Monday, October 25, 2010

My friend came for a visit

It was hot, but it was short. He backed out. He may come around later but he wasn't comfortable with it all. He doesn't know that we have an open relationship, so this is probably pretty strange to him. He must think its strange that we are so comfortable with it all. But, at least he made out with her for about 30 min. Things got very heated, lots of hands everywhere. She was wearing some super hot jeans and he made sure that he explored every inch of them.

She met him at the door as she heard his Harley pull up.  I stayed in the computer room/office and let her greet him at the door.  They started going at it immediately.  Once they moved to the couch,  I came out and set up the video camera on the bar and aimed it at them, then I left them for a while to let them get comfortable with each other.  Boy did they.  After about 30 min of hands everywhere and some nice grinding, he actually came in his jeans.  No kidding.  I had told them both to leave the clothes on, so I could get comfortable with them doing things, so they sure took advantage of what they had.  I have already watched the video and stroked to it. So very hot to see those two animals go at it, wow. I also was gifted a small photo op of her pulling down her jeans in slow motion for sending him a tease pic before he arrived, here is a nice one.  I have a strong feeling he is going to get things straight in his head and he will be back over for another visit. He came in his jeans for heaven's sake, he has got to get himself some more, I'm sure of it.

Now after watching the clip, I have to say that I was just as turned on watching that as I am of watching her getting fucked.  Knowing they wanted each other so bad and finally getting a chance to explore each other.  She said he was very rough too, and she liked it!  We fucked that night and twice on Saturday as we were both very turned on by all of it.

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