Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hotwife and her latest stud, 2 completely different great nights, the preface

In her sparkling eyes of curiosity, I see her wondering if she will be attracted to him while she applies a little make up and fixes her hair.  I know I see this.  But I wonder about other things.  I wonder just how much she thinks about a new potential hot stud while she gets ready.  Does she think of where his cock might be sliding as she strokes the razor blade over part of her pussy lips to get it smooth?  I mean, does she just go through the motions of getting ready? Or does she think of him a little bit, here and there, but not enough to evoke a tingling at her clit?  Or is she fully trying to hide the excitement from me as she gets ready?  I don't actually watch her as she gets ready, I just happen to walk by the bathroom every once in a while and see her.  Now, I know I have seen a little more skip in her step when she was meeting her 'favorite' for the second time.  I know I caught her smiling on more then one occasion as she applied lipstick and curled her hair.  She knows what is going to happen once he gets close to her. So she is way out ahead with anticipation, literally licking her chops, lol. 

She asks me what I think she should wear each time we are about to get ready.  She listens to my advice and then pics one that makes her the most comfortable, which is exactly what she should do.  She has gone through a pretty massive wardrobe change with likes and dislikes lately.  But it narrows down to either some scrumptious tight jeans that give her some booty pop and invoke some animal instincts in every man that sees her.  Or a very light dress that creates tantalizing images of what is below with unbelievable access while also creating an image of a sweet innocent lady at work here..

I have discovered a couple of things about both of these and how they are both winners.  Both create a completely different image of her.  I think that each new stud requires a little forethought of how to approach him with one of these images.  I mean, lets be honest, she needs to feel comfortable, yes.  But, if she chooses the one that evokes that particular man, pulls him out of his norm, forces him to react more instinctively and less in control- then we are all in for one hell of a night.  It comes down to what he is used to, what his past has taught him to like or dislike.  But I think the most influential thing to think of is what has he not had.  What was his last girlfriend or wife NOT wearing on a regular basis.  Because he wants what he could not have when he was with her.  Get it?  If he was with her for many months and she never wore a dress, then he always turned his head to look at the hottie that just walked by in the flimsy almost falling off dress that just gracefully hugged her ass cheeks as she swayed while passing.  He cant help himself.  He knows what a girl in jeans is like, at least he thinks she will be similar in certain ways.  So, if she always wore jeans and my hotwife flows through the room wearing something he has only dreamed of, well, you know.  I am not saying this is the only thing to consider, I am saying that this might just be something that is extremely powerful that people might NOT be considering.  You want proof that a guy wants what he can't have?  Three words.  School. Girl. Outfit.  Think it through and you will get your proof.

I would say I was a fan of the dresses much more until lately.  After seeing her in those Miss Me jeans, I have to say, they do grab your attention.  She should wear this if the guy is used to a more uptight ex girlfriend.  One that didn't put out or was prissy or prudish.  She will demand his attention with these.  These are dreamy, no kidding.  If she strategically made sure he could get a good view of her in those before he could put his hands on her, he would have to have her.  Gives her a powerful sexy presence and shows she is not afraid to be aggressive.  The dress on the other hand, plays to the imagination while just giving enough to force even more imagination.  The best part of a dress is while the imagination is rolling, it will soon run across the idea of how accessible she really is in a dress.  That will cause a whole lot of additional thoughts to run rampant in every good way there is.  The dress implies sweetness, a lady.  Gives a guy a target of a lady and not an easy one.  I mean, its hard to bed a lady, isn't it?  A guy thinks he is going to have give her extra attention to get that dress off of her.  She will love that.  He might just take his time really impressing her, which is always good.  But once it starts rolling, look out, my favorite part of a dress is that she can leave it on at the start of moving on to other things.  Straighter to the point, I would love to see her getting fucked with the dress still on.  As in, they could not wait, he had to plunge his cock in her now, didn't have time to get the dress off, just a few strokes at least.lol.  If you haven't caught on by now, I live on seeing her lose control.  Seeing her let it all go as she gets what she needs.  mmmmmm....

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