Monday, September 27, 2010

Her and I covered many topics this weekend

She wants to fuck our friend.  Bad.  We talked about no touching, which she listened to but I could tell she was getting frustrated by the thought of not being able to fuck.  She said she at least needs his fingers or for him to lick her or she will feel that she is not really getting anything out of it.  But I don't know how comfortable I am with such a close friend fucking her.  And I still think that we should both try this as something new.  I have also used the thought of fucking him when her and I fuck and those thoughts always take us both over the edge.
Am I teasing her too much?  Since him and I are good friends, I just don't know how I am going to feel afterward.  I think I need to take this one slow.  I need to think about what the outcome will be and how I will deal with that.  Need to think about why this one is different.  I get really turned on by the thought of them two heating each other up, really getting worked up over each other.  At some point I could handle touching.  After a while, I could handle more as I would want to see more.  Her sucking his cock is a big turn on, him plowing her doggy style is a big turn on, I just need to think about more.  Ill post more when I figure it all out on this topic, got many more topics to cover!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Told her I sent him the picture

She lit up with a big smile.  A smile that told me she would be extremely horny at aerobics class and ready to fuck tonight.  She wanted to see what picture I sent, I showed her.  She wanted to know everything he said.  I know her pussy was tingling with everything I told her he said as she pressed for every detail.  Did not want me to leave anything out.  She will be thinking about him fucking her from here forward, I love her for that, I know how she is.  She will be having raw hardcore thoughts of being dominated by him I suspect as she will leave out the more lovemaking thoughts since its just hot passionate fucking that could happen. He has mentioned before that he has gotten rough during sex and she has a very real thing for him, I am sure some of that rough stuff is turning her on. Nice.

Fantasy of showing her off to close friend

This one has me, right now, more tingles from these new thoughts then anything else.  Here is the scene:  If she were to get all dressed up in a nice hot little number, some sleek little dress that pulls up so easily with some hot Victoria Secret panties underneath and we then visit a friends house to hang out when his woman was away.  I know they both would love to fuck each other if given the chance, but I am thinking hands off, no touching what so ever.  He is too close of a friend and also might talk to someone in our circle or close to it and we just do not need the drama. But with a safeguard, it might work. Maybe if she was to either dance a little or maybe just strike some provocative poses throughout his house and maybe let him take pictures with my camera.  Maybe let him direct her poses at some point.  So with her teasing a little with what she shows and him directing what he wants to see, this could create a very exciting evening.  No touching, not even nudity.  The furthest it could go is what ever he can see through her light material choice of clothing. I also know for a fact that see through clothing is a big turn on for him.  If she gets that information, she might just have even more fun with that. Just build and build more excitement.

She could come back at a later date with more changes of clothes, do a photo shoot throughout his house, including his bed. I keep the pictures. Nothing could ever be said to anyone as he would never want those pictures to end up anywhere but with us, so by default, makes me feel pretty safe with keeping our lifestyle a secret.  Just throwing the fantasy around in my head.  But every time I do, I get worked up....

With both of them wanting to fuck each other silly, yet unable to even touch, I wonder how high I could watch them both get before they both masturbate through their clothing in each others corners watching each other do the same. hmmmmm, pretty hot I think.  I'm thinking some things about her would catch his interests, certain angles, certain things he sees.  Let alone the looks that she will not be able to hide from him.  The ones that tell him that she desires his cock in her right now.  Where she wants him grabbing her hips from behind and thrusting his large cock into her.  She has told me this before, so I know its what she will be thinking.  And I have told her that he would love to fuck her if he could.  She loves to be the desire of a man that she she thinks is hot.  She loves to think about how bad he really wants to get inside her and if given an empty hotel room with no other concerns that its where they would be right now. She could then feel how hard his cock is for her as she feels his extreme desire to plunge it in and out over and over in her shaven pussy.

They will be shy at the beginning, her teasing poses and him cracking remarks on how he wants her to pose in his attempt to keep it light.  But I think it would start to get much more serious as they both got more and more turned on.  Much more seductive, less shyness and joking.  More deep looks at each other.  More desire coming to the surface that neither will be able to hide.  Then as they both realize the limitations, their minds racing around on what they both want to do, see, and say.  Hitting the wall of no touching but staying right next to it as to take in as much as possible.  Both know that they will be fucking each other in their minds later that night when they are apart.  Whether its going solo or her fucking me and him fucking his woman, regardless, they will be fucking each other very passionately.

I would love to see all this.  And the next time, and the next.  On top of all this, I know neither of them have any will power when it comes to holding back from fucking.  I mean, sure, they do, but I know them both so well, that they will be literally aching to fucking each other after a while.  I should be able to whisper his name in her ear at night when we make love and for it to create such a strong orgasm in her that it gets me excited to just think about it.  Maybe I should just text him and ask him if its okay to txt him naughty pics of her.  And then do that for a couple of months and see what that creates in him.  Maybe I should just write down the list of rules and hand it to both of them.  hmmm, maybe in a couple weeks or when I hear of his woman leaving town again.  hmmmmmm.....

You know, I'm sending him a txt right now to see if he is alone or if I can send him a picture.  waiting for response a blank text from him, lol, didn't know you could send a blank text, haha......Says he is eating lunch close to here, I just asked him if wanted a Hot Pic of my woman.  He just responded with Yea. So I just sent the pic from the previous post.  He said 'Sweet'.  Said the only thing that would make that pic better is a big red hand print.  Said he was on the road next weekend and I could send him what ever pics I wanted as he would be all by himself. loltext-ed that I will have to bring her over sometime wearing just that and see if she will get photogenic for him.  He said "YES!"  lol.  The wheels of turning the fantasy into reality are turning..

So if I plan this just right, I can send him a new pic every 2-3 days to keep him on simmer.  That should start to get him climbing the excitement ladder.  I will start talking with her here and there and see if she is interested also. lol.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Post -

My fantasies of her never stop, they just continue to evolve fiercely.  The more I get a 'taste' of her throughout our normal days and our mmmm- not so normal days, the deeper she has control of me.  I allow this control as it turns me on more then anything I have ever experienced.  She is the very center of my sexual essence.  The situation of this picture is the very pinnacle of what she does to me and so far is the high point of anything I have experienced in my life sexually.

You see, this one is special as its something new and I hope its something we continue.  This photo was taken right after we got home from a 2 hour fuck session she just had with a total stud.  He slowly let these minimal clothes slide to the floor at the beginning of their meeting and then pulled the thong to the side as he fucked her from behind before he slid them off for more complete and unrestricted access to her body. All the while I watched and filmed in amazement from the sidelines where I love it. This was actually their second meeting, the first was just two days prior.  That day consisted of me bringing her to him and him letting out his animal instincts. He went over her body very carefully and methodically like a big predator of the wild that has its prey pinned and is just playing with its catch.  The more he was close and intimate with her, the more he was instinctively turned on which just naturally flowed to him needing to get his 9" cock inside her. And he did get inside her, for over 1 hour continuously.  That day was needful, he needed take her first in missionary, both so he could experience who she was face to face and see her entire body awaken to his touch as he went through many different techniques to find where she lost control.  And also so could see her gradually become his over time as she gave control to him.  More on that later....

The second day was less needful and much more about his drive as he took her in many different positions all over the room.  More on that later also....

But this photo was her showing me what she offered him, with a confidence level that I have not seen before. She showed me what was his for the last couple of days and what will be his again when he comes back to town. He brought her to an uncountable amount of orgasms both days over and over. I was now able to finally touch her, this fantasy that I have been watching, this sexual goddess, I was now able to actually feel with my hands and my fingertips.  I took her all in immediately after these photos and she led me to the bedroom where I reclaimed her with some very forceful cock strokes....

Now, as I go over the videos,  I immerse myself in all the little nuances that I missed during the actual event.  Going over these when I can review, fast forward and pause is the next best sexual high I have ever achieved in my life up till now.  Being able to really see her let go of herself in detail is an incredible turn on and given enough alone time, I will have my hard cock out and stroke it to completion in just minutes if I have been reviewing the vids for any length of time.

So here is the reason I have chosen to blog about our experiences.  I need to let out what I am feeling in words and I need her to know my thoughts.  We communicate everything, but sometimes we get busy and I have trouble really saying what I want to say.  Now, I can say exactly what I am feeling.  If there are any readers of this blog that enjoy the true stories, I hope you give kind words as we just are not looking for any negative drama. If you like what you read, let us know!

More to come very shortly....