and more pre-cum has leaked out then ever before.  Even now as I type this.  He claimed her.  He took her in a way different then the others.  And she responded as such.  And I came twice in my pants while watching......

I need to see it again.  I need to bring her to him.  I need to feel them react once again to being able to fuck skin on skin with nothing in between them.

I have much more to say and to think about this night, that is just a tidbit to keep things up to date at least a little.  We are probably getting back with him in about a week.  Good stuff.

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  1. I am wet just reading this...damn. Fucking hot.
    How do I find this guy?! LOL.

    Any others like this?

    Did the second time/other times watching her with him make you cum like that? And if so, WHY HAVENT YOU BLOGGED ABOUT IT!!!!! :)

    God Damn amazing.