Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts I have about a 'meet'

Even today, she still tries to cover it up and it always turns me on when I see through it. But yes, she will (finally) simply admit that she wants this hot stud with a big cock to use her body as he pleases.  And for me and her to be the same once this act of pure pleasure gets a chance to play itself out.  That's what she works to ensure.  It drives me wild to know that if she can really firm up and secure our relationship, she would kiss me gently on the cheek and then move towards this new predator.

I see a twinkle in her eyes sometimes.  It's sweet and innocent and yet full of desire.  She just wants a few things, as she bites a single fingernail on the corner of her mouth and moves her leg from side to side.  Just to feel this new man's cock needing to get back in her, stroke after stroke, like a drug for him, an addiction.  That's all. As the last stroke just made him want more, and so on and so on. To submit to him, needing to please him and give him anything he needs.  To purr like a kitten and taunt and tease in an effort to evoke his strength of desire for her.  To trigger him into a frenzy that he must obey inside him, in needing her pressing against him and to feel this strength and desire for her running through him. See, its simple, she just wants a few things.  Can't a nice girl have them?  wink wink..

Once she has 'marked' a man as hot, she wants to feel him lose control because of her.  She wants it to be his idea.  For him to just see her as his new prey. She has already done her instinctual examination of him.  In just a few seconds she decided he was worthy. She now wants something about her to set him off. For this to work, she needs to know of his true desires for her.   Her curves, her movements, her smell, her offering herself to him in some ways that are very obvious, but most that can not be seen but only felt between them.  She needs to set him off, to set off the need to claim her- NOW.  No waiting, no rules, as long as I am there and close so she knows we are secure, she wants to wade into his pool. This movement towards him is her first commitment in obeying him that she craves, to prove to him that she is listening.  Once there, her needs will start to be fulfilled as they both start what unbridled lusting sexual creatures do once close enough.  She obeys non verbally to him and just positions herself as available to him and submitting, yet play fighting just enough to keep his attention so he focuses on her.

He knows what he wants.  She is close now.  Stepped into his territory, wearing barely anything.  He thinks she doesn't realize at what point she has no choice about all of this, but there is a point.  The point at which he is committed to burying his cock in her, holding her, pinning her until he has finished needing and satisfying himself with her.  She is now responsible for his runaway needs as she is in his space.  She actually knows this point very well.  But she wants it crossed as needful as he does. This is her second commitment in obeying she continues to cross this point willfully.

From here, she is his.  He will have her and he will continue to train her in needing him and obeying him.  This is all very subtle to an observer.  I can only see glimpses.  But if the chemistry is right and the animals are excited enough, it happens this way every time.  At what degree it happens depends on everything.  I have been lucky enough to witness this happen more and more at a very raw level.  This is what turns me on.  This is what I need to see.

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