Thursday, September 23, 2010

Told her I sent him the picture

She lit up with a big smile.  A smile that told me she would be extremely horny at aerobics class and ready to fuck tonight.  She wanted to see what picture I sent, I showed her.  She wanted to know everything he said.  I know her pussy was tingling with everything I told her he said as she pressed for every detail.  Did not want me to leave anything out.  She will be thinking about him fucking her from here forward, I love her for that, I know how she is.  She will be having raw hardcore thoughts of being dominated by him I suspect as she will leave out the more lovemaking thoughts since its just hot passionate fucking that could happen. He has mentioned before that he has gotten rough during sex and she has a very real thing for him, I am sure some of that rough stuff is turning her on. Nice.

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