Thursday, October 21, 2010

She brought home a naughty little school girl outfit

I am hoping that she lets me do a photo shoot this weekend as this outfit is worth it. She was with a friend that was going to get it and she thought it was cute and wanted it to. I know she bought it with me in mind. But. I know that she knows that my friend has craving for these little outfits. He told me about how his woman got dressed up in one and how much it really turned him on. I told her the details long ago and she remembered, I'm sure of it. And while I think she bought it for her and I to have fun, I think that in the back of her mind she also bought it for him. That maybe his control over her has already set in. That she has already begun to obey him. I can only hope as I am getting wood right now thinking about it. I will be sure to rush the hot photos to his txt number as soon as I get them. I am sure that after tomorrow night of heavy petting, he will really like these pics. Should make him want to set up another meet soon. Will be interesting to see how she obeys his wishes again. All of it so far without him saying one word to her. That's pretty powerful.

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