Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First guest writer is a unicorn..

as in she is the very woman this blog is all about.  These are her thoughts:

Ok, so here’s a little of my thought process when I find out there will be a possible encounter. Let’s fast forward a bit, past the verification that a possibility is real, past the pic trading, and past the phone call he has to have with hubby before the dinner or drinks meeting. Let’s go straight to the day of the first meeting. Once I wake up and realize what is going to happen tonight, my thoughts start a kind of “feeding frenzy” you could say. I will use the encounter I had a couple of weeks ago with not just a guy, but a fireman! Now you should know I have a very special place in me for the gorgeous men in uniform. This one was going to be the first fireman. I woke up that morning and immediately remembered that we were meeting him that night. Right then I got a full body tingle that started at my pussy. As I started to wonder how the night might go, I could feel myself getting wet. Boy was I in for a rough day as those thoughts spiraled out of control all day long! Now I love my hubby, but when I am getting ready for some strange cock, it’s different. You don’t get ready like you would get ready for a first date. For me, it’s like all the steps I take when I’m getting ready to go out with my guy, but each of those steps has more steps. It’s just, well, different. Every single step makes me tingle and shake because of who I am now getting ready for. This “stranger” must have the best of me. If he doesn’t get the best, I won’t feel like I have conquered him once it’s over and we are lying there in a mess of sweat and sheets. These types of thoughts go on all day. One after the other, each one starting where the one before left off and sometimes overlapping. I wonder what his kiss will taste like. Will he kiss like hubby? Or maybe like one of my previous lovers? What will I do when those lips first touch me “down there”? I already know I will go crazy. So as I’m showering I take a little extra care to make sure I am nothing but clean everywhere. It’s only the best for this guy tonight. He will get all of me. I will be his. Yes, hubby will be in the shadows, watching me as I take him in. I won’t always realize he is still there though. I will be living out the fantasy that has been in my head this whole day. The one of him and me taking each other to the ultimate heights of pure ecstasy and pleasure. After a long day of such agonizing thoughts, I met this stranger, this fireman for the first time. He was everything and more than I thought he would be. After all, I had only photos and instant chat to go on. He was this intense gentleman and what took me by surprise initially was how much he was a gentleman like my hubby. He was still different though. He was different because he was not my husband. It was different also because I knew I would be fucking him later and that hubby would only be watching. I sat at that table in the restaurant for what seemed like eternity listening to him. Even though it was only surface talk, I could hear it in his voice that he wanted to fuck me as well. I sat there wondering what it would feel like when his cock would first penetrate me and what it would be like when I had that cock as far down my throat as I could take it. Yes, those were my thoughts of that day and evening and until all that thinking and wanting finally became a reality later that night. My body became an absolute flood of emotions as he fucked me that night. All the things that went through my head that day happened along with so much more. These are just some of my thoughts from that encounter. Each time is different. I will have more to tell all of you later.

Here is a pic of later that night:
I am a lucky man.

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