Monday, December 20, 2010

Nuts and Bolts

Do these two sentences below sum it up for me?  Best I can do so far.  I wrote them for a description of what turns me on in my profile on the best Hotwife forum out there-  I have since re-checked these to see if they need changing or if I could rewrite them to get it more accurate.

"Being shown by an Alpha male how my hotwife responds to cock instinctively and have him show off how he can make her respond while giving the camera a good view of the full length of his cock going all the way in and then all the way out.  Watching her do things out of lust and desire that she doesn't do with me or does but only to make me happy."

Nope, I think the real excitement for me is still in those two sentences.   I have changed them around a little but always end up back where I started.  Now that I have settled on them, it is time to write more details.  So here are some thoughts that go into those two lines.

About the Alpha male and his strengths -right off the bat, I got a strange one for you - I have a real problem with her being pleasured by a guy with the same sized cock as me, or worse yet, smaller.  I get a little jealous and I would not be upset at all if she didn't want to get back with a guy like that for round 2.  In fact, the opposite is true, I would be even more pushed out of shape if she really liked him and wanted to get back with him.  UGGGG!!  But I have no trouble at all with a guy with an 8-9" cock that takes her places I never could.  Where she screams so loud I don't even recognize her.

Does that make sense?  Can anyone relate?  Think of it this way:  You see, I am very much a realist and this realism is what turns me on the most when it comes to her needs of pleasure.  Just like I know I can walk into a gym with a guy and he shows me that he can lift more weight than me.  I will respectfully give him a nod.  No problem at all.  There will always be a guy that can lift more weight than me or for that matter, can lift more than any guy.  It’s just being real.  So in the same way, simply, there will always be a guy that will fuck her better than I can, make her feel better, give her a harder and more intense orgasm, take control of her sexually in a way that I can't, and on and on and on.  This totally fits with my logical brain. I can totally get off on her needing to fuck a total stud.  Like she needs it.  Like she can’t live without it.  I like to witness that. Emotionally, sure, it sits sideways in my head.

But, and it’s a big one, that’s why it turns me on.  Of course as any normal man would see it, emotionally, he wants his woman to only want him.  To get everything she needs from him. To never need to look outside of their relationship because he is all she will ever want.  Now, that is not reality.  Most men would love it to be the truth, but it’s a fairy tale.  Sure, she likes you, hell; you may even be the best she has ever had.  But that's only because she has not experienced better.  Sorry to knock all you guys out there that think you are totally the shit when it comes to making love to your women.  You are better in different ways for her.  But don't think for a moment that if the right guy got a hold of her in the right environment, that she is not going to forget who the fuck you are somewhere in between orgasm 17 and 22.  Oh, you didn't know she was multi-orgasmic capable?  HAHAHAHAHAH! ooops, sorry, got a little carried away, that was rude.  (hahahahahaha!)

So while it may seem like I am not the normal one, I would present it a little different.  I would say most guys are not being honest with the reality of the situation.  And if you ever witnessed the reality of the situation, you would see some very interesting things.  Your wife would still come back to you, still think you are the ‘bomb’, still want to live with you forever.  But her night ‘out’ with a total stud would definitely be a night she won’t forget anytime soon. What was your name again? HA!  She will remember it once she blushes a little when she realizes she forgot who you are and that you were even in the room.  But that doesn’t mean she loves you less.Yes, he is hitting places inside her that you cant physically hit, but its also the high of fucking this stallion AND him hitting places in her that she has never felt full before.

Now, if a guy with an average or small cock were to please her greatly, that is not something that turns me on. Generally. I say generally as I have witnessed her with a guy that was average size, but due to how he ‘handled’ her, I was extremely turned on.  But generally, no.  You see, I can easily process a guy with a big cock taking her places that I cannot.  I attribute it to his physical prowess, attributes, and his years of experience doing what he does best.  But if an average guy drives her wild, then what the fuck? What makes him so special over me?  I have much trouble trying to process that in my head.  Ya, I am messed up, but everyone is entitled to their quirks, right?  I know what turns me on and what doesn’t. My kinks are mine thank you very much.

Does anyone else want to see their sexual firecracker of a wife come up to them and give them a nice kiss on the lips and say ‘I love you so much, but right now I really need this..’?  Then walk over to a good looking, off duty marine, slightly muscle bound, dominant, and with a 3 inch wide cock that is 8-9” long and then take his cock in her hand like it was a fucking gold bar and gently stroke it while he pulls her hair back firmly and plants a kiss on her that makes her legs quiver noticeably.  She becomes so overwhelmed by the kiss and the slight pain of her hair being pulled as she willingly submits, that she stops stroking for a second until she catches her breath again and starts stroking his cock with more vigor like she has never seen such a tool...... She just forgot your name......

You should sit back and watch now.  Before long you will see things that will make your cock rock hard.  That is your wife right there.  See her move in ways you have never seen before.  See her react to his touch, his kiss, his desires.  See her wish to please him.  Ever see your wife ache for an alpha male to claim her?  She knows she is so close to actually getting what she wants that she forgets you are even there.  She attempts to speed things up in effort to get that cock in her, but he slows her down.  She aches..  So close...  She cant help it.  She is seconds away from losing control and letting go that you should just watch it happen.  Its going to be the hottest thing you have ever seen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whispers and the rare and powerful Bubble

First, the ‘Bubble’.  My self-created definition: An enclosed environment between an alpha male and his chosen mate.  It is created by the predator alpha male for the purpose of taking control of the woman during love making.  This control is to engage the ultimate sex organ of the woman, the mind, and to then allow the alpha male to bring the woman to ultimate states of pleasure that are not possible without engaging her mind.  This bubble is initially created by communication and usually in the form of whispers from the alpha being very close to the willing woman’s ear. Once the initial stage has been played out to some extent, many more methods of creating a stronger bubble are brought to use. Depending on the skill of the alpha male and his desires for her, the bubble becomes very strong and very powerful.  It then becomes source of where all great sex will begin for the couple.  It will end with the woman being taken to places that only the alpha male can take her by being inside this bubble.

The effects on the woman:
Once a strong bubble is developed, the woman will crave the return of the connection between the two lovers as it is new high for her.  She will desire to become very submissive in hopes of engaging the desires of the alpha male in her attempt to get into the bubble again.  Only from here she can easily let go and guide him to her own desires during love making.  At the same time, anticipation of wondering where he will take her this time around is driving her absolutely wild.  This will become the best sex she has ever known.  She will continue to give control to the alpha male as her desires become overwhelming to experience more and more and she feels safe in doing so.  This letting go and her comfort with him is intoxicating to her.  Eventually, this bubble is what she realizes she has been missing with all her previous love encounters that did not bother to take advantage of engaging her mind.

The effects on the man:
He will love the effect he has on her and crave to continue to engage the bubble to not only enjoy some fantastic sex, but by bringing her to euphoria for long periods of time will reinforce his alpha male nature.  He will crave this positive reinforcement as it also guides him on where to take her next.  He is very interested in taking her to higher places and experiencing his chosen woman as she is taken there.

The thoughts of a husband that has witnessed the bubble being taken advantage of….

Never saw it coming.  Yet it is becoming the hottest thing I have ever encountered.  Maybe its not rare for some.  But up till now, I have only seen glimpses of it and never full blown.  What I did witness had only lasted for a few seconds or maybe a few minutes if the guy was really good.  But it was never fully taken advantage of by either her or him.

 I thought I had prepared myself well enough for the first time my hotwife ever got with another man.  Honestly, I was not comfortable with many aspects of her actually being with another man before the first time.  But I thought out each item I was not comfortable with.  I really thought about them carefully.  In fact, the list was pretty long.  I went over each one in my head, carefully managing it and seeing how I reacted.  I found that they all ended up turning me on.  Some fantastically more than others. 

But I missed a few; at least three is all I know of so far up until now. There may be more and I am very much looking forward to learning of them in the future. 
The three issues are clear and separate, very independent of each other as stages, but powerfully tied to each other as so many signals are sent both verbally and non verbally during these stages.  The desires of both are shared and acted on through the growing of these, depending of course of the chemistry between the two.  My hotwife talking to another man in a sexual way was one issue.  Whispers between them that I cannot hear.  And finally, the creation of a very powerful bubble.

She talks to men all the time.  At the store, at the bank, at a restaurant, to a guy on the phone to resolve a billing issue.  You have no idea that this is an issue until the very first time you hear her ever so slightly change her voice when talking to a man for the purpose of helping her chances to fuck him.  That’s the ground floor reason.  It’s all harmless on the surface.  No one else other than me would even recognize the change in her.  Maybe her mom, her sister, or a very close friend would think it’s odd, but that is about as far as they would take it.  But I recognize it immediately and it’s hardcore.  Because this is how she talks to me.  I very well know its purpose.  So, when I hear her talk to another man this way, it drives me wild.  Instant jealously becomes instant turn on for her to continue so I can witness her letting go and chasing her instincts.  I love to see that happen, it’s my fav. Lol.

Once the whispers start, I hit a new plateau because now I realize many things.  That he is a candidate for her to reach high places because he wishes to engage her mind.  Let’s be honest, she is not going to hit those highs without being completely involved with this man on all levels.  But the big turn on for me when they start to communicate at this level, is that the bubble is starting.  I crave to witness this and to silently watch where it goes.  I need to see her let go and this environment will be the best chance I get to see this. 

The bubble is uniquely theirs.  I have a bubble between her and I.  It is very powerful, the most powerful she can obtain due to one thing.  She loves me and I love her.  We share things between us that are at a different level than any other of her lovers can get to.  Maybe not even higher, just different.  It is a room that they cannot enter, nor do they want to.  It’s our very private bubble and we share things between us that only we know of and share. This bubble is still growing between us and always will.  It also has no bearing on any other bubble now or one that is created in the future.

But between her lovers and her, just the same, the bubble they create and play in is 100% theirs.  This turns me on big time.  To know they will share things between them that stays between them.  I know at this point that she is letting go.  Once she is so comfortable with him and she gives herself over to him, I get to witness what turns me on the most.  I guess it turns me on because I see her in the ‘wild’.  I see her as if I had come across the two of them out in the jungle, lol, or at least had a hidden camera in the room with them. I love the thought that they share things between them that only the two of them know about.  That what they have is unique to them.  It’s not a show for me for what I want to see at that point at all. This bubble confirms this.  It’s what the desires become and grow into between the two of them.

I love these secrets they might create between them because I know they are born out of her natural desires and his needs to claim her as he just naturally needs to.  Oh my, do I crave to see this play out.  I just want to create this environment where they can develop this between them.  Where they feel comfortable enough.  Where they create a strong bubble, she releases to him, and he instinctively takes what he desires.  I need to see this.  I don’t want to influence this bubble between them at all, it’s theirs.  I want them to have all the freedom between them that they are capable between them, just as if they discovered each other in the wild.  If I could see this, it would drive me crazy.

There might even be something that I am not comfortable with.  I will have to go slow and rethink things as they happen, I always do.  But it always turns me on.  I am always coming up with the next ‘high’ and what she does to me.  I have a feeling that it will become an unbelievable turn on for me, just like all the others did.  But this will be at a new level.  I am so fucking hard thinking of the possibilities…..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goddess Superhero, her secret mission discovered

Something about that ass.  Sliding my cock between her ass cheeks last night made me realize how much my hotwife really does have me.  Once I pulled down her panties to the bottom of her cheeks, I could then see how the black light made her tan line glow like out of some erotic science fiction movie.  I even feel like this has to be make believe, surely it can't be real.  I had so much pre-cum that I could only think of getting my cock between her ass cheeks and up against her most private place.  After looking down on many occasions to see my cock slipping back and forth, I realized that there is no other place I would want to be.  Whispering into her ear caused her to slightly arch her butt into the air ever so slightly.  She was then perfect. 

Her ass cups my cock perfectly.  As it slid up and down, I thought of not only how much this drives me absolutely crazy, but how it must drive some of her lovers.  I cant even imagine what they must be going through to keep from pushing their cock into her ass.  Actually, I bet it makes them go a little insane, no doubt.

You ever fuck artwork before? lol  I bet when you normally think of art, you don't think of how nice it would be to fuck, do you?  Of course, there might be a few of you that do!!! Well, I think it.  ALL THE TIME now.  I feel this strong pull to get back here again, in this same position more and more, over and over.  Like it is a drug addiction but of a euphoric design. 

I ran the same thoughts through my head as I slid back and forth.  They always started with 'Oh my God...' and were very slow and drawn out, probably lasting 2 strokes each.   You can see how obsessed I am with her.  Some might even think I go to far.  But how can I go to far? There are no repercussions other then becoming more obsessed.  I don't think I am even half way there yet.  She makes it so easy to dream of her. I whispered into her ear on how I had been working on obsessing even more over her for the past 4 days.  I had been working on editing some video clips of her and decided to just keep thinking about her and what she does to me more and more. I just love being under her spell.

She continues to work out 4-5 days a week and its showing.  Her calves and thighs are turning into those of a super hero.  Maybe that's her mission in life.  To travel each city and bring alpha males to her chambers.  To let them taste her kisses, smell her perfume, feel her softness and become completely overwhelmed by her.  To let them finally become the men they were supposed to become, only through experiencing her.  By finally bringing this Goddess Superhero to many orgasms and them finally exploding their cock inside her ass are they released.

She designs it to make them believe that they are deciding the path, that they are in charge. But that's because they are intoxicated by her.  They are not thinking straight. After hours of being under her control and in her plan doing exactly as she wishes, she takes them to higher places and gives them exactly what they need to finish the mission.  You know, that would make the most sense.  Its hitting me now, smacking me in the face.  If you step back and looked at the whole picture, it's the best fit.  Especially after the looks on both of their faces that I have seen.  Her just smiling as she knows she both conquered and released this man.  And him knowing that was the most turned on and strongest orgasm he had ever experienced.

After I just exploded in her ass, I am now 100% convinced that I was under her spell and only now does it all makes sense....

I am now on my own mission to capture this Goddess Superhero on video.  I must document her powers for all to learn from and study in the future.  I can only hope that after years of thousands of hours of video that someday science will be able to use this knowledge to save planets from destruction.  It brings a tear to my eye to finally say, I love my job.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craigslist ad that shows my kinks...

If you’re hung, muscular/athletic/very fit/, attractive and a true gentlemen, then I might have something you might want to see, my hot wife. I will pick out a nice bra and panty set and wrap her up in them like a nice little present. She is all wrapped up for me, like a fresh bow and ribbon, just beautiful. She is very comfortable hanging out in just them. Maybe we could hang out together. I feel safe because she is wearing them, just like a bikini at the pools the girls wear, no big deal. In fact, I'll let you get close to her. Real close. She can sit right next to you. You can check her out if you want. Go ahead, look all you want. I'll even let her sit in your lap, go ahead and touch her. That’s it, run your hands all over her. Kiss her if you like. She can sit right on your lap just wearing those panties if you like, while you kiss her and caress her. She is safe, panties are still on, we are all comfortable, no harm. That’s it, enjoy her. You’re just not allowed to pull her panties off or to the side. Everything else is okay. Go ahead. mmmmmm, she is really enjoying your company, told you she was hot. Look at her move on your lap, she is really getting into you. If you want, you can lick her pussy right through the panties. That’s it, rub her good and lick her better. Go ahead and pull her panties to the side and lick her sweet pussy. Get in there, nice, she loves that. Once she cums, she will put the panties back where they belong. How as that? Oh ya, I knew you would want to see it. For being a good sport, I'll let her suck your cock nice and slow. Panties are still on, so why not, let her relax you. After that, go ahead and rub your cock on her pussy on top of her panties if you want. That’s it, take your time, all the time you want. Just keep kissing her and doing whatever feels good. She will start to lose control, it’s okay. Now, I did tell her, that if for some reason, that she cannot control herself, that if she just must, she and only she, can pull those panties to the side and rub your cock on her bare pussy. But she won’t. I'm sure of it. But you're welcome to kiss her and rub your cock on her panties and make her pussy get as wet as you like. I know she won’t. Can you make her? I don't think you can. Can you make her pull them to the side and make her cum on the first stroke without cumming yourself so you can save it for a nice fuck session? No way. Can you make her pull her panties off because she wants to fuck without them in the way? I don't think so. You show me you can do that, and then I’ll believe.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First guest writer is a unicorn..

as in she is the very woman this blog is all about.  These are her thoughts:

Ok, so here’s a little of my thought process when I find out there will be a possible encounter. Let’s fast forward a bit, past the verification that a possibility is real, past the pic trading, and past the phone call he has to have with hubby before the dinner or drinks meeting. Let’s go straight to the day of the first meeting. Once I wake up and realize what is going to happen tonight, my thoughts start a kind of “feeding frenzy” you could say. I will use the encounter I had a couple of weeks ago with not just a guy, but a fireman! Now you should know I have a very special place in me for the gorgeous men in uniform. This one was going to be the first fireman. I woke up that morning and immediately remembered that we were meeting him that night. Right then I got a full body tingle that started at my pussy. As I started to wonder how the night might go, I could feel myself getting wet. Boy was I in for a rough day as those thoughts spiraled out of control all day long! Now I love my hubby, but when I am getting ready for some strange cock, it’s different. You don’t get ready like you would get ready for a first date. For me, it’s like all the steps I take when I’m getting ready to go out with my guy, but each of those steps has more steps. It’s just, well, different. Every single step makes me tingle and shake because of who I am now getting ready for. This “stranger” must have the best of me. If he doesn’t get the best, I won’t feel like I have conquered him once it’s over and we are lying there in a mess of sweat and sheets. These types of thoughts go on all day. One after the other, each one starting where the one before left off and sometimes overlapping. I wonder what his kiss will taste like. Will he kiss like hubby? Or maybe like one of my previous lovers? What will I do when those lips first touch me “down there”? I already know I will go crazy. So as I’m showering I take a little extra care to make sure I am nothing but clean everywhere. It’s only the best for this guy tonight. He will get all of me. I will be his. Yes, hubby will be in the shadows, watching me as I take him in. I won’t always realize he is still there though. I will be living out the fantasy that has been in my head this whole day. The one of him and me taking each other to the ultimate heights of pure ecstasy and pleasure. After a long day of such agonizing thoughts, I met this stranger, this fireman for the first time. He was everything and more than I thought he would be. After all, I had only photos and instant chat to go on. He was this intense gentleman and what took me by surprise initially was how much he was a gentleman like my hubby. He was still different though. He was different because he was not my husband. It was different also because I knew I would be fucking him later and that hubby would only be watching. I sat at that table in the restaurant for what seemed like eternity listening to him. Even though it was only surface talk, I could hear it in his voice that he wanted to fuck me as well. I sat there wondering what it would feel like when his cock would first penetrate me and what it would be like when I had that cock as far down my throat as I could take it. Yes, those were my thoughts of that day and evening and until all that thinking and wanting finally became a reality later that night. My body became an absolute flood of emotions as he fucked me that night. All the things that went through my head that day happened along with so much more. These are just some of my thoughts from that encounter. Each time is different. I will have more to tell all of you later.

Here is a pic of later that night:
I am a lucky man.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A story I told my Hotwife while we fucked one night, she came on the first stroke...

Bar none, my favorite was and is still today, is to tell stories when we are fucking. Its the hottest thing for me and I was directly talking to the slut in her and she loved and still loves it.  One of my favorite and what made her cum on the very first stroke (no kidding) was a story of how she was at a bar with her hot college or even high school friends on her way after to see me. She and I were just going together.  She wasn’t even old enough to drink, but her and her friends just needed to take a break from school and needed a night out. They had a great time, telling stories and getting a light buzz as they checked out guys in the bar. They were all wearing either tight jeans or slightly provocative clothing, and even her friends looked pretty hot to her as she drank a little more.

But the weather got bad outside as it started to snow. She called me and told me that the temperature outside had dropped to way below freezing. The pass was snowed in and that she needed to stay the night somewhere. I called a friend and he agreed to pick her up and let her stay the night at his house. He was a good friend back from high school that we both knew.  He was a track star actually, in college now, training every day. I told her she would be safe with him, to get warm and I’ll see her in the morning. 

She made it to his house and was very cold and wet, shivering badly. Our friend offered some dry clothes or she can just hop in bed in the spare room and get warm that way. She took off her clothes and jumped into bed with just her panties on. He said good night and went to bed in the other room. But she could not get warm as the house was so cold. Finally, after an hour, she was just freezing and she quickly ran to his room, knocked and said in a shivering voice, is there any way that she can lay in his bed with him so she can get warm again? He said of course.

At this point I got very close to my hotwife and made her part of the story. I described her in that bed carefully, how she only wanted to get warm and was still freezing, but how she noticed as he pressed against her that he was not wearing anything at all. She was slightly alarmed at first, but she was finally getting warm and she knew she had her panties on and that everything is safe as long as those stay on.

He cuddled close to help her get warm and ran his muscular arms over her to heat her up. After time they both found different ways to press against each other to really make the most of the transferring of the heat between the two of them. After time, she started to feel safer with him as he never tried a thing. He did get hard and his cock was huge, but it was okay and not alarming as her panties here still on and she knew that it was just natural for a guy like this to be hard all the time. He must have had so much testosterone in him, he probably was hard more often then he wasn’t.

After a while, she was still cold and found told him so and he suggested that she climb on top. She was hesitant at first but he said it just as a suggestion and her panties were still on and he never tried anything so she finally did after sliding around next to him. She thought of me and how this might look like cheating if I was to walk in. But she remembered I had said to get warm. She also remembered that I was the one that suggested to stay the night with our track star friend and that we both liked him and felt so comfortable with him.

So she climbed on top and at that same time in the story I had my hotwife slide on top of me and let my hard cock press between us, just like what was happening in the story.  I described the uneasy feeling that she felt at first.  How she really just wanted to get warm, but that feelings were conflicted in her with thoughts of being safe, not cheating, staying warm, and how I said it was okay to be there and even suggested it.  It was a struggle, but the struggle was occurring as they both continued to slide against each other and to run their hands on each other bodies, all in an attempt to get warm of course.  He was running his hands all over her back and several times didn’t even think twice about running down her ass cheeks with his hands and it just became natural to do so each time his hands ran down her body. 

They both changed positions of their legs, her legs wide around his, finally his wide around hers. They were both starting to get a little worked up but neither said a word to each other, both just happy to finally be getting warm.  Finally, with what seemed like ages, on the next movement of her putting her legs together, his cock found its way between hers and nestled in tight next to her pussy that was thinly covered by those panties.  Neither hesitated other than to stay in this position, both feeling it was the warmest position so far out of all of them. 

They must have stayed like this for over an hour. Neither moved much, but, both were always just slightly moving a little.  They both were on the edge of sleep or at least wanted the other to believe so.  All movements were continual as they were slight, but they never stopped moving.  At this point, due to all the pre-cum and wetness from her pussy, movements were becoming very slippery.  Everything just slid so naturally together. 

He finally spoke.  He said don’t worry, you are safe with me.  We won’t do anything other than get warm and of course anything that your boyfriend would be unhappy with.  Told her that she can relax, that her panties are still on and nothing can happen as long as those are on.  That she can truly just let go and might as well enjoy herself as it’s a cold night and there is no sense in being miserable.  He started to whisper into her ear and said to just relax and do what every feels natural and ok for her body to do.  To enjoy how it feels, so hard up against her like that.  How it seems so wet and tingly.  How they might as well just be honest with each other and really make this night enjoyable.  Frankly, they could do what they are doing right now all night long and everyone is okay with it.  Nothing is wrong with it.  Its completely safe.  This just goes on and on, just as it was going on with my hotwife as she slipped up and down with her soaking wet panties going up and down the shaft of my cock.

Finally, after whispering and talking to her on just enjoying this night, he said, you know, you could slip those panties off.  I am not saying to do anything other than that, we just keep doing the same thing we are doing right now, but the panties are starting to chaff and we don’t want to show up anywhere tomorrow without any unnecessary redness do we?  They kept just doing what they were as those words sunk into her as it made her uneasy but at the same time he still had not tried anything and he was telling the truth about the redness.  That would look bad tomorrow for sure.  They were both completely shaven as she had planned to be with me that night and wanted to impress so she thought why not, it would slip better if the those silly panties were not in the way.  We are adults here.  I mean we both know the panties are not the reason we have not done anything.  It’s our self control.  With the panties gone, the self control is still there.  After thinking it through in less than a minute, she slipped them off.  She eagerly returned his cock back to its rightful place between her legs and up against her pussy.  In order to test the new slip resistance of course, to see if things were better now.  They both rolled their eyes back just slightly as his cock made it back to its newly found and claimed home from before.  They both just settled in to sliding slowly like they were before to prove nothing had changed with the panties now missing. 

He spoke again, reassuring her that there is nothing to be worried about.  Technically, no one is cheating on anyone unless it was to go inside.  All the way.  I mean, even as it’s sliding on the front, if by chance the tip was to slip in, it’s nothing to worry about, and it doesn’t count.  So just relax. We can do this all night long, just like this.  Why not enjoy it all night.  We aren’t cheating, no one’s getting hurt.  Just staying warm and enjoying each other’s company.  So this continued for quite a while. So often he would say how they should just do this all night long.  Even after another hour, the sliding up and down just continued.  He kept mentioning how it wasn’t cheating and how they should take advantage of everything they can as long as they don’t put it in all the way.  He started to pull his legs up a little and withdrew his hips a little so his cock was pointed more straight out and she started to slide her pussy entrance over the hard tip of his cock as it passed back and forth.  Thoughts ran through her head of how it’s not cheating unless it went all the way in.  As she passed over the tip each time, she bucked down just a little each time so the tip could ‘almost’ slide in each time.

They both didn't know how long this lasted.  Both didn't know how many hundreds of passes her pussy made over the tip of his cock.  Or if the tip really did go in. Or if it went over a quarter of the way in.  Or if it even went half way in.  They both just know that time was starting to stretch.  That he actually had to pull his hip in quite a bit because it felt like to him that she was trying to let his cock in all the way.  Even after he pulled the tip away, it still seemed like she was chasing it with her pussy.  A couple times he made an excuse to have to change positions and needed to slide up or down in the bed, both those times he didn’t fight the need to pull out and it seemed to him that his cock went quite a ways inside.  But both times it was out just as quick.
Finally, after time could stretch no further from the immense pleasure, he started to say it really just matters if it goes all way in, not like his –as he want halfway, but like this- as he showed her by example by burying all of this thick cock fully inside of her.  He pulled out and went back to showing her the difference, between half ways and full.  Pausing each time to make sure she felt the difference, carefully pulling her down on him as she continued to explode in orgasm after orgasm.

Try it with your soon to be hotwife sometime and witness her caving into a friend of yours cock, first hand.   Have fun!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alpha male Craigslist ad we ran for a while

a rare stallion, alpha, experienced gentlemen, accomplished, confident - mw4m
you are good looking, extremely fit, and race has nothing to do with this

Your time is extremely valuable. You almost never scan the Craigslist casual encounters area but had 5 min to spare and decided to see if anything peaked your interest. I know your time is valuable because you are a text or phone call away from a woman's voice that would drop what she is doing right then and come to you. You know this because you do it occasionally, with this woman and several others, and they all tell you to please call them as they would see you as much as you would allow them. You are very good at what you do to women. Not only do you have a very large cock, but you know the effect it has on a woman when your skills are unleashed on a woman that makes you very hard. You truly enjoy watching them experience you. You love to watch them lose themselves in the pleasure you are bringing them and taking them to new heights. I could go on and on, but you already know, I am just trying to find you. I have witnessed a man like you. Whether you are called an Alpha, or have no title, but just a smile that you know what you are capable of. Confidence is not even discussed as there is no need. There is not even room for arrogance, just knowing. You know that if I was to let you meet my woman, that if you decided that she was worth your energy, that I did not disappoint in my description of her, that she looked even better in person then the hot photos I showed you, that she would not remember yesterday when it was all said and done. That she would only remember the things you made her feel. And then you would know that she is another text or phone call away from being in front of you shortly, wearing something provocative, lightly tanned, hair, makeup, and perfume just the way you like it, all in an effort to make you desire her, her wishing deeply that you would please plunge your cock into her over and over again, like you have before. She will be hooked on you, can not get enough of you. You know you could make her do anything you desire.

It would be my honor to meet you and be an acquaintance of yours if you are what we are looking for. We never play alone, but your time with her is your time, I am only there to witness her being taken to new places. I will film it in detail of course, as once I get the film home to watch over and over all the little things I missed that tell me that she loves me very much, but right now, this gentlemen has what I need, right now. Discretion is of the up most importance, we don't even need to know real names, we have no interest in any non sense of anyones identity coming back to them in any way, including our own. We are in no rush, this is not something that will happen soon, I must feel comfortable with you first or she will not feel comfortable with you. If I am convinced you are what we are looking for, then she would love to meet you. The biggest problem we both face right now is trust. I think you are not the guy we are looking for but just want a shot with her. Sorry, we are extremely picky. I have described the gentlemen we are looking for very carefully and at the same time I must want to see you with her and she will have to be attracted to you. We will need both of those things to be true. If you really are the guy I have described above, and we reply that we are not interested at this time, then you most likely will just smile knowing she is missing out and never give us another thought. The other half of the trust issue is that you don't believe she exists, or is not as hot as I have made her out to be. Very valid obstacles we face as im sure you have run into this before. We can chat about this via email or even on the phone to resolve this issue and present possible solutions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting, Interesting, Interesting....

I am in 'thought' mode if you cant tell by the title.  She was with a gentlemen last Friday, a new guy, a fireman actually. I loved it.  He has a way with her.  She really responded to him.  I know that she has a new outlook on things and that is causing a rippling effect through everything, including her with a new guy and really responding.  But I really liked how he was with her.  I mean really liked it. He is much older then her and even older then me.  He old-schooled her, lol, as in really took his time.  A man after my own heart when it comes to her!  She deserves it.

Now sometimes she doesn't want or need that, but every time is going to be different.  This time really stood out as different.  I came twice just watching them.  No kidding.

For now, I am still working things over in my head on that night.  I watched a small clip last night when she was out exercising.  I made it to where they were kissing and he finally ran his hands over her body and then finally her pussy.  Which was extremely wet by then.  When I saw her two hands grab the back of his head and pull him in for a more passionate kiss as his fingers slipped inside her, that was when I shot off.

Nice dude,  your the man. Would love it if would make her yours again, soon.

Oh, and did I mention that the condom accidentally slipped off sometime during some serious cowgirl action.  They noticed it after about 15 minutes of fast and furious hip rolling. He pulled her down and got on top and started to slide in and out when she noticed the condom was missing.  So, I started pouring pre-cum out as soon as I realized he had been fucking her bareback for who knows how long.  There was a pause in the action as we all gathered ourselves up.  They went back at it and he put a condom back on.  But before long, I had a request as I saw the condom was starting to interrupt the smooth flow of sex between them.

Never thought I would say these words, but I said them with my cock straining to rip my jeans and get back to as hard as it was when I first realized he had been in her previously without a condom.  "I have a request... why don't you just take the condom off and fuck her bareback?  I mean, you already were bareback in her, what difference does it make now?  You already had a vasectomy, so whats the big deal at this point?"....

Since that moment, I have been different and more pre-cum has leaked out then ever before.  Even now as I type this.  He claimed her.  He took her in a way different then the others.  And she responded as such.  And I came twice in my pants while watching......

I need to see it again.  I need to bring her to him.  I need to feel them react once again to being able to fuck skin on skin with nothing in between them.

I have much more to say and to think about this night, that is just a tidbit to keep things up to date at least a little.  We are probably getting back with him in about a week.  Good stuff.

Friday, November 19, 2010

“Tell her to slut it up till I get back, hopefully in January”

“Tell her to slut it up till I get back, hopefully in January” her favorite stud texted to me about a month ago.
Deep, underneath the surface of her day to day life, she is pulled to him. 

She is so sweet.  I love her sweet smiles she gives me.  But she can’t help it.  She must obey.  This is hitting her on a level that she doesn’t understand and certainly can’t tell me about.  It’s just not accessible to her right now to talk about.  She must not only obey, she has no choice, she has already given herself over to him.  She will learn more about this connection as she goes. On this level that she is not in control of and barely has access to, powerful things are stirring underneath.  At this level, she is a moth to the light, can’t be distracted from completing her mission.  She is only aware of this mission slightly.  I don’t think the moth even knows exactly what is going on other then it must continue and do everything it can to move forward. 

He sent that line up above in a text to me and I relayed it on to her.  She didn’t hear it from him, she didn’t read it from his email or instant message, she got it from me, it was passed through me.  Why is that significant?  It was meant to be fun, to remind her of him, to put a smile on her face and of course to let her know that he might be coming in January.  Right?  It is as simple as that, right?  Just good ole fun and she will admit the same.  She will even argue with you that was all it was, I am sure of it.  Soon though, she will change the subject, as it just doesn’t merit discussing any more.   But to see how he can reach her even through a message that I hand to her, that is whole new level.

I very much feel cuckolded by this and absolutely love it.  No, much more then that, I am reaching new sexual highs because of his power over her.  For me, cuckolding is being a helpless-watching-secondary-male to his woman, this woman who becomes all powerful when she is with her Alpha.  I say helpless because once it starts, there is nothing I can do, I am held in place by needing to watch what is happening before me.  Needing to watch her feel pleasure this high that I cannot give her.  It’s this helplessness that makes my cock so fucking rock hard as I become a servant to both of them just so I can continue to watch them.  I don’t want it to stop. I want her pleasure to keep going higher and I want him to be pleased with her.

Like a mentor patting me on my shoulder with the comment- ‘She is a hot little fuck, you did well’.  I am glad you liked fucking her Sir; it was my absolute privilege to be able to witness it, thank you.  If there is anything I can do to help you two continue to meet up every time you come to town, please, let me know and will try my best to make it happen.

yes, that is her and yes, that is him

Whoa, got sidetracked again thinking about her pushing me to the side a little so the big cock in the room could get at her pussy at a better angle.  Sorry honey, but could you move over a little so he can get it all in?  He hit bottom but still has 3 inches to go so I need to keep looking for a position that he can pound me hard in as I just really want to feel his rock hard abs up against my clit. He is too far away now.  It hurts me to go any deeper, but by the look on his face I can tell that he needs to get it all in so I am in training sort of.  Thanks honey. And I know you want to get it all on film so go get the camera and come get this on film as he just got another inch in. Hurry as I am cumming AGAIN!  lol. 

 Back to her changing the subject, lol.  The real reason she would rather talk about something else is because the more she would try and defend that it was not anything more, the more the tingles down there would grow and grow until she would let slip a small smile from it all.  That fact is, she is obeying her lover in everything.  And it is so hot to see.  Ever since that comment, she decided to resolve several things that she was thinking about I getting involved more in the hotwife lifestyle.  The outcome of all that thinking was to obey him and start ‘slutting it up’ for him.  While that language may very whorish to some, it conveys very quickly to her what he wants to convey - ‘Start fucking and don’t stop as I want to experience you turning from the sweet innocent lady I first met to a very trainable cock starving slut that will then deserve my attention if I return.’   I think she wants to be more experienced before he arrives, for him.  So when he does arrive, she can return that experience back to him to show him that she listens.  That she will do anything for him, to please him, to show him that she will learn to please him in the ways that he needs.

I think it’s going to be a wild ride till he shows up again and again.  May even meet another Alpha that she might connect with, we both can only hope.  I am leaking pre-cum as I think about all of this.  She said last night that she just loves cock inside her and wanted to know how I felt about that.  Oh fuck, I love it when she is thinking like that. Oh how I love to see her in pleasure.  The more she lets go, the more turned on I get, the more I want to keep that going for the both of us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hotwife and her latest stud, 2 completely different great nights, the preface

In her sparkling eyes of curiosity, I see her wondering if she will be attracted to him while she applies a little make up and fixes her hair.  I know I see this.  But I wonder about other things.  I wonder just how much she thinks about a new potential hot stud while she gets ready.  Does she think of where his cock might be sliding as she strokes the razor blade over part of her pussy lips to get it smooth?  I mean, does she just go through the motions of getting ready? Or does she think of him a little bit, here and there, but not enough to evoke a tingling at her clit?  Or is she fully trying to hide the excitement from me as she gets ready?  I don't actually watch her as she gets ready, I just happen to walk by the bathroom every once in a while and see her.  Now, I know I have seen a little more skip in her step when she was meeting her 'favorite' for the second time.  I know I caught her smiling on more then one occasion as she applied lipstick and curled her hair.  She knows what is going to happen once he gets close to her. So she is way out ahead with anticipation, literally licking her chops, lol. 

She asks me what I think she should wear each time we are about to get ready.  She listens to my advice and then pics one that makes her the most comfortable, which is exactly what she should do.  She has gone through a pretty massive wardrobe change with likes and dislikes lately.  But it narrows down to either some scrumptious tight jeans that give her some booty pop and invoke some animal instincts in every man that sees her.  Or a very light dress that creates tantalizing images of what is below with unbelievable access while also creating an image of a sweet innocent lady at work here..

I have discovered a couple of things about both of these and how they are both winners.  Both create a completely different image of her.  I think that each new stud requires a little forethought of how to approach him with one of these images.  I mean, lets be honest, she needs to feel comfortable, yes.  But, if she chooses the one that evokes that particular man, pulls him out of his norm, forces him to react more instinctively and less in control- then we are all in for one hell of a night.  It comes down to what he is used to, what his past has taught him to like or dislike.  But I think the most influential thing to think of is what has he not had.  What was his last girlfriend or wife NOT wearing on a regular basis.  Because he wants what he could not have when he was with her.  Get it?  If he was with her for many months and she never wore a dress, then he always turned his head to look at the hottie that just walked by in the flimsy almost falling off dress that just gracefully hugged her ass cheeks as she swayed while passing.  He cant help himself.  He knows what a girl in jeans is like, at least he thinks she will be similar in certain ways.  So, if she always wore jeans and my hotwife flows through the room wearing something he has only dreamed of, well, you know.  I am not saying this is the only thing to consider, I am saying that this might just be something that is extremely powerful that people might NOT be considering.  You want proof that a guy wants what he can't have?  Three words.  School. Girl. Outfit.  Think it through and you will get your proof.

I would say I was a fan of the dresses much more until lately.  After seeing her in those Miss Me jeans, I have to say, they do grab your attention.  She should wear this if the guy is used to a more uptight ex girlfriend.  One that didn't put out or was prissy or prudish.  She will demand his attention with these.  These are dreamy, no kidding.  If she strategically made sure he could get a good view of her in those before he could put his hands on her, he would have to have her.  Gives her a powerful sexy presence and shows she is not afraid to be aggressive.  The dress on the other hand, plays to the imagination while just giving enough to force even more imagination.  The best part of a dress is while the imagination is rolling, it will soon run across the idea of how accessible she really is in a dress.  That will cause a whole lot of additional thoughts to run rampant in every good way there is.  The dress implies sweetness, a lady.  Gives a guy a target of a lady and not an easy one.  I mean, its hard to bed a lady, isn't it?  A guy thinks he is going to have give her extra attention to get that dress off of her.  She will love that.  He might just take his time really impressing her, which is always good.  But once it starts rolling, look out, my favorite part of a dress is that she can leave it on at the start of moving on to other things.  Straighter to the point, I would love to see her getting fucked with the dress still on.  As in, they could not wait, he had to plunge his cock in her now, didn't have time to get the dress off, just a few strokes at  If you haven't caught on by now, I live on seeing her lose control.  Seeing her let it all go as she gets what she needs.  mmmmmm....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Many things going on, which means I have lots to write about

Will fill in more here shortly, but to give you an idea, we are headed back to the guys hotel that we met with on Tues night.  We are going just for her to give him a blow job, or two, lol.  She had a blast on tuesday, but now her Aunt Flow showed up.  She wants to feel his cock in her mouth so bad that she wants to go back before he heads out of town.  She is on a roll and it is making me so worked up I am about to stutter while trying to write this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Met two potentials, one could not make it, but still a good weekend

The guy we met Friday night didn't quite do it for her enough to get together after dinner, but she has had a couple days to think about it and she said she might want to get with him on Tuesday night.  They were chatting on Yahoo IM last night, they were teasing each other back and forth. He looked to be very in shape, would be great to watch.

Then we met a guy for lunch on Sat and it went very well. He was a little older and has a big cock.  He is also experienced.  That's a powerful combo that got her worked up.  She said we are making plans with him for sure, right after we get back from vacation, possibly around Thanksgiving. I had fantasies of him and her for the rest of the weekend.  An experienced gentlemen with a big cock that knows what he is doing will take her to many orgasms and will be a blast to watch and film.  I hope he shows me how it is done.

Her second black guy just didn't work out.  She had second thoughts.  I will describe the first encounter here shortly.  It was very hot at some points, but at others she was feeling that it would not be over soon enough.  So for her to even consider another black man, I knew it was a big deal.  He is a perfect candidate, I knew him from the past and he and I have talked very extensively.  But she had too much time to think about it, she said so her self.  The thoughts of the first encounter were still too strong and she had to call it off.  He was very gracious and said no problem.  He said he might just travel through town sometime and go out for drink and hang out with us and let her become more comfortable.  Smart guy.

So I am still extremely worked up. It has been 4 months since she has hooked up.  She said it has been too long and wants to change that.  This weekend opened up the opportunity for 2 gentlemen.  We also had another big change around here.  I have been the one in charge of our accounts on swinger sites and adult hook up sites.  I have always been working on setting something up and also keeping the riff raff away from her.  But it failed in one area very much.  That is, it did nothing to keep her on simmer.  I was the one going over the profiles, no her.  So when I had shown her someone of interest, she was only so so about him.  But now, even as she just looks though profiles and the men that are interested in her, she gets the great benefit of staying on simmer all day long.  When she finally does find someone that interests her, she will be ready to go in a big way.  I thought she may get harassed too much, but I am thinking she is a big girl, she can take care of herself.  I read that another couple is doing it this way, even though they are not a cuckold couple, still a hotwife lifestyle, and I think it is a good fit for us.  I still get final veto if I don't like the guy which keeps it from going the true cuckold route.  I think it will be great.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great news

She is really enjoying things and wants to start experiencing new men.  Got a guy lined up for Friday night for dinner to see if we click and then off to his hotel.  Got a guy lined up for just a lunch on Sat, if she likes then we can set up a date for a hotel meet.  Finally, got a guy coming from out of town on Saturday afternoon, it's her second black guy (finally), and he is going to cook out with us and watch a movie and see 'what comes up'.  I am very excited about these.  She even ordered a bunch of libido enhancers from the vitamin store.  I cant wait to film it all. I will post more after it happens.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My friend came for a visit

It was hot, but it was short. He backed out. He may come around later but he wasn't comfortable with it all. He doesn't know that we have an open relationship, so this is probably pretty strange to him. He must think its strange that we are so comfortable with it all. But, at least he made out with her for about 30 min. Things got very heated, lots of hands everywhere. She was wearing some super hot jeans and he made sure that he explored every inch of them.

She met him at the door as she heard his Harley pull up.  I stayed in the computer room/office and let her greet him at the door.  They started going at it immediately.  Once they moved to the couch,  I came out and set up the video camera on the bar and aimed it at them, then I left them for a while to let them get comfortable with each other.  Boy did they.  After about 30 min of hands everywhere and some nice grinding, he actually came in his jeans.  No kidding.  I had told them both to leave the clothes on, so I could get comfortable with them doing things, so they sure took advantage of what they had.  I have already watched the video and stroked to it. So very hot to see those two animals go at it, wow. I also was gifted a small photo op of her pulling down her jeans in slow motion for sending him a tease pic before he arrived, here is a nice one.  I have a strong feeling he is going to get things straight in his head and he will be back over for another visit. He came in his jeans for heaven's sake, he has got to get himself some more, I'm sure of it.

Now after watching the clip, I have to say that I was just as turned on watching that as I am of watching her getting fucked.  Knowing they wanted each other so bad and finally getting a chance to explore each other.  She said he was very rough too, and she liked it!  We fucked that night and twice on Saturday as we were both very turned on by all of it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She brought home a naughty little school girl outfit

I am hoping that she lets me do a photo shoot this weekend as this outfit is worth it. She was with a friend that was going to get it and she thought it was cute and wanted it to. I know she bought it with me in mind. But. I know that she knows that my friend has craving for these little outfits. He told me about how his woman got dressed up in one and how much it really turned him on. I told her the details long ago and she remembered, I'm sure of it. And while I think she bought it for her and I to have fun, I think that in the back of her mind she also bought it for him. That maybe his control over her has already set in. That she has already begun to obey him. I can only hope as I am getting wood right now thinking about it. I will be sure to rush the hot photos to his txt number as soon as I get them. I am sure that after tomorrow night of heavy petting, he will really like these pics. Should make him want to set up another meet soon. Will be interesting to see how she obeys his wishes again. All of it so far without him saying one word to her. That's pretty powerful.

Friend is coming over to the house tomorrow

My Hotwife had learned that he would be free on Friday night and told me that I should invite him over. We went over to his house about a week ago to watch a fight on UFC. She showed off her new Miss Me jeans when ever she had a chance but for the most part just played cool. I saw him steal some glances at her ass on several occasions. Some of the glances weren't glances but full on checking out. If it wasn't for the other people that were there, she said she would have went over gave him a big kiss.

That fast forwards to today and her wanting him to come over. I called him, he said sweet, waiting to hear back from him on whether he wants to go to dinner with us first so we can get back to watch the MLB play offs between the Yankees and Rangers. She is going to wear some tight jeans. She will also probably had a drink or two and will be very ready to enjoy her self once she gets back home. I told them both that I am comfortable with them making out and rubbing, anything they want as long as the clothes stay on. He doesn't know she already lives the Hotwife lifestyle. He has been with many woman. Should make for an interesting evening.

I will film a little, take a picture here and there, probably go for a walk and let them have some time alone and get comfortable, then come watch them as I stroke my cock. Hopefully I get comfortable with a friend of mine being with her and I can continue to 'loosen' up for future visits. I am thinking I'm pretty good with them making out and heavy petting. At some point I know she could cum from that, will have to see if he can. I think most people miss out on so much by just jumping in for the sex. The next 'date', maybe they can take advantage of my comfort level and both wear clothes that are a little thinner. I know I would, lol...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts I have about a 'meet'

Even today, she still tries to cover it up and it always turns me on when I see through it. But yes, she will (finally) simply admit that she wants this hot stud with a big cock to use her body as he pleases.  And for me and her to be the same once this act of pure pleasure gets a chance to play itself out.  That's what she works to ensure.  It drives me wild to know that if she can really firm up and secure our relationship, she would kiss me gently on the cheek and then move towards this new predator.

I see a twinkle in her eyes sometimes.  It's sweet and innocent and yet full of desire.  She just wants a few things, as she bites a single fingernail on the corner of her mouth and moves her leg from side to side.  Just to feel this new man's cock needing to get back in her, stroke after stroke, like a drug for him, an addiction.  That's all. As the last stroke just made him want more, and so on and so on. To submit to him, needing to please him and give him anything he needs.  To purr like a kitten and taunt and tease in an effort to evoke his strength of desire for her.  To trigger him into a frenzy that he must obey inside him, in needing her pressing against him and to feel this strength and desire for her running through him. See, its simple, she just wants a few things.  Can't a nice girl have them?  wink wink..

Once she has 'marked' a man as hot, she wants to feel him lose control because of her.  She wants it to be his idea.  For him to just see her as his new prey. She has already done her instinctual examination of him.  In just a few seconds she decided he was worthy. She now wants something about her to set him off. For this to work, she needs to know of his true desires for her.   Her curves, her movements, her smell, her offering herself to him in some ways that are very obvious, but most that can not be seen but only felt between them.  She needs to set him off, to set off the need to claim her- NOW.  No waiting, no rules, as long as I am there and close so she knows we are secure, she wants to wade into his pool. This movement towards him is her first commitment in obeying him that she craves, to prove to him that she is listening.  Once there, her needs will start to be fulfilled as they both start what unbridled lusting sexual creatures do once close enough.  She obeys non verbally to him and just positions herself as available to him and submitting, yet play fighting just enough to keep his attention so he focuses on her.

He knows what he wants.  She is close now.  Stepped into his territory, wearing barely anything.  He thinks she doesn't realize at what point she has no choice about all of this, but there is a point.  The point at which he is committed to burying his cock in her, holding her, pinning her until he has finished needing and satisfying himself with her.  She is now responsible for his runaway needs as she is in his space.  She actually knows this point very well.  But she wants it crossed as needful as he does. This is her second commitment in obeying she continues to cross this point willfully.

From here, she is his.  He will have her and he will continue to train her in needing him and obeying him.  This is all very subtle to an observer.  I can only see glimpses.  But if the chemistry is right and the animals are excited enough, it happens this way every time.  At what degree it happens depends on everything.  I have been lucky enough to witness this happen more and more at a very raw level.  This is what turns me on.  This is what I need to see.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leading up to the first time

After more than three weeks and 50 responses a day from a Craigslist ad, we received a response from Jay.  From the instant she first saw his picture and I saw her face light up, I knew she wanted this stud to be the one she tested the waters with.  She was very excited by all of this.  She was even more excited that this hot guy was showing an interest in her.  Turned on even more that I allowed all of this and very much encouraged it.  She is confident in the right setting but in general she feels she is not.  But she loves attention from any hot guy.  Let alone a hot guy that has seen her naked body via pics and now has made contact and actively pursuing her for the chance to get close to her.

My observation of her, once I was relaying what he said in the emails, was of pure excitement.  When we made love that night, she came very hard and very easily.   And each consecutive time I brought him into her thoughts, I could feel her relax a little more as she could tell I was more and more okay with all of this.  I lived for experiencing her growing with desire for him.  I knew she loved me, but it threw me over the top to feel her growing to need him a little more each day.

She held back though, trying to stay reserved.  For my benefit she does this, even now, any time I ask her on the surface what she thinks.  She doesn't want to hurt my feelings, doesn't want to hurt my ego. I saw that effort and it showed me that she really loves me and doesn't want anything to get in between us. But what she doesn't know, is that she is not going to hurt my ego....and while its sweet, nice, and even proper, it's not what turns me on, but it does make me smile.

I purposely worked on getting her true feelings out.  I sensed she was having more difficulty keeping feelings hid, the ones my cock was searching for.  I don't always want to hear what she thinks she needs to say.  I don't always want to hear what is proper. She thinks carefully about what she should say in an effort to keep from breaking any imaginary egg shells she thinks she might be wandering onto.  What turned me on then and made me decide that this adventure is what I wanted to do, is also what turns me on now.  That once I help her feel more comfortable, I get bits of the real truth.  This is the truth that makes my cock rock hard.  That her animal instincts deep down are brought alive by the thoughts of an attractive, built, and gorgeous man with a big cock wanting her, needing her.

Sorry, got sidetracked -I made sure that she had his pictures on her computer to look at whenever she wanted in an effort to let her excitement reach its full potential.  I also relayed everything that was said between him and I to her as I worked on setting a meet up via email and a phone call.  I was uneasy at this point, wondering if this was something I was going to be able to handle.  I ran the thoughts through my head for many days before we ran the ad.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  I actually ran the ad without telling her the first time.

She was out of town seeing relatives for several weeks. She would send me an occasional hot panty pic to keep me worked up. See banner above for my collection of those pics over time.  She wanted to make sure that I was thinking about her constantly even though she was far away at the time, bless her heart.  What she didn't realize was, I was so turned on by the few pics that she sent and at the same time frustrated by the fact that she did not think she was hot.  At all.  I couldn't believe that she actually felt that way.

I wanted to prove to her that she was.  That not only was she hot, but extremely desired by any hot blooded guy that got a few pics of her.  I already knew this.  I originally ran the ad in Craigslist to prove it to her.  I wanted to show her the responses I received.  I was not wrong.  My email box blew up, it was flooded with responses every day.  Mostly guys that were not in her league, too old or beer bellies, or worse.  The ad clearly said she was interested in fit men, attractive and have a large cock. This is for her fun, why not?   But these guys could care less what the ad said, they just hoped the person running this ad was in the need to get it on, right now.  And since they were the early bird, they wanted to be the one that got the worm.  Some even got a little heated if I didn't respond right away.  Even if they were clearly not the target of the ad.  So what was going through their heads? "I am fat and out of shape with a tiny cock and I'm getting a little pissed right now that I haven't got a response so lets fire off an email and get demanding?   LOL.  Ya, good luck with that approach guys.  But not only were we in no hurry, I was just running the ad to get a feel for what guys said about her and by chance any might be her type.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Her and I covered many topics this weekend

She wants to fuck our friend.  Bad.  We talked about no touching, which she listened to but I could tell she was getting frustrated by the thought of not being able to fuck.  She said she at least needs his fingers or for him to lick her or she will feel that she is not really getting anything out of it.  But I don't know how comfortable I am with such a close friend fucking her.  And I still think that we should both try this as something new.  I have also used the thought of fucking him when her and I fuck and those thoughts always take us both over the edge.
Am I teasing her too much?  Since him and I are good friends, I just don't know how I am going to feel afterward.  I think I need to take this one slow.  I need to think about what the outcome will be and how I will deal with that.  Need to think about why this one is different.  I get really turned on by the thought of them two heating each other up, really getting worked up over each other.  At some point I could handle touching.  After a while, I could handle more as I would want to see more.  Her sucking his cock is a big turn on, him plowing her doggy style is a big turn on, I just need to think about more.  Ill post more when I figure it all out on this topic, got many more topics to cover!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Told her I sent him the picture

She lit up with a big smile.  A smile that told me she would be extremely horny at aerobics class and ready to fuck tonight.  She wanted to see what picture I sent, I showed her.  She wanted to know everything he said.  I know her pussy was tingling with everything I told her he said as she pressed for every detail.  Did not want me to leave anything out.  She will be thinking about him fucking her from here forward, I love her for that, I know how she is.  She will be having raw hardcore thoughts of being dominated by him I suspect as she will leave out the more lovemaking thoughts since its just hot passionate fucking that could happen. He has mentioned before that he has gotten rough during sex and she has a very real thing for him, I am sure some of that rough stuff is turning her on. Nice.