Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great news

She is really enjoying things and wants to start experiencing new men.  Got a guy lined up for Friday night for dinner to see if we click and then off to his hotel.  Got a guy lined up for just a lunch on Sat, if she likes then we can set up a date for a hotel meet.  Finally, got a guy coming from out of town on Saturday afternoon, it's her second black guy (finally), and he is going to cook out with us and watch a movie and see 'what comes up'.  I am very excited about these.  She even ordered a bunch of libido enhancers from the vitamin store.  I cant wait to film it all. I will post more after it happens.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My friend came for a visit

It was hot, but it was short. He backed out. He may come around later but he wasn't comfortable with it all. He doesn't know that we have an open relationship, so this is probably pretty strange to him. He must think its strange that we are so comfortable with it all. But, at least he made out with her for about 30 min. Things got very heated, lots of hands everywhere. She was wearing some super hot jeans and he made sure that he explored every inch of them.

She met him at the door as she heard his Harley pull up.  I stayed in the computer room/office and let her greet him at the door.  They started going at it immediately.  Once they moved to the couch,  I came out and set up the video camera on the bar and aimed it at them, then I left them for a while to let them get comfortable with each other.  Boy did they.  After about 30 min of hands everywhere and some nice grinding, he actually came in his jeans.  No kidding.  I had told them both to leave the clothes on, so I could get comfortable with them doing things, so they sure took advantage of what they had.  I have already watched the video and stroked to it. So very hot to see those two animals go at it, wow. I also was gifted a small photo op of her pulling down her jeans in slow motion for sending him a tease pic before he arrived, here is a nice one.  I have a strong feeling he is going to get things straight in his head and he will be back over for another visit. He came in his jeans for heaven's sake, he has got to get himself some more, I'm sure of it.

Now after watching the clip, I have to say that I was just as turned on watching that as I am of watching her getting fucked.  Knowing they wanted each other so bad and finally getting a chance to explore each other.  She said he was very rough too, and she liked it!  We fucked that night and twice on Saturday as we were both very turned on by all of it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She brought home a naughty little school girl outfit

I am hoping that she lets me do a photo shoot this weekend as this outfit is worth it. She was with a friend that was going to get it and she thought it was cute and wanted it to. I know she bought it with me in mind. But. I know that she knows that my friend has craving for these little outfits. He told me about how his woman got dressed up in one and how much it really turned him on. I told her the details long ago and she remembered, I'm sure of it. And while I think she bought it for her and I to have fun, I think that in the back of her mind she also bought it for him. That maybe his control over her has already set in. That she has already begun to obey him. I can only hope as I am getting wood right now thinking about it. I will be sure to rush the hot photos to his txt number as soon as I get them. I am sure that after tomorrow night of heavy petting, he will really like these pics. Should make him want to set up another meet soon. Will be interesting to see how she obeys his wishes again. All of it so far without him saying one word to her. That's pretty powerful.

Friend is coming over to the house tomorrow

My Hotwife had learned that he would be free on Friday night and told me that I should invite him over. We went over to his house about a week ago to watch a fight on UFC. She showed off her new Miss Me jeans when ever she had a chance but for the most part just played cool. I saw him steal some glances at her ass on several occasions. Some of the glances weren't glances but full on checking out. If it wasn't for the other people that were there, she said she would have went over gave him a big kiss.

That fast forwards to today and her wanting him to come over. I called him, he said sweet, waiting to hear back from him on whether he wants to go to dinner with us first so we can get back to watch the MLB play offs between the Yankees and Rangers. She is going to wear some tight jeans. She will also probably had a drink or two and will be very ready to enjoy her self once she gets back home. I told them both that I am comfortable with them making out and rubbing, anything they want as long as the clothes stay on. He doesn't know she already lives the Hotwife lifestyle. He has been with many woman. Should make for an interesting evening.

I will film a little, take a picture here and there, probably go for a walk and let them have some time alone and get comfortable, then come watch them as I stroke my cock. Hopefully I get comfortable with a friend of mine being with her and I can continue to 'loosen' up for future visits. I am thinking I'm pretty good with them making out and heavy petting. At some point I know she could cum from that, will have to see if he can. I think most people miss out on so much by just jumping in for the sex. The next 'date', maybe they can take advantage of my comfort level and both wear clothes that are a little thinner. I know I would, lol...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts I have about a 'meet'

Even today, she still tries to cover it up and it always turns me on when I see through it. But yes, she will (finally) simply admit that she wants this hot stud with a big cock to use her body as he pleases.  And for me and her to be the same once this act of pure pleasure gets a chance to play itself out.  That's what she works to ensure.  It drives me wild to know that if she can really firm up and secure our relationship, she would kiss me gently on the cheek and then move towards this new predator.

I see a twinkle in her eyes sometimes.  It's sweet and innocent and yet full of desire.  She just wants a few things, as she bites a single fingernail on the corner of her mouth and moves her leg from side to side.  Just to feel this new man's cock needing to get back in her, stroke after stroke, like a drug for him, an addiction.  That's all. As the last stroke just made him want more, and so on and so on. To submit to him, needing to please him and give him anything he needs.  To purr like a kitten and taunt and tease in an effort to evoke his strength of desire for her.  To trigger him into a frenzy that he must obey inside him, in needing her pressing against him and to feel this strength and desire for her running through him. See, its simple, she just wants a few things.  Can't a nice girl have them?  wink wink..

Once she has 'marked' a man as hot, she wants to feel him lose control because of her.  She wants it to be his idea.  For him to just see her as his new prey. She has already done her instinctual examination of him.  In just a few seconds she decided he was worthy. She now wants something about her to set him off. For this to work, she needs to know of his true desires for her.   Her curves, her movements, her smell, her offering herself to him in some ways that are very obvious, but most that can not be seen but only felt between them.  She needs to set him off, to set off the need to claim her- NOW.  No waiting, no rules, as long as I am there and close so she knows we are secure, she wants to wade into his pool. This movement towards him is her first commitment in obeying him that she craves, to prove to him that she is listening.  Once there, her needs will start to be fulfilled as they both start what unbridled lusting sexual creatures do once close enough.  She obeys non verbally to him and just positions herself as available to him and submitting, yet play fighting just enough to keep his attention so he focuses on her.

He knows what he wants.  She is close now.  Stepped into his territory, wearing barely anything.  He thinks she doesn't realize at what point she has no choice about all of this, but there is a point.  The point at which he is committed to burying his cock in her, holding her, pinning her until he has finished needing and satisfying himself with her.  She is now responsible for his runaway needs as she is in his space.  She actually knows this point very well.  But she wants it crossed as needful as he does. This is her second commitment in obeying she continues to cross this point willfully.

From here, she is his.  He will have her and he will continue to train her in needing him and obeying him.  This is all very subtle to an observer.  I can only see glimpses.  But if the chemistry is right and the animals are excited enough, it happens this way every time.  At what degree it happens depends on everything.  I have been lucky enough to witness this happen more and more at a very raw level.  This is what turns me on.  This is what I need to see.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leading up to the first time

After more than three weeks and 50 responses a day from a Craigslist ad, we received a response from Jay.  From the instant she first saw his picture and I saw her face light up, I knew she wanted this stud to be the one she tested the waters with.  She was very excited by all of this.  She was even more excited that this hot guy was showing an interest in her.  Turned on even more that I allowed all of this and very much encouraged it.  She is confident in the right setting but in general she feels she is not.  But she loves attention from any hot guy.  Let alone a hot guy that has seen her naked body via pics and now has made contact and actively pursuing her for the chance to get close to her.

My observation of her, once I was relaying what he said in the emails, was of pure excitement.  When we made love that night, she came very hard and very easily.   And each consecutive time I brought him into her thoughts, I could feel her relax a little more as she could tell I was more and more okay with all of this.  I lived for experiencing her growing with desire for him.  I knew she loved me, but it threw me over the top to feel her growing to need him a little more each day.

She held back though, trying to stay reserved.  For my benefit she does this, even now, any time I ask her on the surface what she thinks.  She doesn't want to hurt my feelings, doesn't want to hurt my ego. I saw that effort and it showed me that she really loves me and doesn't want anything to get in between us. But what she doesn't know, is that she is not going to hurt my ego....and while its sweet, nice, and even proper, it's not what turns me on, but it does make me smile.

I purposely worked on getting her true feelings out.  I sensed she was having more difficulty keeping feelings hid, the ones my cock was searching for.  I don't always want to hear what she thinks she needs to say.  I don't always want to hear what is proper. She thinks carefully about what she should say in an effort to keep from breaking any imaginary egg shells she thinks she might be wandering onto.  What turned me on then and made me decide that this adventure is what I wanted to do, is also what turns me on now.  That once I help her feel more comfortable, I get bits of the real truth.  This is the truth that makes my cock rock hard.  That her animal instincts deep down are brought alive by the thoughts of an attractive, built, and gorgeous man with a big cock wanting her, needing her.

Sorry, got sidetracked -I made sure that she had his pictures on her computer to look at whenever she wanted in an effort to let her excitement reach its full potential.  I also relayed everything that was said between him and I to her as I worked on setting a meet up via email and a phone call.  I was uneasy at this point, wondering if this was something I was going to be able to handle.  I ran the thoughts through my head for many days before we ran the ad.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  I actually ran the ad without telling her the first time.

She was out of town seeing relatives for several weeks. She would send me an occasional hot panty pic to keep me worked up. See banner above for my collection of those pics over time.  She wanted to make sure that I was thinking about her constantly even though she was far away at the time, bless her heart.  What she didn't realize was, I was so turned on by the few pics that she sent and at the same time frustrated by the fact that she did not think she was hot.  At all.  I couldn't believe that she actually felt that way.

I wanted to prove to her that she was.  That not only was she hot, but extremely desired by any hot blooded guy that got a few pics of her.  I already knew this.  I originally ran the ad in Craigslist to prove it to her.  I wanted to show her the responses I received.  I was not wrong.  My email box blew up, it was flooded with responses every day.  Mostly guys that were not in her league, too old or beer bellies, or worse.  The ad clearly said she was interested in fit men, attractive and have a large cock. This is for her fun, why not?   But these guys could care less what the ad said, they just hoped the person running this ad was in the need to get it on, right now.  And since they were the early bird, they wanted to be the one that got the worm.  Some even got a little heated if I didn't respond right away.  Even if they were clearly not the target of the ad.  So what was going through their heads? "I am fat and out of shape with a tiny cock and I'm getting a little pissed right now that I haven't got a response so lets fire off an email and get demanding?   LOL.  Ya, good luck with that approach guys.  But not only were we in no hurry, I was just running the ad to get a feel for what guys said about her and by chance any might be her type.