Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alpha male Craigslist ad we ran for a while

a rare stallion, alpha, experienced gentlemen, accomplished, confident - mw4m
you are good looking, extremely fit, and race has nothing to do with this

Your time is extremely valuable. You almost never scan the Craigslist casual encounters area but had 5 min to spare and decided to see if anything peaked your interest. I know your time is valuable because you are a text or phone call away from a woman's voice that would drop what she is doing right then and come to you. You know this because you do it occasionally, with this woman and several others, and they all tell you to please call them as they would see you as much as you would allow them. You are very good at what you do to women. Not only do you have a very large cock, but you know the effect it has on a woman when your skills are unleashed on a woman that makes you very hard. You truly enjoy watching them experience you. You love to watch them lose themselves in the pleasure you are bringing them and taking them to new heights. I could go on and on, but you already know, I am just trying to find you. I have witnessed a man like you. Whether you are called an Alpha, or have no title, but just a smile that you know what you are capable of. Confidence is not even discussed as there is no need. There is not even room for arrogance, just knowing. You know that if I was to let you meet my woman, that if you decided that she was worth your energy, that I did not disappoint in my description of her, that she looked even better in person then the hot photos I showed you, that she would not remember yesterday when it was all said and done. That she would only remember the things you made her feel. And then you would know that she is another text or phone call away from being in front of you shortly, wearing something provocative, lightly tanned, hair, makeup, and perfume just the way you like it, all in an effort to make you desire her, her wishing deeply that you would please plunge your cock into her over and over again, like you have before. She will be hooked on you, can not get enough of you. You know you could make her do anything you desire.

It would be my honor to meet you and be an acquaintance of yours if you are what we are looking for. We never play alone, but your time with her is your time, I am only there to witness her being taken to new places. I will film it in detail of course, as once I get the film home to watch over and over all the little things I missed that tell me that she loves me very much, but right now, this gentlemen has what I need, right now. Discretion is of the up most importance, we don't even need to know real names, we have no interest in any non sense of anyones identity coming back to them in any way, including our own. We are in no rush, this is not something that will happen soon, I must feel comfortable with you first or she will not feel comfortable with you. If I am convinced you are what we are looking for, then she would love to meet you. The biggest problem we both face right now is trust. I think you are not the guy we are looking for but just want a shot with her. Sorry, we are extremely picky. I have described the gentlemen we are looking for very carefully and at the same time I must want to see you with her and she will have to be attracted to you. We will need both of those things to be true. If you really are the guy I have described above, and we reply that we are not interested at this time, then you most likely will just smile knowing she is missing out and never give us another thought. The other half of the trust issue is that you don't believe she exists, or is not as hot as I have made her out to be. Very valid obstacles we face as im sure you have run into this before. We can chat about this via email or even on the phone to resolve this issue and present possible solutions.


  1. Hmmm...interesting. If I had been scanning that particular Craiglist ad, the first thing that would have struck me is that the author had no idea that the correct spelling should have been "piqued"; and I'd have stopped reading there. "Peaked" has an entirely different meaning, and the incorrect use means that it would be unlikely our passions would have peaked together. So I'd have moved onto the next, more literate ad.

  2. Maybe that is why I never found anyone that fits the bill with this ad, they were so hung up on the spelling of the words in the ad that it turned them off. Good, not the type of guy I was looking for, way too much into himself then feeling the need to take a woman places of pleasure she has never been. I am sure the next excellent craigslist ad worked well for you, 'looking for cock, must be today only, me so horny' lol Cause there are soooo many well written craigslist ads to work with every week.

    If you look closer, the entire blog I am sure is full with spelling errors. Very sorry, I don't have a lot of free time and must punch these out quickly sometimes. I feel the content is important and that a word here or there misspelled does not void the content, if so, would you rather I take the blog down? Does it really blow it that bad for you?