Monday, September 27, 2010

Her and I covered many topics this weekend

She wants to fuck our friend.  Bad.  We talked about no touching, which she listened to but I could tell she was getting frustrated by the thought of not being able to fuck.  She said she at least needs his fingers or for him to lick her or she will feel that she is not really getting anything out of it.  But I don't know how comfortable I am with such a close friend fucking her.  And I still think that we should both try this as something new.  I have also used the thought of fucking him when her and I fuck and those thoughts always take us both over the edge.
Am I teasing her too much?  Since him and I are good friends, I just don't know how I am going to feel afterward.  I think I need to take this one slow.  I need to think about what the outcome will be and how I will deal with that.  Need to think about why this one is different.  I get really turned on by the thought of them two heating each other up, really getting worked up over each other.  At some point I could handle touching.  After a while, I could handle more as I would want to see more.  Her sucking his cock is a big turn on, him plowing her doggy style is a big turn on, I just need to think about more.  Ill post more when I figure it all out on this topic, got many more topics to cover!

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