Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friend is coming over to the house tomorrow

My Hotwife had learned that he would be free on Friday night and told me that I should invite him over. We went over to his house about a week ago to watch a fight on UFC. She showed off her new Miss Me jeans when ever she had a chance but for the most part just played cool. I saw him steal some glances at her ass on several occasions. Some of the glances weren't glances but full on checking out. If it wasn't for the other people that were there, she said she would have went over gave him a big kiss.

That fast forwards to today and her wanting him to come over. I called him, he said sweet, waiting to hear back from him on whether he wants to go to dinner with us first so we can get back to watch the MLB play offs between the Yankees and Rangers. She is going to wear some tight jeans. She will also probably had a drink or two and will be very ready to enjoy her self once she gets back home. I told them both that I am comfortable with them making out and rubbing, anything they want as long as the clothes stay on. He doesn't know she already lives the Hotwife lifestyle. He has been with many woman. Should make for an interesting evening.

I will film a little, take a picture here and there, probably go for a walk and let them have some time alone and get comfortable, then come watch them as I stroke my cock. Hopefully I get comfortable with a friend of mine being with her and I can continue to 'loosen' up for future visits. I am thinking I'm pretty good with them making out and heavy petting. At some point I know she could cum from that, will have to see if he can. I think most people miss out on so much by just jumping in for the sex. The next 'date', maybe they can take advantage of my comfort level and both wear clothes that are a little thinner. I know I would, lol...

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