Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leading up to the first time

After more than three weeks and 50 responses a day from a Craigslist ad, we received a response from Jay.  From the instant she first saw his picture and I saw her face light up, I knew she wanted this stud to be the one she tested the waters with.  She was very excited by all of this.  She was even more excited that this hot guy was showing an interest in her.  Turned on even more that I allowed all of this and very much encouraged it.  She is confident in the right setting but in general she feels she is not.  But she loves attention from any hot guy.  Let alone a hot guy that has seen her naked body via pics and now has made contact and actively pursuing her for the chance to get close to her.

My observation of her, once I was relaying what he said in the emails, was of pure excitement.  When we made love that night, she came very hard and very easily.   And each consecutive time I brought him into her thoughts, I could feel her relax a little more as she could tell I was more and more okay with all of this.  I lived for experiencing her growing with desire for him.  I knew she loved me, but it threw me over the top to feel her growing to need him a little more each day.

She held back though, trying to stay reserved.  For my benefit she does this, even now, any time I ask her on the surface what she thinks.  She doesn't want to hurt my feelings, doesn't want to hurt my ego. I saw that effort and it showed me that she really loves me and doesn't want anything to get in between us. But what she doesn't know, is that she is not going to hurt my ego....and while its sweet, nice, and even proper, it's not what turns me on, but it does make me smile.

I purposely worked on getting her true feelings out.  I sensed she was having more difficulty keeping feelings hid, the ones my cock was searching for.  I don't always want to hear what she thinks she needs to say.  I don't always want to hear what is proper. She thinks carefully about what she should say in an effort to keep from breaking any imaginary egg shells she thinks she might be wandering onto.  What turned me on then and made me decide that this adventure is what I wanted to do, is also what turns me on now.  That once I help her feel more comfortable, I get bits of the real truth.  This is the truth that makes my cock rock hard.  That her animal instincts deep down are brought alive by the thoughts of an attractive, built, and gorgeous man with a big cock wanting her, needing her.

Sorry, got sidetracked -I made sure that she had his pictures on her computer to look at whenever she wanted in an effort to let her excitement reach its full potential.  I also relayed everything that was said between him and I to her as I worked on setting a meet up via email and a phone call.  I was uneasy at this point, wondering if this was something I was going to be able to handle.  I ran the thoughts through my head for many days before we ran the ad.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  I actually ran the ad without telling her the first time.

She was out of town seeing relatives for several weeks. She would send me an occasional hot panty pic to keep me worked up. See banner above for my collection of those pics over time.  She wanted to make sure that I was thinking about her constantly even though she was far away at the time, bless her heart.  What she didn't realize was, I was so turned on by the few pics that she sent and at the same time frustrated by the fact that she did not think she was hot.  At all.  I couldn't believe that she actually felt that way.

I wanted to prove to her that she was.  That not only was she hot, but extremely desired by any hot blooded guy that got a few pics of her.  I already knew this.  I originally ran the ad in Craigslist to prove it to her.  I wanted to show her the responses I received.  I was not wrong.  My email box blew up, it was flooded with responses every day.  Mostly guys that were not in her league, too old or beer bellies, or worse.  The ad clearly said she was interested in fit men, attractive and have a large cock. This is for her fun, why not?   But these guys could care less what the ad said, they just hoped the person running this ad was in the need to get it on, right now.  And since they were the early bird, they wanted to be the one that got the worm.  Some even got a little heated if I didn't respond right away.  Even if they were clearly not the target of the ad.  So what was going through their heads? "I am fat and out of shape with a tiny cock and I'm getting a little pissed right now that I haven't got a response so lets fire off an email and get demanding?   LOL.  Ya, good luck with that approach guys.  But not only were we in no hurry, I was just running the ad to get a feel for what guys said about her and by chance any might be her type.

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